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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Casual Shirt: Patchwork Flannel

As you already know, my trend to research over the holidays is Native Nomads, so whilst researching this week I wanted to explore a focus point of the trend.
And what does everyone think of when they hear the word Western?
Why it's the checked shirt! 

I may not have watched many Wild West films but even I know they are renowned for wearing checked shirts whilst shooting the opposition on the back of a horse at sundown.

Interestingly I did a survey for family & friends about the Native Nomads trend and one of the questions was asking whether or not they'd buy into the Native Nomads trend, and 60% said no. Even I did the survey and I said I wouldn't.
But I do own many checked shirts so does that mean I've invested into a trend unaware?

Before starting this project it never even occurred to me the link between a checked shirt and the Wild West. I just simply brought the shirt because I liked the shirt, I wasn't interested in what trend it came from, which is pretty bad considering I'm a fashion student.

Fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren have even brought out their own range of polo patchwork flannel checked shirts & if it's good enough for Ralph Lauren then it's good enough for us too.
According to the WGSN the native nomads trend takes inspiration from vintage items such as patchwork quilts, updating the flannel shirt with an artisan appeal. Pieced materials work for more affordable options, and true patchwork constructions informs more elevated offerings.
Tonal blacks, greys and blues work together for shirts that are still relatively versatile for the season, and can be worn with a variety of other colours.

Designers such as Valentino have also brought out their own versions of the patchwork shirt, they have exotic vintage vibes. Featuring vibrant patterns for a bold statement, made from a patchwork of cotton, wool, and silk blends, this tribal theme gives it a colourful but harmonious look. Valentino's SS16 collection caused uproar in the fashion world, showcased on a cast of predominantly white girls (eight out of the show’s 87 looks were given to black models), the clothes were inspired by “wild, tribal Africa”. The collection was described as “Primitive, tribal, spiritual, yet regal”, the collection was a “journey to the beginning of time & the essential of primitive nature".

Off- White are a mens brand who captures street urban with a high fashion edge. They feature casual silhouettes with boys, experimental detailing to reflect the labels contemporary and youthful style. Expect directional denim, artistic t-shirts and statement knitwear featuring Off-White's iconic white stripe motif. Off- White's checked shirt creates a modern twist on what could be yet another boring shirt. 

After researching into the patchwork shirt I don't ever think I'll look at it in the same way again...
Who knows I might even end up being converted to the native nomads trend? After all there's still time yet.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

What are your thoughts on the patchwork flannel shirt? 

Take Care & I'll be back on Wednesday with more.


Photos are a mixture of my sketchbook pages & google images. 

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