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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Space out Chanel style

Slightly late to the party with this post...
As you've probably all already heard about the stunning Chanel spaceship AW17 show in Paris.
But I thought I'd blog about it regardless.

As a fashion student, I regularly keep a lookout at the latest catwalks shows- partly because it's expected of the course but equally because it is a massive love of mine. I mean it would be pointless me doing a fashion degree if I didn't want to follow the latest going ons in the fashion world.

To be brutelly honest most catwalk shows never really live up to my expectations, I just think they are the one time and place where you can show your collection off to world in a way that no one else ever can imagine- yet most shows are a bit samey & similar to things that have been done before.
For me, the more imaginative the show, the better it is.
I sure wish that I had been lucky enough to have attended this catwalk show that's for sure.

One word: Breathtaking!

I'm not massively into space but there's just something about this show that just makes me want to stop and go "wow". Fashion often takes inspirations from other sectors- the space age is a massive topic right now, especially with 'holiday trips' into space now becoming a thing. Obviously wherever people go, fashion trends must follow, so why not take fashion into space?

Hats off to whoever thought of this staging- I don't think I've seen anything like it, in fact I know I haven't. It's just so quirky and imaginative!

As a designer brand Chanel isn't one of my personal favourites- I mean it's nice but it's just not to my taste in fashion. That being said the picture above has some stunning dresses in, the second from the right one is beautiful. I would wear that in a heartbeat!

I know we haven't even got to Summer yet but I really can't wait for Autumn fashion to come back around again. I love Summer don't get me wrong but Spring/ Autumn are my time of year for clothing- I think because I like layering & being covered up. Although thinking about it Summer weather is never really that nice in the UK...

I know life isn't about what looks 'instagrammable' and what doesn't but when it comes to fashion visuals are everything- if something doesn't look 'right' then it's not going to sell.
In fashion appearance is everything which is why I can never understand why more designers don't come up with weird and wacky catwalk shows- maybe they're worried it will damage their reputation if it doesn't work out. Personally I would give any designer credit for stepping outside of their comfort zone regardless of whether it worked or not. 

Cara Delevingne & Lily-Rose Depp's are literally my style idols!
How can someone's style look so on point 24/7? Honestly don't think I've ever seen either of them in a bad outfit. Compare that to me, living the student life; too poor to afford new, nice clothes so has resulted in living in tracksuit bottoms (something that you'd never see me in before Uni).

If this isn't a perfect Instagram shot then I don't know what is?!?

Squad goals at it's finest!
Hope you all enjoyed this post, what did you think to the Space Chanel show?
Space-perfection? or a space too far?
(lol at those puns)

I'm hoping to post again on Wednesday but it depends how my work goes for the deadline on Friday. 
The stress isn't even real right now & everytime I actually try to sit down to work, all I seem to end up doing is procastinating.

Student problems... *sighs loudly*

Take care & I'll see you all soon.


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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Sunny days & Chocolate Dreams

After living in Nottingham for around 6 months now (time has flown!), you'd think that I'd explored everything Notts has to offer by now, but not true...

Yesterday was the first day where it actually started to feel like Spring- I was finally able to not wear a jacket, sunnies were needed instead of my usual umbrella and everyone just seemed so much more cheerful! 
Although I love the Winter months because I feel comfortable in layers, Summer is definitely my favourite time of the year- nothing beats a glorious sunny day, spent with family/ friends, filled with laughter...

Spontaneously myself & a friend decide to stop doing our work stuck inside and headed out into town to enjoy the sun along with everyone else. 
We decided to head to 'The Pudding Pantry' a cute little cafe located near cornerhouse in the centre of town- honestly this place is THE cutest place you'll ever see...
If you know Nottingham well, then you've probably heard of 'The Pudding Pantry's' legendary freakshake milkshakes- they are literally heaven on earth!

See what I mean?

I have been here before, back in the first week of uni me & a girl from my group headed here after I saw these yummy shakes on Instagram- okay so I'd be lying if I said I didn't just go so I could get a picture for my insta... what else can I say? 

Both my friend & I opted for the Salted Caramel Brownie freakshake- yes it was as good as it sounds! Hands down one the best milkshakes I've ever had- heads up Five Guys also do a great Oreo milkshake too. I wouldn't say it was cheap, at just under £6 for a I did give a little sob for my funds. 
But definitely worthwhile as a once in a while treat.

Have you ever seen a milkshake more instagrammable? 

The Pudding Pantry doesn't just do these milkshakes, they offer a wide range of treats- their cakes looks mouth-wateringly good. I will be returning to try them in the near future, although maybe not all of them. After all I'm not going to get my summer body eating cakes.... it would be nice if it worked like that. 

I spotted a 'salted caramel blondie' which has my name all over it- yummy doesn't even begin to describe how good it looked! They don't just offer chocolate treats- they also do pancakes and other various yummy foods. 

To view what they have to offer


Personally I could spend all day, everyday in this cute little cafe...not just because of the food.
I know appearance of a place isn't everything but lets face it, you're not going to eat somewhere that has the paint peeling off the walls- are you?
To me it has a very traditional, vintage style appearance to it which is my favourite kind decoration, it's the kinda place I'd expect to find in somewhere like Brighton or another seaside town. For me anywhere that can bring some seaside vibes to the Midlands is a winner!

I'd love to hear if you try this place.
Comment below what you ordered because I'm a nosy person & I like to see what other people order. 

Take care & I'll be back soon.


Pictures are all my own.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Fake it till you make it.

Public speaking for me is one of my biggest fears...
I just can't think of anything worst than standing up in front of a group of people and sharing your "ideas", it's just terrifying!

Saying that...
Today we had our first presentation for the fragrance brief and I gave the best speech I've ever have  *cheers*, okay so compared to other people who are very confident at public speaking I wasn't that great... I said "ummmm" quite a few times but still there's always room for improvement. 

Although I do think practice helps, I did a few other things differently today compared to other times, so if you want some tips on how to improve at public speaking then read on:

1. Tell yourself you are a confident person.
We watched a clip of this guy talking at a graduation ceremony in America, he was giving them tips and tricks for 'making' it in the art world. To be honest I didn't take a lot of it in but the one thing that really stuck with me was "tell yourself you're a confident person even if you're not", it's that idea of 'faking it till you make it'. I have always been unconfident but there's no reason why I should be- if you want to be confident then just believe you are & you will be. 

2. Plan, plan, plan.
As bad as this is going to sound I usually don't prepare what I'm going to say before doing a presentation which is just setting myself for a fail, because I'm not one of those lucky people who can just 'wing it' (seriously I wish I was!). Today I'd really thought out what to say and it helped me massively, although I did feel I was looking at my notes more than the group, still it's a step in the right direction...

3. Take your time.
Even if you have a time limit, if you plan in advance then you should be aware what you can say in the time you're given. Don't try to cram loads of information in, in a short space of time because that will just confuse the people listening. Talk slowly & remember to breathe.

4. Avoiding saying words like "ummm".
This is something I still need to work on because I have a habit of saying something good and following it with "ummmmm". I don't know why I do it maybe it's just to fill the gap when instead a short breathing pit stop would've be fine. I think I feel that when talking, I have to constantly be saying something, when you don't- make what you say short but sweet. 

5. If you can look at your audience.
Again something I didn't do that much of today, I looked at my audience more than I usually do but not as much as ought to have done. Make eye contact because it really makes you look confident & like you know what you're talking about.

Hope these tips help any of you who like me maybe struggling at public speaking. 
Don't expect to be confident overnight, it's something that will come with practice and time- taking baby steps will help you reach your end goal. 

Let me if these tips work in the comments below. 

Take care & I'll see you all soon.
(hopefully I'll get some sort of constancy on this blog sometime soon)


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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Little Things.

So I'm sat here writing this very late at night when I should probably sleeping or out partying when instead I chose to write this. 
(In-between painting my nails, listening to spotify & watching stranger things- whoever said you can't multi task clearly hasn't seen me on this Thursday night) 

Okay so the real reason I didn't go out is because like a true fan I'm waiting for Ed Sheeran's album to drop... I don't know if that makes me sound very sad or a massive fangirl. But when you love every single he releases as much as I do you literally can't just ignore things like this.

Quite a random, spontaneous post today, just because I just feel in a really good mood...
You know when you get a compliment that literally makes your entire day that much better & brighter, yep? So that happened today as well as that I got a free haircut & free chocolate- I mean what is there not to love about anything I just said?
It just inspired me to write...

All too often we get caught up in our own lives that we lose the value of impact we make on other people's lives, it doesn't matter if you just hold a door open for that one extra person, give money to the homeless or pay someone a compliment... it's the little things that count!
As bad as this is gonna make me sound, I am a materialistic person or at least I thought I appreciated something so much more when it came in the form of a new "thing". Whether that's a new top from Zara, tickets to a the next concert or if I'm really lucky a new gadget. 
When realistically do they make me happy? 
Short term okay yes they do... but long term they are simply replaced with yet another new thing. 

Today I realised that good things don't have to come in the form of new things (although they're still nice), instead they come in the form of little moments in time that make everything else seem so much better. People seriously undervalue the worth of saying something nice, when in actual fact saying something as tiny as, "I love your hair today" actually makes so much more of an impact long term than anything materialistically ever could. 

I too am guilty of not paying compliments as often as I should, and I really don't know why I don't because at the end of the day saying something nice about someone else isn't going to make my day any worse. 

*Pit stop whilst I apply a second coat of nail varnish* 

For lent this year I think instead of giving something up, I'm going to try and give something to someone else every single day- whether that's in the form of a compliment, helping someone out or giving a couple of pounds to those who really need it. 
Because what have you got to lose by making someone else's day that little bit happier 
(cheesy I know). 

In other news today...
I was sat in my local Starbucks earlier and I witnessed a couple having what looked like their first date- it was honestly the cutest thing I've seen in a while! Okay so you're maybe thinking why Starbucks for a first date? But that's not the point... it just really struck a cord with me. 
It's the little moments that make the big moments. 
*I'd just like to say that I don't regularly watch people on first dates before you all think I'm some sort of weirdo. It just caught my attention during my day.*

Not much else to say really... 
I know this post is a bit more chatty than normal but I just felt like having a catch up. 

If you guys haven't already set your alarms for Ed Sheeran's Divide album release than I strongly recommend you do (Update: it's officially out!!!) - I mean I'm not biased or anything.... Although sad news: I tried to get tickets to his concert but they'd all sold out. *sighs loudly*

Hope you enjoyed this post & feel free to let me know what you thought in the comments below.

Take care & have a great day/ night 
(or whatever time you're reading this)


Pictures aren't my own
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