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Friday, 28 April 2017

Skincare Holy Grail

It's not very often I talk about a new skincare product I've found, simply for one reason and that is because my skincare routine is the bare minimum... 
Recently I've been using this Clean & Care deep cleansing lotion and omg honestly I will never look back, this post is here to tell you why.

Growing up I always had spotty skin, partly because I ate a ton of junk food, did a limited amount of exercise and rarely ever took care of my skin. Fast forward 5 years and I am the complete opposite, I workout at the gym, take care with my skin and okay so I'm not gonna lie I still eat junk but not 24/7 like I use to...

Doing these three things have really made me notice a change in my skin, it's hard to believe how simple lifestyle changes can really have that much impact on your skin.

Around a month ago I was flicking through an issue of Superdrug's Dare magazine and I opened the page to this deep cleansing lotion. Now deep cleansing lotion sounded all fancy & not at all like a product I needed in my life but after reading reviews about it online I thought I'd give it a shot. After all my skin was going through a severe breakout stage so anything was better than nothing. Little did I know then how much I'd grow to love it...

Clean & Clear is a brand I've heard of in the past but it's never been one I'd reach out for compared to other brands such as Freederm or Simple. But unlike Freederm or Simple products where I tend to stop using them after a few weeks, Clean & Clear is my new holy grail.

Ever since I brought this product I've been using it every morning before I do my makeup and every night time before I go to bed, all I do to apply it is add a few drops onto a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face. It sounds kinda gross but it's actually unreal how dirty the cotton pad is after using it. Most skincare products leave my skin feeling like it isn't fully clean but this wow it feels like every scrap of dirty is wiped off my face! It does sting a little when you put it on but it's like a good stinging if you get what I mean.

Using this had massively improved my skin, it's so much clearer than what it use to be, okay so I still have my breakout moments but they're rarely ever as bad as what they use to be and I honestly feel it's all down to this. So thank you Clean & Clear for making such an amazing product- one that I will be using daily for a long time to come!

I recently re-brought another bottle of this (that's when I know I really love it) so I thought it was about time I told people about it.

It's available in most drugstores, I purchase mine from Superdrug for just over £3 which is a great price point for a product that I personally find so effective!

100% recommend you guys giving it a try- your skin will thank you for it later! 
Let know if you do in the comments below.

Take care & I'll see you all very soon.


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Monday, 24 April 2017

Beauty & the Beast.

Last Wednesday night I finally got the chance to see the remake of Beauty & the Beast, a film that I've been desperate to see ever since it was released a few weeks back. 

If I summed it up in 3 words: beautiful, enchanting, mesmerising...

Film reviews aren't really something I usually cover on here, because I wouldn't personally ever read a film review, as I think it's very personal what films you like you like to watch and I don't think someone telling you what's good/bad in there opinion is really very beneficial.
But when you see a film that's just WOW you really can't pass on the opportunity to tell people about it....

When I heard last year that this film was coming out, I was so excited! Disney make the best films, they're on a different level to other films. Romance films are my personal fave because it's so nice to get lost for a few hours in a perfect love story- let's face it real life love stories aren't really existent. 

The two leads are Emma Watson as Belle & Dan Stevens as the Beast, obviously I grew up watching Harry Potter so I knew Emma from that and I'm a downtown fan so I knew Dan from there. Normally I don't know both the lead actors so it made a nice change. Emma Watson is one of my favourite female actors- she just plays every role so well! Although I do find it weird not seeing her as Hermione Granger.

Since starting my degree I've noticed I pay a lot more attention to the sets than I use too, the sets in this film were absolutely stunning- it was like being transported into another world! 
Anything magical for me is always a winner.

I know some people can be a bit fussy about remakes and I get you, don't get me wrong the original animations will always hold a special place in my heart. I just think remakes with actual people instead of cartoons brings the story to life so much more & makes it seems so much more real and believable. 

You just need the best of both worlds to appreciate it.
In case any of you haven't seen the trailer (if so where have you been???) to Beauty & the Beast I've added it below. 

I won't say too much about the film because I don't want to spoil it for any of you who haven't seen it but basically it's about a farmer girl Belle, who ends up having to stay in this castle with the 'Beast', little does she know that he can break the 'Beast' curse if he finds true love before the final rose petal falls. Astonishingly I didn't actually know the story that well before I saw the film, I don't ever remember watching Beauty & Beast as a child, meaning I massively missed out! 
As a kid I was more into Cinderella & 101 Dalmatians (what a film!).

The moral of the film is that 'beauty starts from within' which I think is a message we should take in everyday life, too often we all are guilty of 'judging a book by it's cover' when really we should wait until we know someone before we decide if we like them or not. 
You'll be surprised how looks can be deceiving!

The on screen chemistry between Emma Watson & Dan Stevens was so beautiful, they really played their characters so well! I hope they work on a film together again in the future because they really compliment each others acting. 
Other stars in the film include: Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson & Ewan McGregor. The cast really is stunning, they sing quite a lot of the film so if you love musicals like I do then this is the perfect film for you!

Can Belle break the curse before it's too late and save the Beast? 
Well of course I'm not going to tell you if she does, you'll have to watch the film for yourselves to find out. I promise it's 100% worthwhile, I came out of the film wanting to go back in and watch it again- the last film I saw where I felt like that was Mamma Mia.

Let me know what you think of this post in the comments below.

Take care & I'll see you all very soon. 
Look out for for my continuing influencer series of posts. 


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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Go Grab The Brass Ring & Don't look back

Ever have those days where suddenly it all feels like everything is falling into place?
Well for me that day is today...

Those of you who have been reading my blog a while will know that I am now into my final semester of first year which is beyond crazy. Honestly there was a time when I didn't even think I'd make it through the first.... but I stuck it out and look where I am now. Going to University changed me so much as a person, I love this new self confidence I've gained and I don't ever want to look back to who I was before Uni. 

Yes there has been times where I've thought is it all worth it, my degree, Uni... I thought what have I got to gain from this? Honest answer- more than you'll ever know!

University has made me so inspired to push myself to my limits, step outside of my comfort zone & really grab life with both hands. The opportunities are endless because let's face it "doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will", as cheesy as it sounds you've just got to believe in yourself. 
Yes there will be times where you screw up, say the wrong thing or just generally make yourself look like an idiot but the good times outweighs all of that. 

I saw a tweet the other day: 'Consider this: nothing would be the same if you did not exist. Everyone you have ever spoken to would be different without you'. For me this tweet really made me just stop and think how true that really is. We all have things we regretted doing or even people we regret meeting but at the end of all that those experiences & people have made you who you are today. Don't ever regret that. 

Like all degrees I feel determination is definitely key, and I feel more determined than ever to stop wishing & start doing. Career wise I couldn't see myself doing anything other than fashion so that's what I'm going to do. I don't know if I'll get there but at least I'll have tried. The one thing my parents have always said to me is "get a job that you love", okay so yes that is easier said then done but when you really think about it is it really? 
Life is not going to come knocking on your door for you, you've got to be the one who goes out there & lives it!

Hope you've enjoyed this rather short, unplanned post today... I just felt like writing so I did. 
Take care & I'll see you all very soon.



Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Social Media Influencer Part 3

The final instalment of my 'Social Media Influencer series'.
Gabriella Lindley (Velvetghost as she's known to most) is arguably a bit of a controversial YouTube star, she was helped to fame alongside her friend Zoella although criticised for using Zoe to help get her there, she received a lot of hate online from fans. 

Over the past year though, I feel that Gabby has changed- she has released a range with Primark which is a massive deal as well as that she is so close to 1 million subscribers on her channel. So she may have lost friends and fans along the way but it seems she is in a better place now then what she use to be. Personally I find Gabby very relatable particularly when she talks about issues around her weight & bullying growing up. I'm not saying that YouTubers have the 'perfect' lives but compared to YouTubers such as Zoe who always seemed as if she's been popular, Gabby is not like that.

Gabby was massively praised for releasing her video about her weight loss surgery at the end of last year. She speaks about issues that maybe other YouTubers are still slightly too afraid to talk about, although Zoella has massively promoted mental health issues around anxiety with charities such as Mind. In my view most YouTubers don't seem to talk about their own experiences with bullying, most probably because they have never been bullied which is great! But for those of us for have experienced the hate in our lives, Gabby helps us to tackle and overcome it. 

Initially I was not a fan of Gabby's she seemed to be a bit fake in my opinion but after watching more of her videos, I really felt I got to know the real Gabby better. It's amazing how a 10-12 minutes video of someone's day can totally change your perception on them. 

Gabby's 'get ready with me' videos are some of the best in my opinion, they are just a really good, chatty video where it's more like getting ready with a friend rather than a celebrity.
Compared to other YouTubers, Gabriella is not as popular as them. Although she still has massive followings on both Twitter & Instagram, partly because she went through a phase of not posting as much on her channel. proving that consistency is key to success in this art. Nowadays she posts at least once a week on her main channel and daily on her vlogging channel.

A while back Gabby explained why she hadn't been making as many video's as she would have liked and that was because it just felt too forced, she wanted YouTube to feel like it did when she started again, so she took a break before coming back with better content. After all if you're enjoying making the video then it's much easier for your viewers to enjoys watching it. 

Like Tanya and Zoe, Gabby also interacts with fans over Instagram stories and Snapchats allowing fans to get more of her daily life. For Gabby though she doesn't just do the average beauty and fashion videos, she sings too.

Singing for Gabby is what she really wants to do and her covers are amazing!
In a video I watched earlier this year she said that something very exciting will be happening regarding the whole singing thing towards the end of this year, could it be a single?

So many YouTubers help connect with their fans via merchandise, personally this is where I like to draw the line with my fan engagement because when it comes to my clothes I like to wear things that aren't like what everyone else is wearing. I like to make my fashion, my own. That being said Gabby recently released her own merch which includes oversized jumpers and hoodies, with little things on them saying "not today", I just think they're well cute and if I were to invest into anyone clothing line then it would be Gabby's.

That's the end of my social media influencer series, I hope you've all enjoyed reading this mini selection of posts and that it gave you some 'food for thought' so to speak. I don't really know what made me write these posts, I guess it's because these are people that I look up to in the media and online, I mean I never miss a video. They inspire me to keep blogging, I don't know if that makes me sound very cheesy but for me blogging is that one thing that I really enjoy doing, I couldn't imagine not doing it in my life. I know I get super behind with it and I'm not very consistent but when I'm blogging I just feel like it's what I should be doing if you get what I mean.
If I can I hope to make a career out of it- got to keep chasing the dream. 

Take care & I'll see you all very soon.


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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Social Media Influencer Part 2

Following on from my last post with Zoella, let's look at another YouTube star, Tanya Burr. 
Tanya is like her friend Zoe in so many ways but as creators they are completely different, creating content aimed at different audiences. 

Personally Tanya Burr for me is someone out of all the YouTubers who I look to for style & makeup inspiration. Her style is just fab in my opinion! Not only does she too have her own books releases with a third book coming out within the next year or two, she has her makeup line with Superdrug & even better she is a UN ambassador for women's rights.
Talk about girl power or what! 

YouTube for Tanya has allowed her to travel to amazing places such as the Maldives, LA and Miami, places that most popular can only ever dream of.  I'm sure most people have major holiday envy when she posts her travels on various social sites and her blog.
Her blog that she too started back in 2009, back it was never seen as anything more than a hobby and hobby that led to YouTube which then turned into a career. People laugh when they hear people actually aspire to be YouTubers & Bloggers when they're older but really is it a safe career to aim for? Let's face it you're only going to have work as long as you're popular- how long will that popularity last?

In my eyes Tanya Burr is the fashionista of the YouTuber gang, making videos has lead to her being able to sit on the frow at LFW for shows such as Burberry. I mean come on isn't that the ultimate goal in life? 
As well as her close fashion links she has her cookbook- Tanya Bakes, including lots of yummy recipes, although her book did get a lot of slack when it was released because of it's errors in the print.

I am so in love with this outfit it's actually unreal!

Tanya positively uses her fame for good things, last year she wrote this blog post after working with the UN Global Goals "It’s easy to think that because of stories like mine that we don’t need to worry about Gender Equality in the same way that previous generations have, but the truth is that in so many countries and in so many ways, women are still repressed and put down by systems and beliefs. 31 million girls are still not enrolled in primary school, every day 39,000 girls are forced into marriage and women make up only 22% of parliament seats and 8% of the world’s executives.
If you don’t already know, the Global Goals are 17 goals agreed upon by 193 world leaders to end poverty, fight inequality and end climate change. I’m committed to helping make the Global Goals a reality and if you look into the problems behind lots of the goals, so many of them start with the exclusion and discrimination of girls and women. If women and men had equal wages and job opportunities, there would be no more global poverty – countries lose over $92 billion per year by failing to educate girls and boys equally. If we help girls, the rest of the world will benefit too."

It's inspiring how devoted she is to use her following to help make other people's lives better, she regularly tweets about the UN and encourages women to love who they are over on her Instagram, she even got involved with the 'bare-face' campaign for Children in Need. encouraging women to go bare faced for the day in aid of the charity. 

Of course her relationship with husband, Jim Chapman, brother of the Pixiwoo sisters (a very close circle), Jim & Tanya's relationship is honestly goals in life- it must be hard however to both vlog and maintain different content on there channels when living together. When they got married Twitter practically had a meltdown with everyone using the #jimandtanyagotmarried and when they shared photos from the day on Instagram it was literally the sweetest thing.

Besides her YouTube career, Tanya is looking to get into another sector, acting. She has been having lessons for over the last year and has recently landed an exciting role, which we will get to hear about very soon. When interviewed in the past has said that she always loved drama at school but never continued with it- proving that it's never too late to follow your dreams.

Personally I love the whole YouTuber gang, I enjoy following the going ons in their lives because it all seems so exciting & if I'm honest it gives me something to aspire too. It's nice to know that there are options if you aren't academic, just being yourself is enough to get you by in life. Now I'm not saying children should just not bother with school because I'm not. I'm a firm believer in that you should try your hardest in everything that you do. Too often teachers told me and many people that I know that if you don't get the grades, qualifications or the degree then you will get nowhere in life, but people such as Tanya have taught us that it's not true & is no longer the case.
Can that ever really be seen as a bad thing?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. 
Take care & I'll see you all very soon.


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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Let's talk about Vogue.

Just a quick post today,
Those fashionistas amongst you reading this will have no doubt already heard...
Edward Enninful was announced yesterday as the first male Editor-in-Chief of Vogue UK. 

For me Vogue was that one magazine growing up which I was mesmerised by and as cliche as this is going to sound it was where my love for fashion began. All too often I would take my £5 pocket money to WHSmiths to pick up the latest issue. That is why Vogue will forever hold a special place in my heart. Career wise Vogue for me like so many others is 'the dream'.

So when I heard yesterday that Edward Enninful was going to be the new Editor I was a little unsure what I thought about it. Personally I loved Alexandra Shulman, I've only ever known her as the Editor of Vogue and I love the way it looks currently so I was very gutted when she announced she was stepping down in January this year, after 25 years.

So Enninful, the first male Editor of Vogue... that's quite an big achievement!
I hadn't heard of Enninful before this- maybe being a fashion student he should have been on my radar but he just wasn't. Therefore it was only right I did a bit of background reading on him.

Enninful's impressive career began at 18 where he luckily became Fashion Editor of i-D magazine before transferring to W magazine in 2011. Working under the late Franca Sozzani, he regularly contributed to both American & Italian Vogue, including the "all black" issue in 2008. Enninful sure has close links in the fashion world, counting Kate Moss & Mario Sorrenti as close friends, both of whom have worked with Vogue previously. To add to his success prior becoming Editor-in-Chief, he was recently awarded an OBE for his many contributions in promoting diversity in British fashion.

Honestly I think there's no doubt he's fit for the role.
Personally I think he will transform Vogue into something completely different to what it is today, it will become more diverse, just maybe it will regain it's crown as the 'it' fashion magazine again. After all Vogue is no longer seen as popular as it once was.
Enninful will take his seat as chief on August 1st.

As for Alexandra Shulman, who knows what she is planning on doing next...
I am very much looking forward to hearing her speak in a lecture she is giving at my University on 26th April- in fact I am beyond excited, I am over the moon! Still can't quite believe she is coming to NTU.

I thought this issue of Vogue was apropriate... after all Vogue will be getting a 'new look' and new perspective very soon indeed. I excited to see this change, it will be interesting to see how Enninful approaches Vogue. In the past I would have said change is a bad thing, but so much of my life has change in the past year and I love it.
Whatever happens I for one will embrace this new Vogue adventure and continue to read the magazine that got me to where I am today.

What do you think of the new Editor-in Chief?
Comment below.

Take care & I'll see you all soon.


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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Social Media Influencer Part 1

Zoella is most likely a name that has been heard in many households, with more than 11 million subscribers, nearly 8 million Twitter followers and 10 million Instagram, quite frankly it's not surprising just how influential she is. 

I like many other girls across the country follow and keep up to date with Zoella (Zoe Sugg) on a daily basis, in fact it's more than daily- let's face the average star tweets around 5/6 times a day and I would say I see at least 3/4 of them.
So how can a 27 year old women formerly from Wiltshire be so influential in all of our lives?

Let's face it the second Zoella does a haul video or recommends something on Snapchat, chances are sales on those items will more than double within an hour. Just having her recommendation alone persuades us to try the latest L'oreal mascara or NYX lipstick. It's crazy how someone so young, who built a name for themselves by making video's in their bedroom can have that much power over our lives!

I mean I say that like it's a bad thing but I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm one of those people who buys the things she recommends, a good 50/60% of my makeup bag & wardrobe is probably due to her hauls.

Social media stars such as Zoella aren't like your 'normal' celebrity, watching their main channel videos and vlogs enable us to feel like their more than just a celebrity, they're more like a friend because we know them on a more personal level. Daily vlogging lets us watch what they eat for breakfast, how they get ready & even what they do in their chillout downtime watching shows like Bake off or Broadchurch. Really it's crazy how simple day to day lives of certain people are so popular.

Youtube has become a 'career' over the last couple of years, people such as Zoella can afford to live a luxury lifestyle just by filming videos in her bedroom  alongside interviews & product lines. Girl Online broke the records as the fastest selling debut author book in it's first week. It's mad how someone who does not call herself an author can have that much impact. As well as that she has her product line with Superdrug & Feel, selling everything from bath & shower products to makeup purses- including the new additions of Zoella lifestyle. I mean she rented out an entire apartment for the launch of Zoella lifestyle last year!

Fans follow her relationship with Alfie Deyes (Pointlessblog) alongside her friendships with Mark Ferris, to thousands of girls across the country Zoella is their idol, someone who it would be an absolute dream to meet! Is Zoella a bad person to idolise though? For someone who is in the spotlight so often, she is rarely in the media for the wrong reasons, she promotes reading with her WHSmiths book club, gets involved with charities, generally she seems like a lovely, kind-hearted, honest person. 

Following the lives of the likes of Zoella is so easy, it's not just about the YouTube videos anymore, that's only one part of it. There's Snapchat, Instagram, Instagram stories & Twitter- all of them et us see backstage on latest projects or photoshoots.  Let's not forget her blog as well were it all started back in 2009- it's down to these social stars as to why there is thousands of bloggers across not only the UK but the world.

It's not just Zoe, it's her friendship groups too, not forgetting about her brother Joe Sugg- who has also made a name for himself. They are like the ultimate squad goals (did I actually just say that?!?), thinking back to school days they weren't the type of people who were popular because they were in the 'it' group, they're popular because they are actually nice & people you'd want to get to know.

I will be continuing this little 'Social Media series' next blog post, look out for that.
I'd love to hear what you think of influencers such as Zoella in the comments below. 

Take care & I'll see you very soon.


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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

Round of applause please just to celebrate the fact that it's finally the season where we can reach for our sunnies again... YAY!!!!

Personally I love wearing sunglasses, I just love glasses on my face shape although I don't want or need actual glasses, sunnies are the next best thing.
Shopping around lately I've noticed the massive surge in metallic & mirrored sunglasses, and I'm a little obsessed. True story: my Dad had some mirrored sunglasses a few years back and I absolutely hated them, little did I know that my Dad was actually ahead of the trends for once (sorry Dad) 

I just think they're so sassy & cool, totally Instagrammable too- which I know isn't a key feature but hey I've got to keep my Instagram game strong especially in Summer season.
Besides chokers which I'm still crazy in love with, sunglasses are my new favourite thing, they're even a perfect hair accessory too! I love wearing them in my hair to push it out of my face, it's kinda bad but I even own cheap pairs of sunnies just for that reason- please say it's not just me who does this?

Brands such as Ray-ban & Miu Miu are my personal faves, although I've never actually owned a pair of either of them because as you know I'm a poor student and all that, so for now Primark will have to do. Saying that I'm a MASSIVE fan of Primark, I jokingly said to my friend when we were shopping yesterday that I could buy shares in Primark- I love it that much! It's just such as great, affordable, on trend shop- I promise I've not sponsored by them or anything.
If you're on the lookout for some new sunnies then do check out their range, it's massive! I'm sure whatever style your into, you'll find ones you love.

Personally I love metal sunglasses because I think they look so much more expensive on even when you've only brought them for a couple of pounds. I own a mixture of plastic & metal ones, if I could afford to I would just buy metal ones as I feel they last longer but plastic ones are best if you're just going to wear them on your head.

These above are absolutely stunning!
Not only does the girl look super cool with here blue hair but the shape of these sunglasses are exactly the style I try to go for. Finding a style that suits your face is super hard, I think if you have a slightly round face then stay clear of round sunglasses because they just seem to empathise the roundness if you get what I mean.  

Heart shape faces can totally rock the round lens though!
My advice would be take a friend or relative when shopping for new sunnies because they'll be a great help when it comes to telling you what suits you and what doesn't, going on your own is fine but it's hard to judge solely by what the mirror show you.

Rose gold sunglasses *sighs loudly* are every blogger's dream, I mean come on what's not to love? I just think the colour rose gold is simple stunning & effortlessly stylish. Surprising I got a pair of gorgeous rose gold sunnies from Primark for £3 *let's take a moment to appreciate that*, I can't wait to live in them all Summer! I did actually find some marble ones in there too but they were a round shape so they didn't suit me.

I'd love to hear what you think of the mirrored sunglasses trend below.
If you're unsure about them all I'd say is just go for it- you'll never know till you try it, at least you'll always have a mirror to check your makeup/hair throughout the day. 

I'll be back at the weekend with an exciting mini series of posts about social media influencers, look out for that. 

Take care & I'll see you all very soon. 


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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Do it with dungarees

For me dungarees are a real throwback fashion item, yet no matter who wears them, what you where them with or even where you wear them, they always seem to look cool & cute.

Growing up my Mum always use to dress me in cute little denim dungarees because obviously I was clearly fashionable from a young age. So when dungarees recently came back into trend it was quite a nostalgic moment for me.
Although I didn't ever look quite as cute as this...

Particularly in this transition period for fashion- I mean it's that time of year where it's getting warmer but it's not quite warmer enough to ditch the cosyness of our trusted jeans just yet.
Dungarees are the perfect transition fashion item, on cold days you can wear them with a sweater underneath, on slightly warmer days you can switch this sweat to a an off the shoulder top and then when the sun finally makes an appearance you can wear a t-shirt.

I don't think I could ever pull dungarees off as well as Kendal...

Although I love blue denim, my go to is always black, I think because I just feel a bit more covered up in black, less exposed. After all the colour black is known for making you look slimmer.
Personally I prefer my dungarees to be more fitted less relaxed because I'm not so keen on the relaxed look on my body shape. I do wish I could pull off the baggy look though- it looks so comfy!

Traditionally t-shirts are the most popular clothing item to wear underneath dungarees especially if you wanted the fitted look because it's not always as easy to fit a sweater underneath. I always have that struggle with not knowing which sweater to put underneath, do I wear a plain one and risk it looking too boring or do I go all out with a logo/patterned one and hope that it's not too much.

Short dungarees are a step too far for me, shorts in general just aren't for me, I can handle the dungaree dresses though especially if you want to go for the preppy school vibe look.
If I could have any style then I would love for it to be cool, edge and preppy- I don't know what it is about the look it's just so cute and adorable!

Zoella (Zoe Sugg) pulls off the crop top here with dungarees so well- personally I would never have worn it with these but seeing it together really shows that it works. With the rips & rolled up cuffs, they really add to the edginess of the look, and the converse finish off the look perfectly.

All term whilst I've been at Uni, I've massively missed my dungarees, so I couldn't wait to get back for Easter to live in them again. I'm leaving the house for the first time since I got back tomorrow (I know living the wild life!) so I will 100% be wearing & hopefully be rocking the look- let's just hope the weather is good for it.
Is it just me or does anyone else find it so annoying when you have an outfit planned and the weather doesn't match it?

How will you be wearing your dungarees this season?
Let me know in the comments below.

Take care & I'll see you all soon.


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