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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Mirror, Mirror on the wall.

Round of applause please just to celebrate the fact that it's finally the season where we can reach for our sunnies again... YAY!!!!

Personally I love wearing sunglasses, I just love glasses on my face shape although I don't want or need actual glasses, sunnies are the next best thing.
Shopping around lately I've noticed the massive surge in metallic & mirrored sunglasses, and I'm a little obsessed. True story: my Dad had some mirrored sunglasses a few years back and I absolutely hated them, little did I know that my Dad was actually ahead of the trends for once (sorry Dad) 

I just think they're so sassy & cool, totally Instagrammable too- which I know isn't a key feature but hey I've got to keep my Instagram game strong especially in Summer season.
Besides chokers which I'm still crazy in love with, sunglasses are my new favourite thing, they're even a perfect hair accessory too! I love wearing them in my hair to push it out of my face, it's kinda bad but I even own cheap pairs of sunnies just for that reason- please say it's not just me who does this?

Brands such as Ray-ban & Miu Miu are my personal faves, although I've never actually owned a pair of either of them because as you know I'm a poor student and all that, so for now Primark will have to do. Saying that I'm a MASSIVE fan of Primark, I jokingly said to my friend when we were shopping yesterday that I could buy shares in Primark- I love it that much! It's just such as great, affordable, on trend shop- I promise I've not sponsored by them or anything.
If you're on the lookout for some new sunnies then do check out their range, it's massive! I'm sure whatever style your into, you'll find ones you love.

Personally I love metal sunglasses because I think they look so much more expensive on even when you've only brought them for a couple of pounds. I own a mixture of plastic & metal ones, if I could afford to I would just buy metal ones as I feel they last longer but plastic ones are best if you're just going to wear them on your head.

These above are absolutely stunning!
Not only does the girl look super cool with here blue hair but the shape of these sunglasses are exactly the style I try to go for. Finding a style that suits your face is super hard, I think if you have a slightly round face then stay clear of round sunglasses because they just seem to empathise the roundness if you get what I mean.  

Heart shape faces can totally rock the round lens though!
My advice would be take a friend or relative when shopping for new sunnies because they'll be a great help when it comes to telling you what suits you and what doesn't, going on your own is fine but it's hard to judge solely by what the mirror show you.

Rose gold sunglasses *sighs loudly* are every blogger's dream, I mean come on what's not to love? I just think the colour rose gold is simple stunning & effortlessly stylish. Surprising I got a pair of gorgeous rose gold sunnies from Primark for £3 *let's take a moment to appreciate that*, I can't wait to live in them all Summer! I did actually find some marble ones in there too but they were a round shape so they didn't suit me.

I'd love to hear what you think of the mirrored sunglasses trend below.
If you're unsure about them all I'd say is just go for it- you'll never know till you try it, at least you'll always have a mirror to check your makeup/hair throughout the day. 

I'll be back at the weekend with an exciting mini series of posts about social media influencers, look out for that. 

Take care & I'll see you all very soon. 


Pictures taken from Google & Pinterest 

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