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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Social Media Influencer Part 3

The final instalment of my 'Social Media Influencer series'.
Gabriella Lindley (Velvetghost as she's known to most) is arguably a bit of a controversial YouTube star, she was helped to fame alongside her friend Zoella although criticised for using Zoe to help get her there, she received a lot of hate online from fans. 

Over the past year though, I feel that Gabby has changed- she has released a range with Primark which is a massive deal as well as that she is so close to 1 million subscribers on her channel. So she may have lost friends and fans along the way but it seems she is in a better place now then what she use to be. Personally I find Gabby very relatable particularly when she talks about issues around her weight & bullying growing up. I'm not saying that YouTubers have the 'perfect' lives but compared to YouTubers such as Zoe who always seemed as if she's been popular, Gabby is not like that.

Gabby was massively praised for releasing her video about her weight loss surgery at the end of last year. She speaks about issues that maybe other YouTubers are still slightly too afraid to talk about, although Zoella has massively promoted mental health issues around anxiety with charities such as Mind. In my view most YouTubers don't seem to talk about their own experiences with bullying, most probably because they have never been bullied which is great! But for those of us for have experienced the hate in our lives, Gabby helps us to tackle and overcome it. 

Initially I was not a fan of Gabby's she seemed to be a bit fake in my opinion but after watching more of her videos, I really felt I got to know the real Gabby better. It's amazing how a 10-12 minutes video of someone's day can totally change your perception on them. 

Gabby's 'get ready with me' videos are some of the best in my opinion, they are just a really good, chatty video where it's more like getting ready with a friend rather than a celebrity.
Compared to other YouTubers, Gabriella is not as popular as them. Although she still has massive followings on both Twitter & Instagram, partly because she went through a phase of not posting as much on her channel. proving that consistency is key to success in this art. Nowadays she posts at least once a week on her main channel and daily on her vlogging channel.

A while back Gabby explained why she hadn't been making as many video's as she would have liked and that was because it just felt too forced, she wanted YouTube to feel like it did when she started again, so she took a break before coming back with better content. After all if you're enjoying making the video then it's much easier for your viewers to enjoys watching it. 

Like Tanya and Zoe, Gabby also interacts with fans over Instagram stories and Snapchats allowing fans to get more of her daily life. For Gabby though she doesn't just do the average beauty and fashion videos, she sings too.

Singing for Gabby is what she really wants to do and her covers are amazing!
In a video I watched earlier this year she said that something very exciting will be happening regarding the whole singing thing towards the end of this year, could it be a single?

So many YouTubers help connect with their fans via merchandise, personally this is where I like to draw the line with my fan engagement because when it comes to my clothes I like to wear things that aren't like what everyone else is wearing. I like to make my fashion, my own. That being said Gabby recently released her own merch which includes oversized jumpers and hoodies, with little things on them saying "not today", I just think they're well cute and if I were to invest into anyone clothing line then it would be Gabby's.

That's the end of my social media influencer series, I hope you've all enjoyed reading this mini selection of posts and that it gave you some 'food for thought' so to speak. I don't really know what made me write these posts, I guess it's because these are people that I look up to in the media and online, I mean I never miss a video. They inspire me to keep blogging, I don't know if that makes me sound very cheesy but for me blogging is that one thing that I really enjoy doing, I couldn't imagine not doing it in my life. I know I get super behind with it and I'm not very consistent but when I'm blogging I just feel like it's what I should be doing if you get what I mean.
If I can I hope to make a career out of it- got to keep chasing the dream. 

Take care & I'll see you all very soon.


Pictures taken from Google & Pinterest. 

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