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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Christmas, Pampering & Sparkles!

I love having 'Pampering Sessions' throughout the year but I always feel that at Christmas time I love them even more!
So I thought why not have a Christmas themed pamper session?!?!
Especially as everything else in my life has been christmasified...
(Is this even a word? Well if not it is now)

There's something very nice about having a cute, little pampering by yourself or with family & friends on a cold winter's night. It always makes me feel very warm inside.
Do you guys ever feel the same?
So this post is really about me sharing what I love to use for my Christmas pamper sessions, I've also included some new products that even I'm still yet to try but I couldn't wait to share them with you guys.
Hope you enjoy!

 Snowy Shower Cream:
 'I Love' Range.
I've used this last night for the first time as I really wanted to see what it was like, and I have to say I was very impressed. I like how it is an 'Exfoliating shower cream' because I don't know about you guys but I always forget to exfoliate! So it's handy to have a two in one product. My skin felt very smooth after and it smelt gorgeous- I know this a 'Christmas' themed pamper session but the smell does remind me of summer which isn't a bad thing on a cold winter's night.
I can't remember where I got this from but I think it was about a £1- Does anyone know where it's sold from? If you do then could you let me know in the comments please so I can go a buy some more.

 Yummy Bath Fizzers/ Bombs:
Chocolate Orange Bath Fizzer, Wilko £1
I haven't actually tried this one yet because I brought it because I love Terry's Chocolate Orange so I thought I was bound to love this too. Maybe this bath fizzer would be good with a bit of Terry's Chocolate Orange (by bit I do mean a whole one) Haha.
So I have high expectations for this hopefully it won't disappoint- when I try it I'll let you guys know what I think.
Has anyone else tried this?

'Yognog' Bath Bomb, Lush £3.95
 I wouldn't call myself a Lush addict but I do like the bath bombs they do because they never disappoint. This one in particular really smells like Christmas to me- it's one of those scents that you have to have smelt to get what I mean. It just smells so gorgeous- I literally can't sum it up any other way. They also do a 'Yognog' soap in Lush and if you put by your radiator then it works like a scented candle and smells out your entire room.
Just lush to me!

Sparkling Star Moisturiser:
 Simple Kind to Skin Illuminating Radiance Cream, Boots
Again I haven't used this yet because I waiting till my old moisturiser runs out but of course like all things, when your waiting for something it never happens.
But the reviews I heard from this are really good.
 It's suppose to really brighten up your skin which is brilliant for the party season because those late nights always catch up with you in the end.

Scents of Christmas:
 Salted Caramel Yankee Candle ,
Words cannot describe just how much I adore this candle!
To me it smells like home, especially when I'm feeling stressed I find it very comforting to light this candle. I always think a candle sets a calm atmosphere which is perfect for when your pampering yourself.
I love a lot of the Yankee Candles but this is definitely my favourite.

Gorgeous Face Masks:
 'White Chocolate' and 'Cucumber' Face Masks, Superdrug £1.99
My skin has always been very spotty all through my main teenage years- I even get spots now at the age of 18! Annoyingly they're part of growing up.
So I do find face masks work for me- they leave my face feeling very calm and cleansed.
Luckily my skin seems like it's clearing itself up a bit but I still like to use a face mask to relax.
I like to put one on before I get in the bath then I'll take it off when I get out.
My favourite is the 'Cucumber' one because I find it very cooling and calming but who doesn't love a bit of chocolate at Christmas?!? so 'White Chocolate' is great also!

Warming Drinks:
 Heart Mug, Primark £3
I fell in love with this mug as soon as saw Gabby (VelvetGhost) release it and for £3 it's an absolute bargain! This mug will be perfect to have a 'Salted Caramel' Hot Chocolate in, I know what your thinking 'Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate'?!?
It's got to be one of the best inventions ever, right?
And of course no Christmas Pamper session for me is complete without the December issue of Vogue.
Who doesn't love admiring the latest fashions?!?

So that's all for today's post- I hope you've all enjoyed it!
I've included the links to websites where I can so you guys can go and check some of these products out- they could make perfect stocking fillers!
I hope I've given you all some festive pamper session ideas- I'd love to hear what you guys like to use in your pamper sessions!

Take care and I'll see you guys next Sunday for a  very special fashion and beauty exclusive!



Sunday, 22 November 2015

Christmas Must Have's: Fashions & Decorations Haul

Recently I've been getting very, VERY excited for Christmas.
Christmas fashions, food, decorations-
You name it and as long as it's something to do with Christmas then I'm in love.
As I've noticed that the majority of my purchases lately are Christmas related, I thought why not share my love of Christmas with you guys.
(By now you should know I love Christmas A LOT)
Who loves a 'Haul' blog?
I've never done a haul blog before but I know they're one of my favourite kind of blogs to read and watch besides makeup tutorials.
So I'll do my best,
Enjoy guys!
I've added the web links for product featured where I can, so you guys can go and check them out.
You can't order online from Primark, Poundland or Tiger Stores but it's worth checking out what they have on their websites anyway.
(It'll be like window shopping but from the warm, comfort of your home)
 Who doesn't love online shopping?!?

 (I was so happy with this picture- it's a close up of the black, sparkly dress featured above)
Christmas fashion is always one of my favourite looks.
I always think you can have so much fun with your image and style at Christmas because no matter how bold or sparkly, everything is accepted.
What do you guys love more 'Christmas Jumpers' or  'Sparkly Dresses'?
 I can't decide!
The Classic Christmas Jumper
From Boohoo,
I brought this jumper last year from the incredible online site 'Boohoo'- I just think that it's so cute!
Who doesn't want Rudolph on their jumper?!?
I personally find Boohoo have some amazing Christmas jumpers that aren't too expensive because you wouldn't want to pay too much for a jumper that you can only really wear at certain times of the year. But if you not keen on buying clothes from online stores then Primark have some great Christmas jumpers too that are an absolute bargain- some even have flashing lights on them! 
The Sparkly Dress
£10, Primark
Yes you did just read that right this dress was only £10!
I was really surprised by the quality of this dress as it feels so good for only £10- I brought it because I wanted a 'go to' party dress for the party season ahead.
I love everything about this dress- it clings to my body in all the right places and it has little tiny cut outs down the side of the dress which really add something else to the dress.
I like that it's not too revealing because then I will feel more comfortable in it when I'm wearing it.
As I always say 'if you feel confident then you'll look confident'!

Sparkly Jumper 
 H&M, £7.99
I adore this jumper as it just made me feel so Christmassy.
I apologise for the changing room selfie but I just felt the lighting in there really showed the jumper off to it's best. The only thing I didn't like about this jumper is the fact that it felt quite itchy on so I would have to wear a t-shirt underneath so it wouldn't irritate my skin.
H&M have some great Christmas clothes in at the minute so they are definitely worth checking out! 
 The Novelty Clutch Bag
I didn't actually buy this recently as I brought it in the summer but I wanted to add it in anyway to show you guys that you can really have fun with fashion this Christmas.
I don't think New Look have any like this at the minute but they do have a fab 'Gold Glitter Star Clutch Bag' for £19.99 that will definitely be coming home with me on another shopping trip.
The Fun Phone Case
H&M, £2
I just think this is very fun and quirky case for Christmas time.
You can't really go wrong at the price of £2- I can't wait to put this on my phone.
Don't you think it's adorable?
The Trusty Red Lipstick and Festive Earrings
 Kate 107 Lipstick, Boots £5.49 & Primark Earrings, £2
You can never go wrong with a classic red lipstick at Christmas time and the 107 shade is a beautiful, darker red shade making it even more suitable for the Christmas season.
The festive earrings are just cute and fun, you can wear them Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day- even if you only wore them a couple of times then didn't wear them again, then they are still a bargain at £2.
The Glittery Nail Varnish
 Ted Baker
Anyone who know me, knows that I love painting my nails so why wouldn't I want to add a bit of Christmas sparkle to my nails at this time of the year.
This nail varnish is beautiful- it's very glittery but it's very fine glitter so the texture is much nicer on your nails. I got this given to me a gift so unfortunately I don't know where you can buy this from, if any of you know can you please leave the link in the comments because it would be very much appreciated.
The Cute Gift Box
This is a gorgeous gift box- it's a very unusual shape which makes me love it even more because I love quirky products. To be honest you could even use this as a Christmas storage box or as a decoration in your room but I did buy this as a gift box and I know exactly what I want to put inside it!
The Frozen Themed Wreath
 Poundland, £1
As a Frozen fan at the age of 18 (I am not ashamed) why wouldn't I love a Frozen themed wreath for my bedroom door. The colour matches my room perfectly! Poundland have some very good and very cheap Christmas decorations at the minute so it's worth checking out!
The Funky Keyring
 New Look, £3.99
Furry keying's have become a massive trend at the minute- I keep seeing them everywhere!
I really like them as I feel if you add it to an old bag then it can give an old bag a new lease of life. I chose the midnight blue one but they also have the colours black, white, grey and maroon so you have lots of choice.
The Gold Top
New Look, £17.99
I think if sparkly clothes scare you then this is a perfect alternative as it's not too in your face but it can still be classed as quite festive.
I think this top team with black skinny jeans and black high heels will be a perfect party look for the season ahead.
What do you think?
 The Festive Bobble Hat
Primark, £3
If you're a hat person like me then why not buy a cute and very awesome Christmas bobble hat. I think the design of this one is very sweet and it goes perfectly with my grey winter coat.
Primark also have other designs too if this one isn't your style.
I just love a hat in the Winter because it always makes me feel so snug and festive.
 The 'I Like Warm Hugs' Tree Decoration
Olaf Decoration, M&S £6
This decoration could not be more perfect for me.
Olaf is one of my favourite characters from Frozen
(To be honest I love all the Characters apart from Hans)
But the detail on this decoration is so beautiful- the photo doesn't do it justice!
I think it's fair to say that Olaf will be take pride of place on my tree this year.
I've just got one question: 'Do you like warm hugs?' 
So that's all for this very long Christmas haul post.
I hope you've all enjoyed it- I think it's been one of my favourites to write.
Would you like to see more of these sort of posts?
Let me know if you buy anything featured in this post in the comments below.
I'll see you next Sunday!
Have a great week.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Thank You's & Jolly Christmas Shopping!

I would firstly like to begin by thanking you all for your lovely comments about my last blog post- 'Heartbreak, Wishes and Goodbye Kisses',
I never expected the response I received from that blog post- your support honestly means the world!
Poppy may be gone but she will never be forgotten.
So with my 'Thank You's' over with I feel I should get on with this post.
So Christmas Time?!?!
(There will either be a loud groan or a happy cheer at those words)
I am most definitely one of the 'happy cheery' people when it comes to Christmas.
Although the thought of 'Christmas Shopping' even stresses me out!
You see I love nothing more then perusing the shops in search of that 'Perfect Gift' for a loved one, I'll put on my cosy, comfy coat (Its so snuggly and warm), grab my bag and head off into the chaos which is 'Christmas Shopping'. I love shopping as much as the next person and if there was such a thing as 'Shopping Olympics' then I would almost certainly get a gold  medal.
But is it just me or do you to find 'Christmas Shopping' all the more hectic?
The massive crowds, constant queues and the toys that start singing the Christmas songs about 7 weeks before Christmas are all very stressful.
I am no Scrooge- I love Christmas but 'Christmas Shopping' is another story.
So I would like to offer you all some tips to surviving the chaos of 'Christmas Shopping' (I have also thrown in some great Christmas themed purchases too):
1. Prepare a list-
This may seem obvious but I know a lot of people who don't plan what they are going to buy so they just end up going round and round the shops for hours looking for some inspiration. This is not a good idea especially if you hate 'Christmas Shopping' so make sure you make a list so at least then you can go and buy what you want and get out of there.
2. Try and buy in advance-
This isn't always possible, but I always say to try and buy your Christmas presents as early as you can as Christmas Shopping on Christmas Eve is ten times more chaos. Also you are more likely to get the presents you want to buy if you head out early as you wouldn't want to run the risk of the present you want to buy selling out.
3. Buy in bulk-
This is especially good online as lots of online sites will offer some sort of discount when you spend certain amount online. Especially at Christmas time, shops seem to offer more discounts or they may offer a free gift when you spend a certain amount.
Be shopping savvy.
4. Clothes Show Live-
If you live in the UK then this is a very good event to buy Christmas presents at, as they sell lots of clothes, bags and makeup at much cheaper prices.
Who doesn't love receiving clothes and makeup at Christmas?!?
I've attended this event for at least the last 3 years and its such a good event. I think tickets are still on sale but if your interested then I'd buy your tickets quick.
Here's the web link if you want it:
5. Make presents-
If your budget is low then why not make your presents, there are lots of YouTube videos out there that offer tutorials on how to make lots of different things. You could even try baking, when I was little my Mum would get me to make chocolate truffles for my Grandparents as she thought it was something more personal from me.
Which I think is super sweet, homemade gifts are very thoughtful!
6. Try and enjoy the experience-
Although I find 'Christmas Shopping' can be super chaotic, it can also be super magical too! So why not try and make a day of it, you and you girlfriends could do a spot of shopping then stop for lunch or a hot chocolate before doing some more shopping.
Enjoy Christmas as it only happens once a year.
I also really recommend the 'Honey and Almond Hot Chocolate' from Starbucks:
It is truly delicious!
Costa also do great festive drinks too:
7. Christmas Markets-
These are a good alternative to 'Christmas Shopping' in a town as you are more likely to find more unusual gifts that you probably wouldn't find anywhere else. I know most of the main cities in the UK offer Christmas markets but I know the one in Birmingham is especially good- that's where I'm hoping to visit this year anyway. I'm sure other countries around the world offer there own versions of a Christmas market too- I'd love to hear what they're like!
8. Baths-
I know what you're all thinking- 'But you don't have a bath while out Christmas shopping?!?!', I included this one because it's a good way to unwind after doing Christmas shopping- I love a good Lush bath bomb (especially the 'Yog Nog' one- it smells so good!)
They also make good gifts too.
What are your favourites from Lush at this time of the year?

9. Christmas spirit-
I don't know why but shopping at Christmas always gets me in the Christmas spirit- maybe it's the constant play of Christmas songs or the food freebies (Who doesn't love free food?!?!). If your lacking the Christmas spirit then why not watch a Christmas movie (I recommend Elf) or you could do a spot of window shopping.

10. Good Christmas purchases-
I find that the Card Factory is very good for cards and Christmas paper.
Boohoo do some great Christmas jumpers- I brought one from them last year and it's so cute.
Primark offer some very Christmassy homeware decorations, PJ's, Jumpers, hats (Basically Primark offer Christmas everything- they even do Reindeer bed sheets!!!! Am I the only one who thinks they sound very cool?!?)
Here's the links:
Primark (You can't order online for Primark but it's worth a look to see what they have)

I hope you've enjoyed this super Christmassy post today (I hope it wasn't too early for you)
I'd love to know what you thought of this post and if any of tips helped you in the comments below. If you guys also have any 'Christmas Shopping' tips then feel free to leave them in the comments also because I'd love to hear them and I'm sure others would too.
I'm thinking of doing a 'Christmas Wardrobe Staples' post next Sunday so be sure to check that out.
(Yes there will be a lot of festive posts over the next few weeks)
If you guys have any suggestions for any other festive blog posts that you'd like to see then please leave them in the comments and I'll try to do them for you.
Thank you again for your constant support.
Writing my blog 'Lippie' really does make me happy- I hope you guys love reading it as much as I love writing it.
Take care and enjoy the rest of your day-
I'm off to have a home pampering session, face masks anyone?


Saturday, 14 November 2015


Ok so this isn't my main post for this week (That will go out tomorrow),
But I felt I needed to do this in honour of those who tragically lost their lives yesterday in Paris.
I wanted to say that my heart goes out to all those that have been affected by this latest attack. Violence is horrible. It is never the answer.
Innocent people have lost there lives and that's not right.
So I will be 'Praying for peace' for both Paris and the rest of the world.
There is too much negativity in the world today, and I would be lying if I said it didn't scare me.
'Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive and it will take their breath away'
My thoughts go out to Paris at this horrific time.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Heartbreak, Wishes and Goodbye Kisses...

Dealing with heartbreak is not easy but saying goodbye is even harder...
This week I had to do both.

I have always loved animals especially dogs- like most young children I too went through the phase of wanting to become a vet until I realise that the thought of putting an animal to sleep was just too much to handle (that and the fact I'd discovered science wasn't one of my strong points!).
So I grew out of wanting to become a vet, instead I had my heart set on having a dog of my own (this was something I most definitely didn't grow out of),
Months and years passed by of me begging my Dad to let me have a dog
(My Mum was also a dog lover so she was more then happy to have a dog)
But my Dad...
Trying to get my Dad to agree to having a dog was like trying to climb a mountain in stiletto's- virtually impossible.
Eventually my Dad gave in to my constant begging and said YES!
(At that moment in time I felt amazing like I had lost a penny and found £10)
Things moved pretty quickly once my Dad had said yes
(Partly because me and my Mum didn't want him to change his mind)
So we soon began looking for puppies in our area, making lists of everything we would need for our little puppy and we began thinking & debating over names too, it was a close call but 'Poppy' won it.
This time was very overwhelming but in the best possible way!
We'd found two litters of Labrador puppies so we decided to wait and visit whichever litter came first...
But how could I decide which puppy to take?!?
I remember the first time I saw our little darling Poppy- she was sat in a little hole in the wall and my heart literally melted- I just knew she was 'the one'.
Once we brought her home in 2009 it felt as if our family was complete- like she'd filled a hole that I didn't even know existed until we had her.
Months and years seemed to fly by, with every day that passed by our family bound with Poppy grew ever stronger- even my Dad loved Poppy to pieces.
Poppy was the most beautiful dog in every possible way- she was an adorable, monkey. She loved to run off with socks and slippers, help herself to 'Banoffee pie' and run along the beach. We always called Poppy a monkey but I know none of us would ever want Poppy any other way!
So life was great - I got the thing I'd always wanted, a dog.
But as most of us know life has a habit of punching us in the face when we least expect it.

Everything was fine until September this year when Poppy became very poorly one evening, we had no idea what it could possibly be so we took her to the vets and they diagnosed her with a 'non-life threatening' illness.
It was a shock but it was a 'liveable kind of shock', we knew it meant she might have to take medication for the rest of her life- but we could live with that as long as Poppy was happy, we were too.
So life seemed to carrying on, Poppy responded well to her tablets, it seemed like life was going okay again.

Unfortunately Poppy relapsed and I don't want to go into too much detail as it's still very painful to think about but this relapse led to our beautiful baby, Poppy passing away earlier this week.
I don't know what hurts the most, the fact she was so young and still had the rest of her life ahead of her or the fact that I would never see that beautiful, playful dog again. As cliché as it sounds Poppy was more then just a dog, she was a best friend- someone who you could tell your worries to, someone who would never judge you and still loved you no matter what.
My whole family went into mourning, home doesn't feel like home without Poppy. Its had to believe that someone who entered so quickly into our home, left such a massive hole in our hearts when she left.
I know life 'goes on', I knew losing Poppy would hurt but I just didn't realise quite how much.

I know this post has been very sad but I feel I wanted to share what had happen this week.
As sad & upset as I have been this week, I have found some ways of helping myself to cope that might help some of you guys too if you're going through the same:
1. 'Its good to cry'-
When we lost Poppy I couldn't stop crying, once I'd started it seemed as if the floodgates had opened- but in a weird way by letting it out, it helped me to cope. It allowed me to grieve.
2. 'Talk to People'-
This may seem obvious but I know some people just allow their grief to build up inside them as they don't want to bother people, which is complete rubbish! People around you will want to help! Talking to my parents about Poppy really helped- we are all going though the same thing so why not help each other!
3. 'Remember the Good Times' -
I have found this one really helps! Talking to my Mum and Dad about the good times with Poppy really helped us to forget about how ill she was at the end. Although we will never forget, I would rather remember Poppy when she was being a happy, little monkey.
4. 'Allow Time to Mourn' -
Although the pain of losing someone whether it is a pet or a person never really goes away it does get better with time, although that person has gone- you still have your memories and no one can ever take them away from you!
5. 'It's Okay to Think Life's not Fair'-
Life has a habit of throwing the unexpected in our faces but you shouldn't feel guilty for wishing it would all to go away. The grief and pain of losing someone close is horrible but sadly it's part of life.
These are the 5 things that I have found really helped me this week, I hope that they will help you guys too although everyone deals with grief differently.
 If you have any different advice for grief then leave it in the comments- it may be helpful to myself or others.
Sorry for the depressing post today,
I'll see you guys next Sunday for another post.
Take care


Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Favourites- From all thing Christmas & Michael Kors to Girl Online & Adele.

Firstly can we just begin by asking ourselves 'Where did October go?' Because I honestly feel like I blinked and October was over!
But did you all have a good Halloween?
I hope it was a 'spooktacular' evening (haha the pun is still going strong from my last blog post- 'Pumpkins & Beauty Tricks and Treats' ). I spent the evening having a good catch up with 3 of my closest friends- my Halloween plans were very last minute but sometimes spontaneous plans are the best!
So November?!?!
Although I'm sad October is over, I do feel happy knowing that 'IT'S LESS THAN TWO MONTHS TILL CHRISTMAS!' (Picture me skipping around my room at this point, singing Christmas songs as loudly as I can).
I do love November because I feel its the month where you can officially get excited about Christmas (although to be honest I start getting excited around June time), I love the build up to Christmas just as much as I love Christmas day itself. I think there is nothing nicer then walking into your school, work, house or shops and seeing that it's been 'Christmasified'! 
And I just can't wait till I can cosy up on the sofa in my onesie with a mug of hot chocolate whilst watching one of my favourite movies, Elf! Because I totally haven't been doing this already- HAHA (Nervously laughing)
Now I'm aware that my 'November Favourites' has suddenly turned into a 'Reasons I love Christmas' post, so sorry about that. I'd love to hear if any of you are as excited as me for Christmas- please say I'm not the only one! We could be Christmas buddies!?!
But back to what I've been loving this month...
I definitely feel like my favourites this month involve a wide range of products- but I do truely feel like I love them all, so I couldn't not include them!
This is going to be quite a long blog post so make sure your comfortable with a drink and a snack - hey you could even get started on some mince pies! (It's never too early)
So this month I've been loving...
Girl Online On Tour, Waterstones
I loved 'Girl Online' so of course I'd be super excited for the release of a sequel- me and my friend headed straight to Waterstones the day after it was release to get our copies. I don't want to give too much away as otherwise there would be no point you guys reading it- all I can say is that it is a great read, it had me laughing and crying the whole way through. Zoe's also introduced new characters in this book too so your bound to love them just as much as I did. Any Zoella fans out there will love this- so be sure to add this to your 'To read list'.

 Zoella Beauty- 'WonderHand' £5,
I love this hand cream so much- I was a little unsure of what to expect as it is a bit cheaper than my usual hand cream but it definitely goes to show it doesn't always matter about the price- the most expensive things aren't always the best!
It feels so nice on and smells great too plus it is fast drying which is always a bonus when you lead a hectic life. I just love the way it looks too - it just so cute! Zoe's done a great job here!
Adele's Single - 'Hello',
Ok so to say I'm happy Adele is back would be a massive understatement- I LOVE HER! In my opinion it's been too long since we've heard her amazing voice. 'Hello' has been playing non-stop on my phone since it was release- it's just so good. If you guys haven't heard it yet then I'd definitely recommend checking it out or maybe your listening to it whilst reading this- if so then I'd love to know your thoughts on the song in the comments.
Now I'm just going to pop 'Hello' on and I'll continue with this blog post... (I told you I loved it!)
 Michael Kors Lipstick in the shade 'Dame'
I recently went away to Chester and Liverpool and this was one the things I brought whilst I was there, I've never tried a Michael Kors Lipstick before (Or any of his makeup) but I thought 'why not?' so I brought this one. I particularly love this shade as its a gorgeous berry shade which is perfect for Autumn and I like how you can make the shade as bold  as you want on your lips- so it's perfect if your a bit nervous when it comes to bold lipsticks. The consistency is so thick and creamy on and my lips feel perfectly nourished when wearing it!
YSL in the shade 'Plum Frost'
Again I've never tried a YSL lipstick before but I have heard very good reviews about them especially from my mum who use to always buy YSL lipsticks when she was younger (She's recently rediscovered her love for them), I usually like a bold lip but recently I been adding more makeup to my eyes so I felt like I needed to invest in a good nude lipstick. As we all know bold eyes and lips is a bit too much. Again the texture of the lipstick is great and it keeps my lips moist for several hours after it's been applied.

 Real Techniques Beauty Blender, £5
Firstly I apologize for the state my beauty blender is in- I haven't washed it in a while so I think I definitely will after I've done this blog post. I brought this after I'd heard a lot of bloggers and vloggers recommending it for a flawless base. I don't use it to apply my foundation but I do find it blends my concealer in really well - it looks really natural too.
The only thing I would say is if you guys buy one of theses then try to wash it more than I do!
Primark Donut Sticky Notes, £1.50
I adore these sticky notes, I just think they are so cute and they will look adorable on your desk at work or school. And for only £1.50- that's a bargain! I don't know how much writing you'll be able to put on them but they look cute though!
 Annie the movie,
I love remakes of good, old classics and this definitely is that! It has everything that's great about the original Annie but it's set in modern day- I don't want to tell you guys too much about it especially if you don't know the story but it's definitely worth a watching. What's not to love about an all singing and dancing musical?!?
 Primark bag, £10
If you guys frequently read my blog then you will know that a couple of weeks ago when I did the 'What's in my bag? This way to a girl's heart...' blog post, I mentioned that I was on the lookout for a new bag and I think I've found it! I just love everything about this bag, the style, colour, size- it's exactly what I was looking for! If any of you guys are on the lookout for a new bag then I'd really recommend looking in Primark as they do great bags for a great price!
 Flared Top from Topshop, £24
You fashionista's out there will know that the bell sleeved top has been a massive trend lately so of course I wanted to get my hands on one! I love this one from Topshop- it's one of those tops which I knew I wanted as soon as I saw it. I love the design and the thickness it- as it's not too thick but you could easily layer it up underneath. And of course I love the sleeves- what's not to love about a bell sleeve?  
I'm definitely a Topshop kind of girl!
Cadbury's Amaze Bites,
I know this is a weird thing to feature in a favourites but I am literally obsessed with these so I couldn't not share them with you guys (although I won't actually be sharing the food with you!)
They are just so yummy- I could sit down and eat them all at once although that wouldn't be very healthy...
So that's all my 'October Favourites'...
I hope you guys enjoyed today's post- let me know what you've been loving in October in the comments below and I'll be back next Sunday with another post for you guys!
Have a good week!

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