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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Christmas Must Have's: Fashions & Decorations Haul

Recently I've been getting very, VERY excited for Christmas.
Christmas fashions, food, decorations-
You name it and as long as it's something to do with Christmas then I'm in love.
As I've noticed that the majority of my purchases lately are Christmas related, I thought why not share my love of Christmas with you guys.
(By now you should know I love Christmas A LOT)
Who loves a 'Haul' blog?
I've never done a haul blog before but I know they're one of my favourite kind of blogs to read and watch besides makeup tutorials.
So I'll do my best,
Enjoy guys!
I've added the web links for product featured where I can, so you guys can go and check them out.
You can't order online from Primark, Poundland or Tiger Stores but it's worth checking out what they have on their websites anyway.
(It'll be like window shopping but from the warm, comfort of your home)
 Who doesn't love online shopping?!?

 (I was so happy with this picture- it's a close up of the black, sparkly dress featured above)
Christmas fashion is always one of my favourite looks.
I always think you can have so much fun with your image and style at Christmas because no matter how bold or sparkly, everything is accepted.
What do you guys love more 'Christmas Jumpers' or  'Sparkly Dresses'?
 I can't decide!
The Classic Christmas Jumper
From Boohoo,
I brought this jumper last year from the incredible online site 'Boohoo'- I just think that it's so cute!
Who doesn't want Rudolph on their jumper?!?
I personally find Boohoo have some amazing Christmas jumpers that aren't too expensive because you wouldn't want to pay too much for a jumper that you can only really wear at certain times of the year. But if you not keen on buying clothes from online stores then Primark have some great Christmas jumpers too that are an absolute bargain- some even have flashing lights on them! 
The Sparkly Dress
£10, Primark
Yes you did just read that right this dress was only £10!
I was really surprised by the quality of this dress as it feels so good for only £10- I brought it because I wanted a 'go to' party dress for the party season ahead.
I love everything about this dress- it clings to my body in all the right places and it has little tiny cut outs down the side of the dress which really add something else to the dress.
I like that it's not too revealing because then I will feel more comfortable in it when I'm wearing it.
As I always say 'if you feel confident then you'll look confident'!

Sparkly Jumper 
 H&M, £7.99
I adore this jumper as it just made me feel so Christmassy.
I apologise for the changing room selfie but I just felt the lighting in there really showed the jumper off to it's best. The only thing I didn't like about this jumper is the fact that it felt quite itchy on so I would have to wear a t-shirt underneath so it wouldn't irritate my skin.
H&M have some great Christmas clothes in at the minute so they are definitely worth checking out! 
 The Novelty Clutch Bag
I didn't actually buy this recently as I brought it in the summer but I wanted to add it in anyway to show you guys that you can really have fun with fashion this Christmas.
I don't think New Look have any like this at the minute but they do have a fab 'Gold Glitter Star Clutch Bag' for £19.99 that will definitely be coming home with me on another shopping trip.
The Fun Phone Case
H&M, £2
I just think this is very fun and quirky case for Christmas time.
You can't really go wrong at the price of £2- I can't wait to put this on my phone.
Don't you think it's adorable?
The Trusty Red Lipstick and Festive Earrings
 Kate 107 Lipstick, Boots £5.49 & Primark Earrings, £2
You can never go wrong with a classic red lipstick at Christmas time and the 107 shade is a beautiful, darker red shade making it even more suitable for the Christmas season.
The festive earrings are just cute and fun, you can wear them Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day- even if you only wore them a couple of times then didn't wear them again, then they are still a bargain at £2.
The Glittery Nail Varnish
 Ted Baker
Anyone who know me, knows that I love painting my nails so why wouldn't I want to add a bit of Christmas sparkle to my nails at this time of the year.
This nail varnish is beautiful- it's very glittery but it's very fine glitter so the texture is much nicer on your nails. I got this given to me a gift so unfortunately I don't know where you can buy this from, if any of you know can you please leave the link in the comments because it would be very much appreciated.
The Cute Gift Box
This is a gorgeous gift box- it's a very unusual shape which makes me love it even more because I love quirky products. To be honest you could even use this as a Christmas storage box or as a decoration in your room but I did buy this as a gift box and I know exactly what I want to put inside it!
The Frozen Themed Wreath
 Poundland, £1
As a Frozen fan at the age of 18 (I am not ashamed) why wouldn't I love a Frozen themed wreath for my bedroom door. The colour matches my room perfectly! Poundland have some very good and very cheap Christmas decorations at the minute so it's worth checking out!
The Funky Keyring
 New Look, £3.99
Furry keying's have become a massive trend at the minute- I keep seeing them everywhere!
I really like them as I feel if you add it to an old bag then it can give an old bag a new lease of life. I chose the midnight blue one but they also have the colours black, white, grey and maroon so you have lots of choice.
The Gold Top
New Look, £17.99
I think if sparkly clothes scare you then this is a perfect alternative as it's not too in your face but it can still be classed as quite festive.
I think this top team with black skinny jeans and black high heels will be a perfect party look for the season ahead.
What do you think?
 The Festive Bobble Hat
Primark, £3
If you're a hat person like me then why not buy a cute and very awesome Christmas bobble hat. I think the design of this one is very sweet and it goes perfectly with my grey winter coat.
Primark also have other designs too if this one isn't your style.
I just love a hat in the Winter because it always makes me feel so snug and festive.
 The 'I Like Warm Hugs' Tree Decoration
Olaf Decoration, M&S £6
This decoration could not be more perfect for me.
Olaf is one of my favourite characters from Frozen
(To be honest I love all the Characters apart from Hans)
But the detail on this decoration is so beautiful- the photo doesn't do it justice!
I think it's fair to say that Olaf will be take pride of place on my tree this year.
I've just got one question: 'Do you like warm hugs?' 
So that's all for this very long Christmas haul post.
I hope you've all enjoyed it- I think it's been one of my favourites to write.
Would you like to see more of these sort of posts?
Let me know if you buy anything featured in this post in the comments below.
I'll see you next Sunday!
Have a great week.



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