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Sunday, 28 February 2016

10 Things I Would Tell My 13 Year Old Self-

As we all know being a teenage girl is tough, we're expected to look and behave a certain way, but nobody tells us how exactly to do any of this it's just expected.
Today I thought I'd do a post about the things I wish I'd have know at 13...
Although saying that I do believe that some experiences you have to go through in order to learn from it.

Don't expect everything to be easy, life is tough- it's about making mistakes and learning how to stand up, brush yourself down and trying again.

No matter how much you say you don't want to go to University, you will end up wanting to go.

You might be unfashionable now but you actually end up going on to study a Fashion degree.

Everything you learn in school is mostly pointless, life skills is one of the biggest assets to have.

Don't worry about being unpopular, high school will end then where will the popular people be?

You will have a blog that's read by people all over the world, you will talk to these people and you will make friends.

Baggy jeans and a hoodie is not a good look on you.

You will become a tea-aholic, your day will start and end with a cup of tea. 
(Living life here!)

Yesterday is unchangeable, make the most of today, and tomorrow is unknown.

Despite not being on social media at this age, you will become a bit addicted to it.
(Is this really a bad thing?!?)

I hope you've enjoyed this post- I'd love to hear if you can relate to any of the points above.
Don't you think it's crazy how much your opinion can change over time?!?

What posts would you like to see me cover?
Leave what you'd like to see on here in the comments below or on social media.

If you missed yesterday's post then catch up here-
'5 Products I Couldn't Live Without'

I'll be back next weekend.
Take Care 


Saturday, 27 February 2016

5 Products I Couldn't Live Without:

Every girl has a collection of products that without she would be lost...
These are the sort of products that you may use everyday without fail even when you're not feeling a 100%.
(Now that's commitment!)

Below are 5 products that without I just wouldn't feel like me...

Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash,
This has been a firm favourite of mine for years, the only thing I wish is that I'd discovered it sooner, it just makes my skin feel great!
Another thing I wish is that I'd listened to my Mum when she suggested using a facial wash daily to help with my spots when I was in my early teens. 
(As you've probably guessed already, I didn't listen and I ended up being a very spot prone teenager)
There's a key lesson learnt there people- always listen to your Mum! 

Toni & Guy Prep Leave In Conditioner,
I've been using this for about two years now, ever since Zoe Sugg (Zoella) recommended it in one of her favourites videos. 
At the time I thought well why not try it?!? 
This is very good with knotty hair- it doesn't stop it completely but it does help!
 (The wind always finds some way to tangle your hair)
It also keeps my hair in really good condition!

Zoella Beuaty Wonder Hand Cream,
I'm not going to lie, I had my doubts about this product as I personally don't find products that celebrities release ever that good.
So I was pleasantly surprised by this!
Zoe has done a very good job here- it drys quickly and keeps my hands moisturised until the following day.
(Yes I do use this product daily, I may only be 18 but I have the driest hands ever!)

Simple Kind To Skin Illuminating Radiance Cream,
I'm not a good morning person, for me getting up at 6AM is a real chore and I hate doing it!
I so long to be one of those people who jump out of bed every morning but I'm most definitely not.
So for me this product helps kickstart my day.
When my rather annoying alarm goes off at 6AM, I drag myself out of my nice cosy bed into the bathroom which at 6 feels more like the Arctic. I then wash my face and put this on, it makes me feel a lot fresher and awake ready to start the day ahead.

Boots Own Style Works Hair Serum,
This product basically does what it says on the tin, it helps to keep my hair smooth and shiny 
(And a lot more manageable)
I always call it my magic serum because I use this every time I wash my hair and it never seems to go down.

So that's the end of today's post,

I hope you enjoyed it, sorry for not blogging last week I had a lot going on- but they always say absence makes the heart grow fonder!
(Don't you think?)
Ooo I almost forgot, as I didn't blog last week it means I didn't tell you guys I passed my driving test!!!! So I'm now a fully licensed driver *hangs up the bunting.
I feel very happy and relieved to have passed but it's a little scary that to feel like I'm growing up *hides away the Disney DVD's.

I'll be back with another post tomorrow...

Take Care 


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Pucker Up: Red Lippie Style...

As it's Valentine's day I thought it would be only appropriate to do a beauty post about how to wear a striking, red lipstick.
(Also as this blog is called 'Lippie', I thought it would be a too good opportunity to miss!)

So a red lipstick?
Do you dare to wear one?
I personally love wearing a red lipstick as it really adds a dramatic edge to your outfit and can take what could be a boring look to rather a bold, confident one.

Below I've featured some of my personal favourite red lippies so you too can be ready to pucker up for this Valentine's day:


Clinique in the shade 'Cherry Pop'
I love this lipstick, not only because I love the fact that I got it free with the Tanya Burr issue of Glamour magazine but I also really love the colour and texture.
This is quite a creamy lipstick which I love as it means it's super hydrating and moisturising.
It's also an adorable miniature size so it will take up next to no room in your handbag.
What's not to love?!?


Rimmel Kate Moss collection in the shade 107
I'd heard a lot of people raving about this colour as they said it's more of a wine colour than a bold, bright red.
And they were right!
I like darker reds especially in the cold, winter months because I think they're still a statement but less of one.
The only thing I don't like about this lipstick is the fact it's matte so it can be drying on your lips.
To combat this I like to add a clear gloss on top.
Surprise Tip- if your apply some gloss on the centre of your lips then it can make your pout appear bigger. 
Do you like matte lipsticks?


Rimmel Kate Moss Collection in the shade 01
You've probably guessed by now that I love Rimmel lipsticks and I do!
I think they're a great afford lipstick!
This colour is your classic, bold red- it can never go wrong.
As this one isn't a matte lipsticks it's much more moisturising on your lips.
Remember to take this out in your bag though because I wouldn't say it lasts.


W7 Lip Liner in the colour Red (obviously)
I don't usually bother with liner when I'm wearing a lipstick purely because I never have the time to apply it or the effort.
(Am I the only one who thinks this?)
However I feel with a red lip a liner is a must as you don't want to end up with the lipstick bleeding (not literally) around your lips.
Not a good look!
So it's well worth investing in a liner for this.

So that's the end of my red lipstick favourites,
I hope you've enjoyed this post and don't forget to let me know if you give any of these lipsticks a try.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day- if you've not got any plans tonight and still want to give the red lip trend a try then go for it!
After all a red lip is set to be a hot trend for SS16 as it has been all over the catwalk lately!

My Valentine is below:

Haha, I hope that gave you all a laugh- it's true what they say food is the way to a girl's heart.
Well it's the way to mine after all.

I hope you have a great week and I'll be back next Saturday with more.
Till then...
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Take Care.


Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Hectic Tale of Head vs Heart...

Well what a week it's been...
I feel like so much has happened this last week so of course I've got to tell all you lovely people about it and to be honest ask for a bit of advice....

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you will know that last week I did a post about University interviews and how to survive them as I too had interviews last week.

My very hectic week started with me and my Dad travelling down to Brighton on Tuesday for my first University interview.
It was very daunting- as not only had I never been to Brighton before it was my first interview as well.
Its safe to say I was very nervous.
Brighton however was exactly what I imagined it to be- a beautiful, quaint, seaside town.
I can now see why so many bloggers live in Brighton as it would be great for getting all those picture perfect blog photo's.
I could most certainly see myself living there!
I felt so comfortable and at home there even though I'd never been to Brighton before.
I'm still waiting to hear back from the University so hopefully it will be good news.

On Wednesday, I had another University interview at Huddersfield.
I know what your thinking-yes it is the opposite end of the country!
Huddersfield felt so peaceful and quiet- hidden deep in South Yorkshire.
The University was great it had exactly what I wanted; the facilities were certainly not what I'd expected- so modern!
The town had a Primark and a Sainsbury's so I would have the essentials covered 
(food and clothes). 
I even passed what I think would be the nightlife venues and they looked so cute and inviting!

And finally on Thursday, I received an answer from one of my top Universities Nottingham Trent- this Uni has been a firm favourite for the last couple of years.
And to my parents joy it's only about an hour away from where I live now.
Again the city is great for nightlife, shopping and food.

Fun fact about me I actually applied & got in to study Law last year but I decided to follow my heart meaning I rejected my places and studied an art foundation instead which lead me to my old love, Fashion.

I feel like Fashion has always been 'the dream'
I love clothes so much- it's true what they say everyone has a passion for something and mine is definitely Fashion.

So now I'm left with the tough decision of whether to go with my head or my heart when it comes to choosing which University to study at- I feel so torn.
I don't even know if i've got a place at Brighton or Huddersfield yet but I know that I would feel gutted if I din't get in.
So I'm all you lovely people reading this:
'Should I go with my head or my heart?'

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my week in this post, I hope you've all had a good one!
I'll be back tomorrow with more...

Till then I'd love to hear if you vote 'head or heart' in the comments below.

Take care and I'll see you tomorrow.



Sunday, 7 February 2016

My Top 5 Wishlist Items: SS16

As a self-confessed fashion addict- I love nothing more then spending my free time searching for my latest purchase.
Don't we all?
So below I've featured my 5 favourite items that I've seen which will almost certainly be coming home with me sometime soon:
(I've also added the links so you can check them out too)
I love Dungarees and I have a slight confession I've actually recently bought these!
I think the fabric just looks so lightweight and comfy- perfect for long days.
I don't know if I'll be able to pull off the dungarees look but I'm going to try it.
What do you think of them?
Yay or Nay?
I've been wanting a trench coat for so long as I think it's perfect for Spring time especially in the UK.
I do like the traditional camel colour trench however when I saw this Grey one I changed my mind-
They look so stylish and effortless with everything!
Which do you prefer the grey or camel trench?
When I saw this dress I just new I had to have this. I haven't actually brought this yet but I'm planning to buy it soon. I just love everything about it- the colour, the style, the length.
I think the cut outs at the sides of the dress keep it young and summery but you could totally layer it up with a trench (see I'm planning ahead) for early Spring time.
I think this would be the sort of dress that can take you from day to night. For the daytime you could wear converse and a denim jacket for a casual look then at night you could pair it with a pair of heels.
What do you think to the colour mustard?
I love shirts especially as they're so easy and causal to wear, logo tops are think are just adorable and playful.
It's also got one of my favourite colours on it, mustard and it's stripy- what's not to love?!?
This could look cute with jeans or a skater skirt!
Would you wear this with jeans or a skirt?
Floral and bomber jackets are set to be massive trends this year which is partly why I love this jacket because you get two Spring/Summer trends in one item.
I also love the fact the jacket has a vintage look to it which I think is really cute and fashionable.
I love the pattern on it and I can already see it going with so much in my wardrobe.
What do you think to floral?
So that's all for today...
I hope you've enjoyed this post- would you like to see more 'wishlist' posts?
I'd love to hear what you think to the items in my wishlist and I'd love to hear what's in your wishlist for SS16 in the comments below.
Take Care and I'll be back next weekend.

Saturday, 6 February 2016

University Interviews & How to Survive them?

So you've done the hard (and stressful) bit of actually applying to University (or College in America) but now you have to cope with the interview...
Don't panic!
I may not be an expert but I can offer all you lovely people a bit of advice. After all we've all here to help each other.
I too have my first University interview this week and I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling very nervous. However in a weird way I'm excited too- it took me so long to decide on what course is right for me that the prospect of starting a new chapter is something that I'm really looking forward to.
Below are some tips that I believe will be valuable for both of our University interviews- if I learn or gain anymore along the way then I'll add them later on:
1. Allow time for your journey-
Planning will give you one less thing to worry about. my tip would be to try and aim to get there 20-30 minutes before you need to be therefore even if your running late then you should get there in plenty of time.
2. Outfit (Make a statement)-
As I'm applying for a fashion course, I feel that what I wear will be crucial. Nevertheless whatever course your applying to, you should make sure you look smart so that you make a good first impression. Black is always a good, safe choice but if your feeling a bit more adventurous then why not try a pop of colour. It will no doubt make you stand out against other applicants and it will brighten up your interviewer's day which is always a bonus.
3. Prepare any questions in advance-
This isn't necessary but it's always good to have a couple up your sleeve. Why not ask a bit more about what the course entails or possible opportunities on the course?
4. Do your homework-
Re-read the course details and you personal statement before the interview so you can be prepared for any possible questions they may ask. This will make you feel less put on the spot.
5. Smile through the nerves-
Yes this is a quite frankly terrifying thing to do but it is a great opportunity. Smiling will help you look confident even if inside your a bag of nerves.
6. Eye Contact-
This is a tough one but it makes a difference. I shows your engaging in the interview and again makes you appear confident.
7. Breathe-
This may seem obvious but over-thinking your interview will make you feel more stressed. Just be yourself because there's nobody better to be!
8. Speak from your heart and be honest-
If you do this then the interviewer will be able to assess your suitability for the course better. If they decide you aren't suitable then it's better to find out now then 6 months down the line.
9. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity-
This won't necessarily make or break your application but it will make you seem well-mannered and polite. Manners will take you a long way and cost nothing.
10. Once the interviews over...
First give yourself a pat-on-the-back - you've done it!
Why not check out the university's facilities a bit more (lab/studio space or accommodation)?
This way you'll have all the information ready for when you receive the University's decision.
And finally GOOD LUCK!
I know it's scary but your not alone because lots of people including me are going through the same thing.
I hope you liked this post- I'd love to hear how your interviews went!
If you have any more tips then feel free to leave them in the comments below- I'm sure they'll be helpful for myself and others.
Likewise if you have any more worries about your interviews and you want some advice then let me know- I can't promise I'll know the right answer but I'll have a good go at trying.
Hope this post helps!
Take Care and I'll see you tomorrow with another post.

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