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Saturday, 6 February 2016

University Interviews & How to Survive them?

So you've done the hard (and stressful) bit of actually applying to University (or College in America) but now you have to cope with the interview...
Don't panic!
I may not be an expert but I can offer all you lovely people a bit of advice. After all we've all here to help each other.
I too have my first University interview this week and I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling very nervous. However in a weird way I'm excited too- it took me so long to decide on what course is right for me that the prospect of starting a new chapter is something that I'm really looking forward to.
Below are some tips that I believe will be valuable for both of our University interviews- if I learn or gain anymore along the way then I'll add them later on:
1. Allow time for your journey-
Planning will give you one less thing to worry about. my tip would be to try and aim to get there 20-30 minutes before you need to be therefore even if your running late then you should get there in plenty of time.
2. Outfit (Make a statement)-
As I'm applying for a fashion course, I feel that what I wear will be crucial. Nevertheless whatever course your applying to, you should make sure you look smart so that you make a good first impression. Black is always a good, safe choice but if your feeling a bit more adventurous then why not try a pop of colour. It will no doubt make you stand out against other applicants and it will brighten up your interviewer's day which is always a bonus.
3. Prepare any questions in advance-
This isn't necessary but it's always good to have a couple up your sleeve. Why not ask a bit more about what the course entails or possible opportunities on the course?
4. Do your homework-
Re-read the course details and you personal statement before the interview so you can be prepared for any possible questions they may ask. This will make you feel less put on the spot.
5. Smile through the nerves-
Yes this is a quite frankly terrifying thing to do but it is a great opportunity. Smiling will help you look confident even if inside your a bag of nerves.
6. Eye Contact-
This is a tough one but it makes a difference. I shows your engaging in the interview and again makes you appear confident.
7. Breathe-
This may seem obvious but over-thinking your interview will make you feel more stressed. Just be yourself because there's nobody better to be!
8. Speak from your heart and be honest-
If you do this then the interviewer will be able to assess your suitability for the course better. If they decide you aren't suitable then it's better to find out now then 6 months down the line.
9. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity-
This won't necessarily make or break your application but it will make you seem well-mannered and polite. Manners will take you a long way and cost nothing.
10. Once the interviews over...
First give yourself a pat-on-the-back - you've done it!
Why not check out the university's facilities a bit more (lab/studio space or accommodation)?
This way you'll have all the information ready for when you receive the University's decision.
And finally GOOD LUCK!
I know it's scary but your not alone because lots of people including me are going through the same thing.
I hope you liked this post- I'd love to hear how your interviews went!
If you have any more tips then feel free to leave them in the comments below- I'm sure they'll be helpful for myself and others.
Likewise if you have any more worries about your interviews and you want some advice then let me know- I can't promise I'll know the right answer but I'll have a good go at trying.
Hope this post helps!
Take Care and I'll see you tomorrow with another post.


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