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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Day 16 Blogmas 2k17

Christmas is fast approaching and with that comes New Year, another day, another year, another fresh start. The fact New Year is a Monday this year is a very pleasing thought. I'm maybe starting a tad early with the New Year themed posts but I need to get something off my chest, truth be told I've needed to do it for a while.

Over it. Over you.

I'm not the most confident of people, I never have been and I probably never will be, truth is sometimes you're only quiet around the people you don't feel like being loud around. Sometimes it bothers me that people pick up on that, sometimes it doesn't. Yes I may not be as loud as the loudest person you know but this doesn't mean it's okay to walk all over me or anyone for that matter. Truth is I'm sick & tired of being messed around. Tired of people using me till something better comes along so they can drop me like I don't even matter. So 2018 is going to be the year of enough is enough, starting now I'm not going to pushed around any longer. If I don't like something I'm going to say, if I disagree then I'll tell you and if you make me feel about the size of a 5p coin then I most definitely WILL point it out. No I won't be horrible about it because at the end of the day quite frankly I'm more mature than that! Some of us aren't kids anymore. 

I get in life you think you're found 'something' yet the longer you have it you start to realise maybe it wasn't what you wanted to begin with. Life has a habit of throwing up bumps in the roads but in reality these bumps were always going to arise anyway. Sometimes it's not enough. Sometimes you realise that you deserve better than that, than this. Someday you may realise they don't deserve you. The penny will finally drop, for me that penny has dropped today. I can't take it no more and honestly I won't take it no more. If that's how you feel then fine because I'm done with playing games. If games are what you want to play then you go play them, good luck I hope the next person is more willing to take part. Playing games is a fake reality, get in touch when reality hits you in the face please. 

I aware that this post wasn't my usual bubbly self, well sometimes I'm not on top form, sometimes I have days where things really get to me like everyone. Today was that day. Today was when you really got to me. I'm done. I've played along as long as I could but now I'm out. It's taken me this long to realise. If I'm honest it's liberating & refreshing to finally say that. For so long I've hid all of this inside of me. You made me realise something today. You taught me to not build my walls so high which was great but was it really worthwhile knocking them down? Did you get what you wanted? I know I didn't. 

In the words of David Bowie:
"I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring" 
Saying all of this makes me feel as though a gigantic weight has been lifted- I'm looking forward to moving on. Onwards and upwards well hopefully...


See you all tomorrow!
Festive & slightly disheartened kisses.


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Friday, 15 December 2017

Day 15 Blogmas 2k17

How mad is it that we're already over half way through blogmas this year? Not going to lie I don't even really feel that Christmassy yet... Where is the time going? Please slow down! 

Today's post is a slightly different one, simply because I've neglected one of my biggest loves over the last few months- reading. Growing up I was always that child who had her head stuck in a book, not even joking when we go on holiday in the Summer, I can usually get through about 6/7 books easy. The sad reality is that Summer is really the only time I ever actually pick up a book now, which really breaks my heart. Reading for me is more than just a few words written on a page, if you read the right books you can get completely & utterly lost in a whole other world. Sometimes escapism is exactly what we all need. 

So I've decided I'm going start reading more over this Christmas break and hopefully into 2018 too. Starting from now. 

Take some time out and go back to your roots (books).

4 books I'm desperate to read this holiday are:
InkHeart by Cornelia Funke 
Okay so there's a bit of a story behind this one. Several years ago I went on this amazing holiday to La Palma (we revisited this year too) and I met this great guy who I just completely clicked with and we basically spent every second of the last week together. He gave me this book & always recommended I should give it a read. Normally this book isn't quite my cup of tea so to speak but I've held on to it for years now so I think it's about time I give it a go. 

Girl Boss by Sophie Armstrong 
I took this to NYC with me last year to read on the plane but I got too lost in the on flight entertainment that I never even opened the first page. I've always wanted to give it a read, Nasty Gal isn't a brand I tend to shop with but it'll be really interesting to learn more about the background of the company. Plus I think it'll broaden my fashion knowledge *waving* proactive FCP over here thank you very muchly. 

Stay Close by Harlan Coben 
I can't for the life of me remember what the name of the programme based on one of Coben's books is called but I remember watching and falling completely in love with the tense, gripping story. I really love books that have you on the edge of your seat (I mean a good, old romance is good too) but it's something about the thrill and adrenaline of not knowing whats going to happen next.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
English was one of my favourite subjects in school, I think because I definitely more creative than academic! But for some reason I never got the chance to study this book. My friends said surprisingly it was a really good read so I've always had it on my makeshift bookshelf (i.e. the pile of books on the floor) for that day when I finally give it a go. I'll let you know how I find it. 

As well as fictional books I want to do a bit of reading around my course to help with uni projects:
Capture Your Style by Aimee Song
Don't judge me but this book is basically all about how to get that 'insta perfect' feed. Considering Instagram is an important part of my self-promotion project I thought it would 100% be worthwhile reading this. Plus I mean I like things to look pretty anyway so it's a 'win win' really, I love the fact I get to read books like this to help me with my course- honestly it's times like this that make me realise just how much I love what I study!

The Million Dollar Blog by Natasha Courtney-Smith
Again don't judge me, I totally know that when it comes to blogging you have to have a special something from the start you don't just learn it but I think this book will be helpful nevertheless. I love blogging so reading a bit more about how it works will no doubt be an interesting read for me and yes it probably is a bit sad that I can't wait to sit down and read it. Haters just gonna hate.

Final bits of reading go back to the whole reason why I'm doing the course I am. Magazines!
For me these are an essential element of the course, not only do they keep me up to date with the latest fashion news but they are actually really great sources of inspiration too! Personally I only ever read physical magazines, I don't like reading them online because I don't want to support the dying art of printed magazines which in my eyes can not be beaten. 
Dazed & Vogue are some of my favourite.
 I really want to get my hands on Sunday Girl too but wow it's virtually impossible to find in shops- I know you can order it from online but I want to have flick through first before I make a purchase. If you know where I can buy it from then please let me know in the comments below- I'll be forever grateful!

Got any reading recommendations?

Hope you've all enjoyed this post, it felt so good to write today actually. Just little old me sat at the dining room table, playing Sam Smith and getting lost in my blog. This is why I love blogging- it just makes me feel like nothing else matters, worries fade away and this newfound confidence just comes out of me. 

Hope you all have a fab day & see you back here tomorrow!

Festive Kisses 


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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Day 14 Blogmas 2K17

Christmas holidays are in full swing, and I'm stuck inside making my way through the mountain of uni work I've of got whilst it feels like everyone else is enjoying the break. Movies are the only thing that are helping me to pass the time, I've only been home 5 days and I've managed to make my way through 7 films already!
Have you ever heard anyone in need of a social life more than me right now?
 Earlier today I started Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, honestly this film related to pretty much every girl's life when it came out back in 2008. I thought it related back then but I didn't realise quite how relatable it still is...

The single life ain't treating me well.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry at how much of Georgia's life I can relate to, the fact she is only 14 and I am 20 it pretty depressing to be honest. It's kinda laughable how much I see myself in this movie, take her mad, cringy parents or the fact she always manages to embarrass herself. Basically me lol. I remember the first time I watched this movie wasn't in cinemas but when I finally managed to persuade my Mum to buy me the DVD. She was dead set on me not seeing it just because it had the word 'thongs' in the title, like please Mum I get you're trying to protect your 'innocent' daughter from the world and everything, but it's just a piece of underwear like please. I must have only been about 13 when I eventually watched it so obviously the characters were set up to be older than me and all I remember thinking was imagine how lame it would be not being able to talk to boys aged 14. Haha. I'm 20 and still don't know how to. 

It's a funny thing when you think that won't be you but in reality Georgia probably has more of a love life in this movie than I have had in my entire 20 years of existence if that isn't sad I don't know what is. This isn't just another post complaining how I'm forever going to be alone because although yes that's looking like it might become true, that's not what I want this to be about.

Single life isn't fun. No matter how much people sugar coat it or try and make you feel better about being on your own. I get they're just trying to help but in reality them saying 'oh yeh you'll easily find someone' is probably worse than them not saying everything at all. If i had a pound every time my parents asked 'if I've got a boyfriend yet?' I would be at least half way to being a millionaire by now. I mean right now the money would be nice not going to lie. Personally I don't think anytime of the year is a great time to be alone but Christmas time is probably the worst, literally the second i step outside my front door it honestly feels like all I see is couples- I mean I don't even have to leave the house to see a couple (*coughs* parents) but I ain't ready to talk about parent PDA's- nooo thank you. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for all these people but every time I see yet another couple it feels like the chances of that happening to me get a little bit further away. I'm not desperate to get a boyfriend, please don't think that i am from this post but I'm just saying the single life isn't all it's cracked up to be. I've never been in a relationship so for all i know, being in a relationship may not be that great either but y'no it'd be nice to try.

Coming to the end of 2017 is kinda sad- I already know 2018 will be another year of being single because according to Georgia's friends 'Guys don't rate funny girls' and if thats true then I really have nothing going for me. lol. I mean I may be bonkers but at least there'll be laughs!

Maybe this movie was a good choice, maybe it wasn't- should I really take love advice from a movie at all? let alone a bunch of 14 year olds? Because in my opinion they know more about it than I do... 
can we really trust Georgia's elastic band theory?

See you all tomorrow!

Festive Kisses

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Day 13 Blogmas 2K17

Last weekend was the Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 arena in London, obviously the music was a key feature of the night but when you're a fashion student you find it hard to ignore the outfits.
So I thought I'd do a little post about what was hot and not so hot...

Christmas time 'tis' the season to sparkle.

"The Jingle Bell Ball is a concert held every year in December, by the Global Radio-owned Capital network at The O2 Arena. Artists that have headlined the ball are Janet Jackson, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Take That, The Black Eyed Peas, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Jessie J, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Shakira, Justin Bieber, Little Mix, Ellie Goulding and P!nk. Other notable acts who have performed at the Ball include, One Direction, Cheryl Cole, JLS, Miley Cyrus, The Pussycat Dolls, Taio Cruz, Dua Lipa, David Guetta, Liam Payne, Shawn Mendes, Major Lazer, Jason Derulo, The Chainsmokers, The Wanted, 5 Seconds of Summer, OneRepublic, Calvin Harris and Niall Horan. A portion of ticket sales profit is donated to Global's Make Some Noise, Capital's flagship charity, formerly known as Help a Capital Child and Help a London Child."

Taylor Swift.
Quite possibly my favourite outfit of the entire night! I am obsessed with Taylor's look here, normally  green is not a colour I'd go for especially not combining green velvet and sequins but damn she looks so good here! It's very 'casual cool' glam but for this event it totally worked, I want it already- although it's probably worth thousands.

Louisa Johnson.
I always feel like Louisa can pull off any outfit, like seriously how? Not going to lie I'm not a massive fan of the first outfit on the left not sure why it's just not my style, when she did an outfit change part way through the set though I loved it. Yellow as you probably know by now is one of my favourite colours so I loved the shorts and t-shirt number. Although it wasn't very festive... if it was me I think I'd have liked to make the most of sequin season but maybe Louisa thought that's what everyone would be wearing. 

Rita Ora.
I laughed- am I horrible? Her sleeves looked like a giant powder puff, like it could be nice but it's the wrong end of extreme. Like if it lost some of the fur it could actually be really nice. I love Rita Ora but sometimes she does wear some unusual things to put it nicely.

Louisa Johnson (again).
Wow she did a lot of outfits changes, why wear one, when you can wear three? This is more of a glam look than her other two but I'm still not crazy about it- I like mesh but this is mesh to the extreme. Don't get me wrong I know she looks good, but I always judge an outfit on the fact if I'd wear it or not and I certain wouldn't have the confidence to wear this. Wish I did though!

Stefflon Don.
Okay so there isn't a single thing I like about this look. I just think it's way too ill fitted, too casual and really it's something I'd laze about the house in, not go to a concert in. I mean each to their own, credit to her because there was obviously something about this look that gave Stefflon confidence so you go girl!

This is such as cool look! Mabel looks like the sort of cool girl you'd want to know. Her proportions of baggy and fitted here are bang on, I love the contrast of prints and even the way the brand name is on show is edgy. I don't think is a look I could ever pull off, to be honest I'm surprised I even like it but I do! Probably after Taylor's it's my favourite.

Ann- Marie. 
See this was the level of sequins I was expecting. I don't like the colour of sequins just because I think a royal blue would have been nicer but this pink colour does actually suit Ann-Marie. She pulls it off. I love her casual, just rolled out of bed image anyway. Again she's one cool person and 'alarm' is still on my playlist months later. Love her!

Hope you all enjoyed this post. I love looking at what people wear to events over the season, kinda gives me some inspiration too.

What was your favourite look from this year's Jingle Bell Ball?

See you tomorrow!
Festive Kisses.


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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Day 12 Blogmas 2k17

I used to be so bothered what people thought of my face, my makeup, my hair, my outfit, like seriously it really use to get to me. So what changed? I guess I lost interest in other people's interest, I grew up, suddenly if I woke up one morning wanting to wear red camo trousers then I could and no one was going to stop me. 

Back in January this year I make the long awaited decision to get my nose pierced, it wasn't just a hasty decision, it was one I'd debated for at least 2 years prior. That for me symbolised something, for so long I hated my appearance so getting a piercing on my face was a huge moment for me, it said something about me, it said 'i don't care what you think of me'. Every morning I wake up & look at it in the mirror and I just feel happy I chose that. That choice spiralled me into a lot of other choices and really symbolised a new period in my life. 

'Tis' the perfect occasion to try a new look.

This year was the year I really embraced dressing how I want rather than how I thought I should look if you get what I mean. I completely changed my sense of style, and feel more comfortable than ever in myself and who I am. So now it's time to adapt these changes to my hair and makeup. 

At the end of last week it was announced that 'purple' is going to be the colour of 2018, and I'm feeling that to be honest. Fair enough it's not a huge colour in my wardrobe but at summer time- pastel purple is a bit of me! Coloured hair is something I've always admired but never quite had the courage to try it, some how I don't think blue or green hair would look great on me. Purple or pink hair however yes I love that. 

At the minute I'm loving my hair length but the blonde highlights from Summer have started growing out so I'm kinda feeling something new. I really want to try pink/purple semi permanent dye. It's bold I know, but sometimes it's the thought of not trying something that feels unbearable. Maybe I won't go quite so bright as these examples but maybe I will who knows. Maybe I won't even try it at all. Sometimes though we get bored with the same old and we look for something new.

I'm just obsessed with the ombre look!

Maybe I'll try something not quite so permanent this holiday season instead like experimenting with makeup. I love makeup, I'm forever watching tutorials on YouTube so it's about time I put all that watching into practice. When I was younger I never wore eyeshadow- it's only really something I've got into in the last year or so. Personally I love matte shadows but shimmers and glitters basically scream 'happy holidays' and I'm all over that life. 

Some new makeup shopping is seriously needed, I'm desperate to get Sophdoesnails palette and highlighters. When it comes to makeup looks it tends to be her or Jordan Lipscombe who I follow. But don't feel embarrassed to experiment on your own- if you want to pair a gold shimmer with a blue matte then you go do that. If it works then great, if it doesn't then at least you can say you tried it.

I never would have thought to pair a blue shadow under the eye with a copper lid, but this is 100% something I want to try! I always wear the same look although I love it, I just get bored, I want a change. Pinterest is the perfect place for inspiration honestly I get lost for hours on that site and come away with a hundred new ideas every time. Sometimes you just need someone else to visualise something before it becomes possible for you. 

Eyeliner has always been a go to staple in my makeup bag so why not mix the standard black or blue with a glitter liner? Especially if you put one of these colours underneath as well, it creates a much bigger impact. Even if you're afraid to experiment, this is a great low key thing you can try without being too 'in your face'.

I hope this post has made you all realise that it's okay to experiment this Christmas with your look, don't be afraid to be different. Stand out in a room full of santas and be an elf!

What's your favourite makeup look at the minute? 

See you all tomorrow!
Festive Kisses


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Monday, 11 December 2017

Day 11 Blogmas 2k17

Blogmas day 11 and I couldn't be feeling any worse to be honest, I'm achy, tired, stressed and ill with a possible cold. So it'll be no surprised to hear I'm sat in bed writing this before having a lazy day watching vampire diaries, drinking lemon tea and just feeling generally sorry for myself. 

It's acceptable to be in bed at 12pm when you're ill. 

Maybe this is my body's way of telling me to have a break, I've been so stressed lately about my hand in deadlines at the end of January that I feel like I haven't stopped. Yet that's about a month and a half away- I've got loads of time.... That doesn't mean I'm going to stop work all together but it does mean that I don't have to be working 24/7 and those days where I'm not doing uni work I should't make myself feel guilty for it. 

I guess it's just hard to switch off, not joking I think about my uni work all day, every day- it's the one consistent thing in my mind. Yes that is good because it means I'm putting the effort in but sometimes it's not so good. Take today for instance I'm at least a 7/10 on the scale of illness and I'm still going to do some reflective journal catch up and read/highlight the hand in requirement sheet- I can't help myself. 

To take my mind of it all and because this is what I'll be doing for the rest of the day I thought I'd do some Netflix recommendations for you all: *thank me later when they're your new obsession* 

Absolutely no surprise I've included this because I'm obsessed with the new season! Not going to lie I found the first season a bit slow at times but season 2 has got me hooked... I love the whole aesthetics of the show and of course Jughead Jones aka Cole Sprouse is a bonus too!

Vampire Diaries.
Very late to the party with this one... but I LOVE it! Because I'm so behind I did wonder if I would find it really hard to get into but truth be told I don't. Whenever I have a spare minute this is what I'll sit down and watch. Don't be fooled by the name, the show is actually really good and you should totally get your teeth into this one if you haven't already. 

Gossip Girl. 
What can I say other than has any girl seriously never seen even an episode of this? It's not a show I could watch one episode after another of but if I can't take anymore vampires then this is my go to. It's a firm classic and I love it, not much else I can say really...

Hope you all enjoyed this post sorry that again it's quite brief but I just don't have the energy today to be my usual bubbly self. Hopefully I'll feel more like my normal self tomorrow. 

What are your Netflix recommendations? 

See you tomorrow.

Festive Kisses.


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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Day 10 blogmas 2k17

This morning I woke up to a blanket of snow & I couldn't have felt happier. It was so nice to be home anyway but the snow just made it 10 times better. Plus it was Willow's first experience of proper snow so I really glad I didn't miss that, honestly I have never seen anything cuter than her running about the garden at 9am this morning. Even if I was half asleep.

Early snow days make you feel like it's Christmas already. 

Every year I dream of a white Christmas, and every year that fails to happen- the closest I get to it is the fake snow at Santa grottos. Still it's quite possible that it could happen this year which would be an actual Christmas miracle! 

As well as waking up to a blanket of snow, I woke up to virtually no voice and cough- welcome home for Christmas to me! Not the best things to have when you have to venture outside where it's cold and snowy when you'd much rather be tucked up in front of a Christmas film with a cosy cup of tea and some ginger nut biscuits. The last time I saw snow like this was in New York back in January this year- that's mad how long along that was! I love snow days especially when you're at school because they either meant days off completely or snowballs fights in the lunch breaks. Not that I'm the best at these snowballs fights- I'm more of the target than the one throwing the snowballs. I guess it's maybe not so fun when you're targeted with about 10 snowballs at one go- cold very, very cold!

Aw little Willow couldn't understand what on earth the blanket of white was this morning! Literally the cutest thing I've ever seen although the snow literally froze to ice on her paws which was awful to get off! Had to soak her paws in warm water to get rid of all of it! 

My plans for the rest of the day involve doing some self-promotion work- yay the dreaded stack load of uni begins! My motivation to start is virtually non existent but I guess the sooner I start the quicker it's done lol send help please. Sorry for the short post today, I didn't really have a lot to say to be honest, hence the fact it's gone 1pm before this post is even published. Hopefully I feel more back to my normal self tomorrow- that lemon green tea better be doing the trick! 

Hope you all have a fun day in the snow if you're got any. 
What's your favourite thing to do on snow days?

See you all tomorrow!

Festive (and cold) kisses.


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