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Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Hectic Tale of Head vs Heart...

Well what a week it's been...
I feel like so much has happened this last week so of course I've got to tell all you lovely people about it and to be honest ask for a bit of advice....

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you will know that last week I did a post about University interviews and how to survive them as I too had interviews last week.

My very hectic week started with me and my Dad travelling down to Brighton on Tuesday for my first University interview.
It was very daunting- as not only had I never been to Brighton before it was my first interview as well.
Its safe to say I was very nervous.
Brighton however was exactly what I imagined it to be- a beautiful, quaint, seaside town.
I can now see why so many bloggers live in Brighton as it would be great for getting all those picture perfect blog photo's.
I could most certainly see myself living there!
I felt so comfortable and at home there even though I'd never been to Brighton before.
I'm still waiting to hear back from the University so hopefully it will be good news.

On Wednesday, I had another University interview at Huddersfield.
I know what your thinking-yes it is the opposite end of the country!
Huddersfield felt so peaceful and quiet- hidden deep in South Yorkshire.
The University was great it had exactly what I wanted; the facilities were certainly not what I'd expected- so modern!
The town had a Primark and a Sainsbury's so I would have the essentials covered 
(food and clothes). 
I even passed what I think would be the nightlife venues and they looked so cute and inviting!

And finally on Thursday, I received an answer from one of my top Universities Nottingham Trent- this Uni has been a firm favourite for the last couple of years.
And to my parents joy it's only about an hour away from where I live now.
Again the city is great for nightlife, shopping and food.

Fun fact about me I actually applied & got in to study Law last year but I decided to follow my heart meaning I rejected my places and studied an art foundation instead which lead me to my old love, Fashion.

I feel like Fashion has always been 'the dream'
I love clothes so much- it's true what they say everyone has a passion for something and mine is definitely Fashion.

So now I'm left with the tough decision of whether to go with my head or my heart when it comes to choosing which University to study at- I feel so torn.
I don't even know if i've got a place at Brighton or Huddersfield yet but I know that I would feel gutted if I din't get in.
So I'm all you lovely people reading this:
'Should I go with my head or my heart?'

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my week in this post, I hope you've all had a good one!
I'll be back tomorrow with more...

Till then I'd love to hear if you vote 'head or heart' in the comments below.

Take care and I'll see you tomorrow.



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