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Sunday, 1 November 2015

October Favourites- From all thing Christmas & Michael Kors to Girl Online & Adele.

Firstly can we just begin by asking ourselves 'Where did October go?' Because I honestly feel like I blinked and October was over!
But did you all have a good Halloween?
I hope it was a 'spooktacular' evening (haha the pun is still going strong from my last blog post- 'Pumpkins & Beauty Tricks and Treats' ). I spent the evening having a good catch up with 3 of my closest friends- my Halloween plans were very last minute but sometimes spontaneous plans are the best!
So November?!?!
Although I'm sad October is over, I do feel happy knowing that 'IT'S LESS THAN TWO MONTHS TILL CHRISTMAS!' (Picture me skipping around my room at this point, singing Christmas songs as loudly as I can).
I do love November because I feel its the month where you can officially get excited about Christmas (although to be honest I start getting excited around June time), I love the build up to Christmas just as much as I love Christmas day itself. I think there is nothing nicer then walking into your school, work, house or shops and seeing that it's been 'Christmasified'! 
And I just can't wait till I can cosy up on the sofa in my onesie with a mug of hot chocolate whilst watching one of my favourite movies, Elf! Because I totally haven't been doing this already- HAHA (Nervously laughing)
Now I'm aware that my 'November Favourites' has suddenly turned into a 'Reasons I love Christmas' post, so sorry about that. I'd love to hear if any of you are as excited as me for Christmas- please say I'm not the only one! We could be Christmas buddies!?!
But back to what I've been loving this month...
I definitely feel like my favourites this month involve a wide range of products- but I do truely feel like I love them all, so I couldn't not include them!
This is going to be quite a long blog post so make sure your comfortable with a drink and a snack - hey you could even get started on some mince pies! (It's never too early)
So this month I've been loving...
Girl Online On Tour, Waterstones
I loved 'Girl Online' so of course I'd be super excited for the release of a sequel- me and my friend headed straight to Waterstones the day after it was release to get our copies. I don't want to give too much away as otherwise there would be no point you guys reading it- all I can say is that it is a great read, it had me laughing and crying the whole way through. Zoe's also introduced new characters in this book too so your bound to love them just as much as I did. Any Zoella fans out there will love this- so be sure to add this to your 'To read list'.

 Zoella Beauty- 'WonderHand' £5,
I love this hand cream so much- I was a little unsure of what to expect as it is a bit cheaper than my usual hand cream but it definitely goes to show it doesn't always matter about the price- the most expensive things aren't always the best!
It feels so nice on and smells great too plus it is fast drying which is always a bonus when you lead a hectic life. I just love the way it looks too - it just so cute! Zoe's done a great job here!
Adele's Single - 'Hello',
Ok so to say I'm happy Adele is back would be a massive understatement- I LOVE HER! In my opinion it's been too long since we've heard her amazing voice. 'Hello' has been playing non-stop on my phone since it was release- it's just so good. If you guys haven't heard it yet then I'd definitely recommend checking it out or maybe your listening to it whilst reading this- if so then I'd love to know your thoughts on the song in the comments.
Now I'm just going to pop 'Hello' on and I'll continue with this blog post... (I told you I loved it!)
 Michael Kors Lipstick in the shade 'Dame'
I recently went away to Chester and Liverpool and this was one the things I brought whilst I was there, I've never tried a Michael Kors Lipstick before (Or any of his makeup) but I thought 'why not?' so I brought this one. I particularly love this shade as its a gorgeous berry shade which is perfect for Autumn and I like how you can make the shade as bold  as you want on your lips- so it's perfect if your a bit nervous when it comes to bold lipsticks. The consistency is so thick and creamy on and my lips feel perfectly nourished when wearing it!
YSL in the shade 'Plum Frost'
Again I've never tried a YSL lipstick before but I have heard very good reviews about them especially from my mum who use to always buy YSL lipsticks when she was younger (She's recently rediscovered her love for them), I usually like a bold lip but recently I been adding more makeup to my eyes so I felt like I needed to invest in a good nude lipstick. As we all know bold eyes and lips is a bit too much. Again the texture of the lipstick is great and it keeps my lips moist for several hours after it's been applied.

 Real Techniques Beauty Blender, £5
Firstly I apologize for the state my beauty blender is in- I haven't washed it in a while so I think I definitely will after I've done this blog post. I brought this after I'd heard a lot of bloggers and vloggers recommending it for a flawless base. I don't use it to apply my foundation but I do find it blends my concealer in really well - it looks really natural too.
The only thing I would say is if you guys buy one of theses then try to wash it more than I do!
Primark Donut Sticky Notes, £1.50
I adore these sticky notes, I just think they are so cute and they will look adorable on your desk at work or school. And for only £1.50- that's a bargain! I don't know how much writing you'll be able to put on them but they look cute though!
 Annie the movie,
I love remakes of good, old classics and this definitely is that! It has everything that's great about the original Annie but it's set in modern day- I don't want to tell you guys too much about it especially if you don't know the story but it's definitely worth a watching. What's not to love about an all singing and dancing musical?!?
 Primark bag, £10
If you guys frequently read my blog then you will know that a couple of weeks ago when I did the 'What's in my bag? This way to a girl's heart...' blog post, I mentioned that I was on the lookout for a new bag and I think I've found it! I just love everything about this bag, the style, colour, size- it's exactly what I was looking for! If any of you guys are on the lookout for a new bag then I'd really recommend looking in Primark as they do great bags for a great price!
 Flared Top from Topshop, £24
You fashionista's out there will know that the bell sleeved top has been a massive trend lately so of course I wanted to get my hands on one! I love this one from Topshop- it's one of those tops which I knew I wanted as soon as I saw it. I love the design and the thickness it- as it's not too thick but you could easily layer it up underneath. And of course I love the sleeves- what's not to love about a bell sleeve?  
I'm definitely a Topshop kind of girl!
Cadbury's Amaze Bites,
I know this is a weird thing to feature in a favourites but I am literally obsessed with these so I couldn't not share them with you guys (although I won't actually be sharing the food with you!)
They are just so yummy- I could sit down and eat them all at once although that wouldn't be very healthy...
So that's all my 'October Favourites'...
I hope you guys enjoyed today's post- let me know what you've been loving in October in the comments below and I'll be back next Sunday with another post for you guys!
Have a good week!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you and of course- I will check it out :-)

  2. Super cute nails! I'm sad Halloween is over but excited for Christmas x

    1. Aw thank you <3 And I know right Halloween was over so quickly but now it's November I feel like I can actually get excited for Christmas- I can't wait to start decorating my house and wearing my Christmas jumper! x

  3. OH GOD, so happy about Adele's new song!! And love your nails. Super duper cute and I wish I had the talent to do it for myself!



    1. Haha 'Hello' is constantly on repeat- I even know all the words although I'm pretty sure I destroy the song when I start singing! And thank you- believe me it takes a lot of practice but if your willing to put in the time then you'll get there!

  4. I know what you mean - October has whizzed by. In fact, this whole year seems to be!

    Frenchy xx

    1. I know it has- once the John Lewis Christmas ad starts you know Christmas isn't too far away either! x

  5. I love the colour of the YSL lipstick! x

    1. I know it's gorgeous right! It's in the shade 'Plum Frost' if you're interested ☺️ I love, love, love YSL lipsticks so good! X


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