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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Social Media Influencer Part 1

Zoella is most likely a name that has been heard in many households, with more than 11 million subscribers, nearly 8 million Twitter followers and 10 million Instagram, quite frankly it's not surprising just how influential she is. 

I like many other girls across the country follow and keep up to date with Zoella (Zoe Sugg) on a daily basis, in fact it's more than daily- let's face the average star tweets around 5/6 times a day and I would say I see at least 3/4 of them.
So how can a 27 year old women formerly from Wiltshire be so influential in all of our lives?

Let's face it the second Zoella does a haul video or recommends something on Snapchat, chances are sales on those items will more than double within an hour. Just having her recommendation alone persuades us to try the latest L'oreal mascara or NYX lipstick. It's crazy how someone so young, who built a name for themselves by making video's in their bedroom can have that much power over our lives!

I mean I say that like it's a bad thing but I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm one of those people who buys the things she recommends, a good 50/60% of my makeup bag & wardrobe is probably due to her hauls.

Social media stars such as Zoella aren't like your 'normal' celebrity, watching their main channel videos and vlogs enable us to feel like their more than just a celebrity, they're more like a friend because we know them on a more personal level. Daily vlogging lets us watch what they eat for breakfast, how they get ready & even what they do in their chillout downtime watching shows like Bake off or Broadchurch. Really it's crazy how simple day to day lives of certain people are so popular.

Youtube has become a 'career' over the last couple of years, people such as Zoella can afford to live a luxury lifestyle just by filming videos in her bedroom  alongside interviews & product lines. Girl Online broke the records as the fastest selling debut author book in it's first week. It's mad how someone who does not call herself an author can have that much impact. As well as that she has her product line with Superdrug & Feel, selling everything from bath & shower products to makeup purses- including the new additions of Zoella lifestyle. I mean she rented out an entire apartment for the launch of Zoella lifestyle last year!

Fans follow her relationship with Alfie Deyes (Pointlessblog) alongside her friendships with Mark Ferris, to thousands of girls across the country Zoella is their idol, someone who it would be an absolute dream to meet! Is Zoella a bad person to idolise though? For someone who is in the spotlight so often, she is rarely in the media for the wrong reasons, she promotes reading with her WHSmiths book club, gets involved with charities, generally she seems like a lovely, kind-hearted, honest person. 

Following the lives of the likes of Zoella is so easy, it's not just about the YouTube videos anymore, that's only one part of it. There's Snapchat, Instagram, Instagram stories & Twitter- all of them et us see backstage on latest projects or photoshoots.  Let's not forget her blog as well were it all started back in 2009- it's down to these social stars as to why there is thousands of bloggers across not only the UK but the world.

It's not just Zoe, it's her friendship groups too, not forgetting about her brother Joe Sugg- who has also made a name for himself. They are like the ultimate squad goals (did I actually just say that?!?), thinking back to school days they weren't the type of people who were popular because they were in the 'it' group, they're popular because they are actually nice & people you'd want to get to know.

I will be continuing this little 'Social Media series' next blog post, look out for that.
I'd love to hear what you think of influencers such as Zoella in the comments below. 

Take care & I'll see you very soon.


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