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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Sunny days & Chocolate Dreams

After living in Nottingham for around 6 months now (time has flown!), you'd think that I'd explored everything Notts has to offer by now, but not true...

Yesterday was the first day where it actually started to feel like Spring- I was finally able to not wear a jacket, sunnies were needed instead of my usual umbrella and everyone just seemed so much more cheerful! 
Although I love the Winter months because I feel comfortable in layers, Summer is definitely my favourite time of the year- nothing beats a glorious sunny day, spent with family/ friends, filled with laughter...

Spontaneously myself & a friend decide to stop doing our work stuck inside and headed out into town to enjoy the sun along with everyone else. 
We decided to head to 'The Pudding Pantry' a cute little cafe located near cornerhouse in the centre of town- honestly this place is THE cutest place you'll ever see...
If you know Nottingham well, then you've probably heard of 'The Pudding Pantry's' legendary freakshake milkshakes- they are literally heaven on earth!

See what I mean?

I have been here before, back in the first week of uni me & a girl from my group headed here after I saw these yummy shakes on Instagram- okay so I'd be lying if I said I didn't just go so I could get a picture for my insta... what else can I say? 

Both my friend & I opted for the Salted Caramel Brownie freakshake- yes it was as good as it sounds! Hands down one the best milkshakes I've ever had- heads up Five Guys also do a great Oreo milkshake too. I wouldn't say it was cheap, at just under £6 for a I did give a little sob for my funds. 
But definitely worthwhile as a once in a while treat.

Have you ever seen a milkshake more instagrammable? 

The Pudding Pantry doesn't just do these milkshakes, they offer a wide range of treats- their cakes looks mouth-wateringly good. I will be returning to try them in the near future, although maybe not all of them. After all I'm not going to get my summer body eating cakes.... it would be nice if it worked like that. 

I spotted a 'salted caramel blondie' which has my name all over it- yummy doesn't even begin to describe how good it looked! They don't just offer chocolate treats- they also do pancakes and other various yummy foods. 

To view what they have to offer


Personally I could spend all day, everyday in this cute little cafe...not just because of the food.
I know appearance of a place isn't everything but lets face it, you're not going to eat somewhere that has the paint peeling off the walls- are you?
To me it has a very traditional, vintage style appearance to it which is my favourite kind decoration, it's the kinda place I'd expect to find in somewhere like Brighton or another seaside town. For me anywhere that can bring some seaside vibes to the Midlands is a winner!

I'd love to hear if you try this place.
Comment below what you ordered because I'm a nosy person & I like to see what other people order. 

Take care & I'll be back soon.


Pictures are all my own.

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