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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Blogmas Day 20: Conquering The Art of Wrapping

Christmas wrapping & I have a love/ hate relationship.
Yes I so desperately want to make all of my presents look Instagram worthy but actually getting to that stage is very hard indeed.

Personally I'm a gift bag sort of girl, as much as I'd love to spend hours folding each bit of wrapping paper perfectly before adding a perfectly proportioned bow I just can't.
My life is just way too busy & hectic for that.
Now I've realised it's less than a week to Christmas (can this year go any quicker?!?) I've started to panic a little.

I wouldn't say I'm bad at wrapping up presents, last Christmas I took time out of my day to spend it, making each gift look perfect. It took a very long time but it was so rewarding to gift everyone with a pretty present on Christmas morning.
So this year I've decided to do the same, currently I don't know where I'm going to find the time as I have 101 other things to do but I'll get there.

Pre-warning: I didn't wrap these presents below, I took the images from Pinterest as gift wrapping ideas. I just thought I'd mention it before you all think i'm some sort of gift wrapping magician. 

When it comes to wrapping paper I love brown paper, yes it may be boring & plain but I like my presents to look effortlessly simple. I hate wrapping paper that is way to fussy, and just screams out Christmas like a punch in the face.
Also as brown paper is thicker than most wrapping papers it's actually easier to wrap with especially if you're a bit of a beginner. 

Adding a bit of string or ribbon to your gifts can take them from zero to hero in a heartbeat. 
I love the added touch of the bit of fern here, probably not a good idea though if you're one of those people who likes to wrap up their presents super early as the fern might look a bit dead when you gift the present to someone.
Also if you are one of those people who wrap present up super early I want to know one thing:
How are you that organised?

Although I said I like plain brown paper for wrapping paper, I do love this santa printed one. I mean it is still on brown paper much to my joy, but I just think the santa's here look so cute!
I also love the colours red, white, black & brown together. It's Christmassy but not too Christmassy if you get what I mean.

The white dots on brown paper is such a simple yet extremely effective idea, I think it looks like snow and what Christmas day is complete without snow?
I very much like the gift tags here, because why stop at making just the paper look adorable?!?
The font used is very clear & beautiful plus it's very easy to read who's present is who's which means you can grab it quicker on Christmas morning!

I hope you enjoyed this post & that it gave you some inspiration for your own gifting wrapping joys.
I'm still yet to wrap up my presents for Christmas- I'm hoping to do it Thursday which is leaving it very late I know but I have finished all of my Christmas shopping now which is something.
Wish me luck! 

Take Care & see you very soon.


Pictures taken from Pinterest.

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