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Friday, 16 December 2016

Blogmas Day 8: Writing my own letter to Santa

It's possible that even Santa has jumped on the blogging bandwagon now so I thought as a fun, light-hearted post I'd write my letter to him on here...

Dear Santa,

Well what a year it's been... as you know this time last year I was wishing for 2016 to be a better, happier year & it's certainly been that. 2016 was the year of laughing! 
I've travelled to new places, revisited old ones, made new friends, stayed friends with old ones.
It's just been a crazy year really, so many opportunities that I grabbed with both hands.
Hope you've had a good year too!
How's Mrs Claus & all the reindeer and elves?

You're probably thinking what do I want for Christmas this year, and quite frankly there isn't a lot I do want other than marble inspired items which you probably already know about. What can I say other than as a typical blogger I love nothing more than having everything rose gold & marble. 
A.KA. the perfect combination. They're just so pretty!
I would also like a Victoria Beckham lipstick because *sobs loudly* I don't think I'll ever be able to afford anything else of her's. Honestly if I got a VB lipstick then I might actually cry with tears of joy.

Other gifts I want this year include just making my parents happy & proud, cliche I know but I often worry that I'm not doing what my parents would have liked me to do. I know they support me regardless but I just want the chance to prove that what I'm doing was actually the right thing for me. Also if you could somehow magically changed my Mum's mind about me doing CCUSA- she needs to understand her little girl will always be her little girl but I'm growing up & I want to explore the world! Whilst you're at it you couldn't persuade my parents to let me have my nose pierced as well could you? It's something I've always wanted to do and after deciding 2017 will be the year of doing, I can't think of a better way of kick starting it by finally getting to have my nose pierced. 

Present wise I think that's it...

I mean I know you don't control the weather but is there any chance you could make it snow on Christmas day? Weather reports are talking of a 'warm Christmas' which is not quite how I pictured it. 

As always there will be a yummy mince pie & a glass milk left out for you on Christmas Eve, I'll leave out a carrot for Rudolph too. 

Hope you don't get too stressed about Christmas Eve!
Thank you & Merry Christmas to you and everyone else at the North Pole.

Lots of love 



Picture take from Google.

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