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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Blogmas Day 18: Adore Me Last Minute Christmas Wishlist

Last week I came across the American brand 'Adore Me', after a couple of glances at their website and social media I fell in love & I just couldn't wait to share a few of my favourite items from the brand! 

I do certainly 'adore' the things featured below.
*pun intended*

It maybe be a little early to start dreaming of Summer as we haven't even had Christmas yet but I personally think you have to start looking at swimwear early because by the time Summer rolls in you might not like any swimwear available.

It's no surprise I picked out these 3 gorgeous pieces of swimwear.
The left one I fell in love with the back, the middle one is pink- need I say anymore? and the one on the right one is very simple yet beautiful.
I love bikini's in the Summer as much as the next girl but personally I feel more comfortable in a swimsuit at the poolside, I don't really know why I guess it's just down to a body confidence issue and the fact that I'm still yet to get my gym body.
Honestly I love them all so much! That black swimsuit is so stunning- I don't think I've ever seen a swimsuit like it.  

Adore Me Swinwear Collection

Moving on from the fact that I'm yet to still get my gym body...
Fitness is something I really want to get into in 2017, I'm more determined then ever to work out, eat healthy & just change my lifestyle.
Of course like every girl I still want to look stylish when I work out.
New gym wear is actually something I've been on the lookout for a while now.
The left gym gear instantly caught my eye the second I went on the website, normally I go for three-quarter leggings when I work out but I just love the mesh panels on these so much and that pattern is stunning.
The middle outfit is quite plain and not too bold which tends to be what I go for when I work out normally, it's what I would feel comfortable in which I think is key. The gym gear on the right, is a gorgeous plum tone colour which would be a great alternative to black or grey yet it's still not too bold, I also love the little lattice side detail on the leg.

Adore Me gym wear collection

As a student I spend the majority of my days in my PJ's so it was quite obvious I was going to look at the sleepwear really. 
The dressing gown on the left is so adorable! I love the subtle blue & cream stripes, and the little ears on the hood are a very cute touch. The playsuit type PJ's on the right is so pretty! I love the print and the general design of the fabric. The cross over detail on the waist is such a delicate part of the design.

Adore Me Sleepwear

Those are my top picks from 'Adore Me', I'd love to hear yours in the comments below.
Adore Me really are a great brand with some stunningly beautiful items, perfect for that last minute Christmas gift.
Primarily they are a lingerie brand but I wanted to explore what else they had on their site which is why I didn't include any lingerie in this post but it's definitely worth having a look at.

Before I go I wanted to add the link to Adore Me's Instagram because their flat lays are any blogger's dream, so give them a follow to keep up to date with all their latest products.


I'm so glad I've discovered such an amazing brand. 
Hope you all enjoyed this post & let me know what you think in the comments below.


Pictures taken from Adore Me website/ instagram.

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