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Friday, 16 December 2016

Clothes Show 2016

As many of you probably already know from reading my post from a week ago 
(The Clothes Show: The Big Move), I attended the last Clothes Show in Birmingham on Saturday 3rd December. 
It was as good as always, so I was very sad to hear it will no longer be a thing in Birmingham anymore. Still I got lots of goodies from the day, which will of course be featured in an upcoming blog post- I was going to include it in today's post but I just felt it would take too long so that will be going up end of this week, beginning of next. 

As always my Mum & I arrived at the Clothes Show for around 9.30
(I know what you're all thinking, but when shopping calls what can you do) 
We usually like to peruse the various stands they have before we go into the Alcatel fashion theatre, our show time was at 11.15 so we had a good 2 hours to take our time.
And yes it was possible to do a lot of damage to my purse in that short amount of time. 

Normally I tend to just buy around a year's worth of makeup but this year it was different, I found myself leaning towards the clothing stands much more. I think partly because 2016 is the year I have become exceptionally fussy about what makeup I wear, I know what I like and what brands are good for my skin so I don't tend to experiment around.
Fashion wise though I have completely changed, my style definitely isn't what it was a year ago!
Yes I've learnt what styles suit me & what don't but equally I've tried so many different, exciting looks this year that I've grown to fall in love with. 
My style has 100% grown up thats for sure, okay so like everyone I have those days where I'd rather slouch around the house in leggings and a baggy jumper, because at the end of the day you can't be stylish all the time. (Well unless your name is Victoria Beckham)
I don't know whether it's because I've started a fashion course or just that fact this was the year I've grown up as a person to why my style has changed. One thing I know for sure though is that experimenting with my style was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Back to the Clothes Show...

For me the catwalk show is always my highlighted event of the day, fashion shows are my dream. I'd love to one day get the chance to work behind the scenes at London or New York Fashion Week...
a girl can only dream. 
Although I had my blog last year, I didn't really feel I documented the show as well as I could have so this year I was determined to get awesome pictures that would really show of the tremendous amount of hard work that is put into making the show.

As always I personally think pictures speak a thousand more words then I could ever write so I've featured  my favourite photos from the show below. I was lucky enough to have semi-front row seats so I had a great angle to get some good shots!
So enjoy:

On the day we went the show was hosted by the gorgeous Mark Wright.

Music was performed by X Factor act 4 Of Diamonds.

I thought about not including this image as it's a bit blurred but I love it as an action shot from the day

After the show we continued our shopping marathon...

The last few years, they've had this cute, little place called 'Boutique Boulevard', which is a set of stands that are made up to look like a shopping street. I don't usually buy anything from this section but it's definitely worth checking out just to see the hard work that's gone into making it.

And so that's the end of the final Clothes Show,
I have to say I'm very sad it's come to an end... I very excited to see what it will look like in Liverpool in the Summer. 
Currently I'm unsure to whether I'll be attending because I've got another very exciting opportunity that unfortunately clashes with the 'British Style Collective'. 
I'll keep you posted on that though.

As always I hope you've enjoyed reading this post.
I'd love to hear about any fashion shows you've attended in the comments below.
I will be doing a post about some of the things I got from the Clothes Show but I don't yet know when that will be up.

Blogmas-wise I am still doing it but I've just been very side tracked lately. 
It's more then likely I will just post all of the days I've missed on one day if you get what I mean to try and catch up. 

Take Care & enjoy the rest of your day!


Photos featured in this post are my own.

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