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Friday, 2 December 2016

Blogmas Day 2: Cute Christmas Markets

Welcome Back!

It might be slightly too early to say this but my Blogmas game is going strong!
Okay, okay I know it's only the second day but still you've got to find positives somewhere.

I thought it would be cool to do a post today about something I love very much...
Christmas markets.

Oh my god, christmas markets are the one thing that is guaranteed to get me feeling so christmassy and happy inside. This year though the Christmas celebrations semi begun a good month ago, as at uni we're not here for the 'Christmas period', so my flat mates & I thought it would be cute to celebrate from now until we go home for christmas break (which I had no issue with at all).
After all who would complain when they get to celebrate Christmas for almost 2 whole months! 

Our flat's cute decorations.

Honestly I don't think there is a better way of celebrating Christmas than going to a Christmas market. As some of you may or may not know, I go to uni in Nottingham so I've had a completely new Christmas market to experience. Despite the fact I only live an hour away I have never been to Nottingham's Winter Wonderland before.
As a child I don't really remember going to many Christmas markets it's more of a thing I've grown to love as I've got older which is weird because you'd think it's more of a child's thing.
But Christmas is to be celebrated by all & who doesn't love being a big kid!

I went to Birmingham's Christmas market last year but quite frankly I felt underwhelmed by it so when I heard Nottingham was doing one I didn't really get hyped up about it.
But let me tell you, Nottingham is the cutest, most adorable, christmassy Christmas market I have ever seen. They do the best Ferrero Rocher hot chocolate & don't even get me started on the chocolate covered strawberries. (They're delicious!)
I've already been 4 times and I'm planning to go again too- you'd think I'd be getting bored with it by now! To be fair though I am going back to it to show my parents around, but still I get to enjoy it yet another time. And hopefully my Dad will treat us to more yummy hot chocolates.

I haven't got too many photos of it because I was enjoying myself way too much that I forgot to take photos but I still managed to get some cute ones of the trip. They even have an ice-rink which I was reluctant to go on because I know I'd be like Bambi on ice- ice skating or any sport for that matter is not my forte.

I hope you liked the photos and the post general.
If you're around the Nottingham area then make sure you check out their Christmas Market as it's on until Sunday 8th January. Believe me you won't be disappointed!
I do really want to the Winter Wonderland in London this year too whether that be with family or friends hopefully I'll be able to sort something out soon.

See you tomorrow for more Blogmas.


Pictures are all my own

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