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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Blogmas Day 4: What happens when you run out of Blogmas Ideas?

So it's Blogmas day 4 & I'm already running short of ideas...
Okay so me doing Blogmas was a little bit of a last minute thing to say the least.
I've just run dry of ideas, I want my posts to be entertaining so you guys reading it gain something from it.

Although I know Blogmas is meant to be all things Christmas, I think I've decided to throw in a couple of unrelated christmas posts. I want to maybe do something thats more fashion/ beauty based from time to time because that is my love. 

Today I thought I'd give my 5 top tips for anyone wanting to do Blogmas:

Plan, Plan, Plan.
I don't really feel the need to elaborate much on this point but I will do never-the-less. Planning is everything when it comes to Blogmas. It takes up some much time I know but in the long run it's totally worth it believe me. Whenever I get a free 5 minutes I just spend my time planning potential posts to help me keep to my schedule.

Don't force it.
If you start Blogmas but don't feeling into it then don't feel pressured to continue. Yes Blogmas is great for your blog and you will. l feel awesome when you've completed the 24 days but at the end of the day why spend time doing something you don't enjoy. Blogmas should be fun for both you & the reader. 

Take time out.
My aim is to write several Blogmas posts at one time, that way I'm not feeling as pressured to blog everyday because I know I will not stick to that.

Try to take you're own photos.
It makes it so much more original, and unique to your blog. You don't have to have a fancy camera because nowadays phone cameras are so good! I'm not the best photographer in the world but I enjoy doing it, so I'll try it anyway.

Have fun.
Blogmas is a hugely anticipated, exciting time of the year. For me it basically turns the one day of Christmas into 24 days long. I love reading Blogmas posts- it's always great to see what content different people have included. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.
What do you want to see in Blogmas this year?

See you tomorrow.


Images a mixture of my own & Google. 

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