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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Blogmas Day 19: Native Nomads Trend AW16/17

Native Nomads is a trend I was unaware of until I was given it as my trend to research for a summative project at University. If I'm honest I wouldn't say it's trend I would necessarily wear because it has that 'cowboy' sort of vibe to it which isn't really my thing.

The WGSN (a.k.a the fashion bible) said:
"Layered nomadic styling combines with intricate graphic placements to define a fashion-conscious amalgamation of Western trapper and Native Americana. Artfully crafted materials, repairs and embellishments, a luxurious, lived-in feel are key to this premium incarnation of a perennial look."

Native Nomads is set to be a huge trend for AW16/17, it's all about stripping back commercialised prints back to tradition & heritage. Originating from the American Pioneers & the Wild West in the 1800s, Native Nomads have been on the scene for a while now.

American Pioneers were the first people to settle on the frontiers of North America, many of them were farmers but they ranged from anything from doctors to blacksmiths. They all wanted a opportunity to start a new life, they travelled from all over the the US looking for that new beginning. They wanted rich, fertile land for their crops, some even went for the prospect of gold.
The Wild West is renowned for being "America's Great Frontier", the name "Wild West" is pretty suitable considering the lawlessness of the untamed territories west of the Mississippi River. The thirty year period of the 'Wild West' dates from 1865-1895, the 'Old West' was famous for it's Cowboys and Native Indians.

Cowboys & Indians anyone?

Colorado appears to be a key place for where exactly in Western American the trend began.
It's been inhabited by Native Americans for more than 13000 years, it is the place in which lots of Western films have been shot.
Typical landscapes there include:
-Lush forests
-Deep canyons.

It's sounding a lot like Wild West territory now. 

So far my research into the trend has taken lots of unexpected turns.
When I found out which trend I had got I was pretty gutted, in fact I actually thought I'd hate this project. Surprisingly though I actually love this trend, yes it wasn't what I wanted but I soon got over that, researching it has made me have a lot of respect for a trend that a couple of weeks ago I knew very little about. Fair enough I still wouldn't wear the trend but to enjoy a trend you don't always have to wear it- appreciation takes many forms.

Sketchbook work is very full on at the minute, I seem to spend every wake minute either doing sketchbook work, researching or thinking about it. I guess it means I'm throwing myself into the project head first.

I've found lots of factors within Native Nomads which I want to explore & develop further such as Georgia O'keeffe's skulls or the Ralph Lauren Home collection.
I found a fascinating guy Ansel Adams who takes landscape black & white photography of the American West which sounds amazing! I'm so happy I can include black & white photography somewhere within this project because as you probably already know I have a bit of an obsession with black & white imagery.

I'm also very excited to explore the original prints within my work and see how that has been translated into retail. Currently I think I maybe be focusing on mens fashion in the retail side of things and womens fashion in the editorial side.
I'm so glad & relieved to have found lots of research to go on and even better I'm enjoying doing the work, especially with the help of a nice cup of tea & a mince pie.

Of course key findings that I can't wait to share will be featured on here too. I've got lots of very exciting posts planned for the upcoming weeks. 

What do you think to the Native Nomads trend?

Before I go...
As part of my primary research for the project I wanted to do a survey to see what you guys reading this already know about the trend. The results will help me to tailor down which areas of research to focus on in further depth.
It would be a massive help if you could click the link below & answer the survey. It is anonymous and will only take a matter of minutes.
Thank you 

Native Nomads Survey

Take Care & I'll see you all very soon.


Pictures are a mixture of my own & Google images.

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