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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Blogmas Day 12: Top 5 Stocking Filler Gifts.

Christmas stockings for me are where you can really 'go to town' for the person you are buying for.
You don't have to buy mega expensive items, but the items are usually something thats really personal and sentimental to own.

Usually in my Christmas stocking I tend to find cute, little, jokey presents that I probably wouldn't have brought for myself but love all the same.
A few year ago I got a keying in my stocking which seems like rather a basic gift but I have worshipped & loved that keyring ever since- it goes with me where ever I go and it helps me to keep a little bit of home with me at all times.

Here I've featured my top 5 stocking filler gifts for this year that I'd love to receive *hint* and I'm sure they'll be something featured below that would be perfect for any of you guys reading this.


Violet Double Faux Fur Beanie Hat 
I just think this is adorable! To begin with I hated the double pom pom beanie hat trend but after seeing lots of people rock the look I fallen in love with it.
Not quite sure if I'll be able to pull the look off but I definitely want to give it a try.


Girls Night in Trivia 
Again I think this is adorable, it's perfect for those who love a drink but equally it's perfect for those that don't. Lately at Uni I've been really getting into doing the pub quiz at the SU (I know what a wild night out) but seriously it's been really fun so anything to helps brush up my skills is a winner for me.


Baileys Truffles
Baileys for me is just the best Christmas drink around so Baileys combined with chocolate is honestly a dream come true. I've heard that Baileys hot chocolate is now even a thing which sounds delicious!


Soap & Glory Eye Kohl Tin
This eye kohl is the best smouldering one that I have found, it's just so soft & gentle so I always look out for these tin sets they do at Christmas because they're great value for money.


Fur bag
Not quite sure if this will fit in a regular sized stocking but I thought I'd throw it in here all the same. Lately I've developed rather a big pink obsession so basically I want everything in the colour pink, when I saw this bag I just thought it would be great for the party season providing it doesn't rain that is.

Hope you've enjoyed this post & that these stocking fillers have given you a few ideas.
What gifts do you love getting in your Christmas stockings?

Take Care


Pictures taken from shops websites 

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