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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Blogmas Day 14: Tanya Burr's Christmas Range

I love watching & reading Tanya Burr's YouTube and blog but until now I have never tried any of her makeup range. I mean I've been trying to get my hands on the Martha Moo Matt Lipstick since it came out but other than that it's never really appealed to me to try it. 
No offence to Tanya or anything but I wasn't expecting the products to be that good so why would I spend my money on something I might not like?

Still I was out Christmas shopping last week and I came across this rather cute set from her Christmas range:

I know you probably shouldn't buy makeup purely based on what it looks like but in this case I did. 
I just thought it look so clean & sophisticated- not what I was expecting at all.
I love the colours together and the design of it is just so simple yet adorably cute. 

Inside this gorgeous palette it just gets better...
On the left you have a cute, heart shaped mirror which personally I wouldn't use but it would be any if you're doing your makeup on the go. On the right you have 3 eye shadow shades, a liquid highlighter & a powder contour/ highlight.

I have used all of the products inside this kit and I have to say I'm very impressed!
For me the eyeshadow shades are my go to colours for Winter, as I have blue eyes I tend to find bronze tones really make my eyes pop- perfect for the party season.
Only recently I have got into highlight/ contour as after watching several YouTube tutorials I finally plucked up the courage to attempt it myself. Personally I would say you get better the more you do it so don't expect your first attempt to be your best but I think I've just about got the hang of it now.

The liquid highlighter was the thing that scared me the most, I'd start with a very little amount and build it up from there until you've created the desired highlighter effect. 

After purchasing this set, I think for sure I 100% will be trying more of Tanya's ranges, particularly the eyeshadows as they are gorgeous! Just maybe I might finally be able to get the Martha Moo Matte lipstick too- every time I go it's sold out which is a good sign it's popular but so annoying.

What do you think of Tanya Burr's makeup range?
Is there anything you'd recommend me trying?

Take Care 

Pictures are my own.


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