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Thursday, 22 December 2016

First Photoshoot Experience

Styling a photoshoot is something I have always dreamed of doing, for me personally it was one of the main reasons I chose to do the course I have. 
So when our tutors explained we'd have to do our own photoshoot focusing on a given object (ours was a bag) for the Execution project I was over-joyed, I really enjoy the more creative aspects of my course rather than the marketing side. I am a creative person & being creative is what I love doing.

The possibilities for this photoshoot were endless, my group & I thought out lots of different but all equally exciting ideas. There was one problem though we only had a week to do the shoot & edit the images ready for a presentation on Thursday 9th. Obviously other things we had to consider were props and how much we were willing to pay,  my group & I tried to make the most of things we already had for props so overall it made the shoot very inexpensive.
Sometimes the best shoots are the ones that had very little money to do it with.

Out of all the images we took, we had to narrow them down to our final 3 which would then be printed on high quality paper before being presented in a mini gallery exhibition to our seminar groups. The image above is one of my favourite images from the entire shoot, I just love the low shot angle and the contrast between the silver & the graffiti. Whilst editing we altered the brightness & highlights to make it seem lighter, and we edited the hue & saturation levels to make the contrast more poignant. I just love everything about this image, the styling, photography angles, editing- as a whole our group was very happy with this image.

On reflection, this particular image focuses more on the coat rather than the bags, as they are kind of pushed out of focus. If I were to to the shoot again than maybe we would do a close up of the bags, and remove the coat. Personally though I feel the coat makes the image so without it I think the photo would look 'lost'.

This image above was in our top 5 but didn't quite make the cut for the final 3. We all liked it very much but we were definitely including the first image and we felt this one was too similar in comparison. Really it is the same image just different location & angle.
If we had edited this image then we would 100% of made it lighter so that the bags would stand out more, yet again I feel as though the coat is the main focus point of the shoot. 

For this above image we really took inspiration from the 'Beautiful Strangers' editorial. I just think the way the light is reflected here is stunning even if in actual fact 5 minutes later we were told by security guards to move on from our location.
The contrast between light & dark really strikes you here, I also love the added addition of the rail, in the original editorial they used a rail (see below) so we wanted to try and copy this.
Our tutors commented on the fact that it's very clear as to which editorial we had was means that we really understood the editorial we were given which was nice to hear. 

This image very nearly made the cut, although it's very simple we also all agreed that it was equally as effective. It sticks to the brief in a very simplistic way. The chain handles on the bag gives a nod towards the punk vibes we had from the editorial, and it clear to see what the focus point of our shoot was here.
Maybe on reflection we should have used this image instead of one of the other ones because although it doesn't have as much going on as the 3 images we chose, it fully sticks to the brief which was what we needed to do.

I love this image, the use of the props here is a real work of art- it was actually something we just tried as a tester but it worked better than any of us could have imagined!
Personally I would say this is one of our strongest images from the shoot as it focuses on the bag, next time though I would probably try and have the bag facing the camera more & make it a bit lighter.

Doing the photoshoot was a real eye-opening experience but it was something I loved doing!
Honestly I can't wait to start doing the next one, although it was a very stressful experience.
I guess it helps when you have a great group of people to work with.

Hope you enjoyed this post & I'll be back on Monday with another post about the crazy yet exciting world of fashion.


All images used are my own except image from editorial.

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