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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Blogmas Day 3: What do I love about Christmas?

Christmas is just the best time of the year isn't it?!? 
I have no shame in saying I am one of those people who whips out the Christmas jumper on November 1st, I know that may be a little too early but still I love it so why not make the most of it!

Today I thought I'd do my top ten favourite things about Christmas:

1. Family time. 
I love spending time with the family, and at Christmas time I just feel it's so much more special & precious. I love nothing more than the entire family being gathered round together, playing rubbish card games, drinking Baileys whilst munching on a yummy mince pie.
What could be better?

2. The food. 
Who can diet at Christmas? Because I know I certainly can't, and to be honest I even give up trying because why bother eating a carrot stick when you can eat a giant slab of yule log. The food at Christmas is just way too good to miss out on. Pigs in blankets, turkey, honey roasted parsnips to name a few of my favourite things! Not forgetting all the chocolate.

3. Chance of snow.
Every year like a 5 year old child I run to the window every Christmas morning in the hope I'll see the ground covered in a white blanket. And so far I have always been disappointed. I so badly want a snowy Christmas this year so lets keep our fingers crossed.

4. The presents. 
Christmas isn't about the presents I know but that doesn't mean I don't like receiving them. And what's even better is when you find the perfect gift for someone- I actually love giving gifts, it's the loveliest thing when you see their face light up on Christmas day!

5. The TV.
Christmas TV is always one of two things. Dramatic usually involving some major storyline or the good old classic feel good show. I love both, actually on Christmas day I prefer the old classics, after all Christmas is meant to be a happy time so I want to watch happy shows.

6. Christmas songs.
These have been playing in my room since late October, and I have no shame in admitting that.
Christmas songs are literally the greatest thing! They are even better on karaoke although I'm sure my vocals are up to scratch.

7. The Decorations.
Christmas trees, tinsel, fairy lights, candles, singing reindeers. I love them all. I mean I love fairy lights all year round but at Christmas time they are so much cuter. When the christmas tree is up in our lounge, it just makes me feel so complete.

8. Christmas lights.
Okay so every town has a light switch on, some of them are a little disappointing to put it nicely. But there is still something truly magical being surrounded by family & friends anticipating what the lights could possibly look like this year.

9. Christmas cheer. 
I actually cringed writing that but it's true, people are so much nicer to each other at Christmas time. Petty arguments are long forgotten because it's all about spreading the Christmas love & cheer. Putting a smile on someone's face is worth so much more than putting someone down.

10. Boxing day sales.
As a fashion student it was pretty obvious I was going to include at least one point about the sales. Boxing day sales are a mixture of feelings, they're ever so slightly annoying because you could have brought your christmas gifts at half the price but at the same time you can actually pick up some real bargains. You can even start shopping for next Christmas!

What do you love about Christmas?
Let me know in the comments below.

I'll back back tomorrow with more Blogmas. 
Take Care 


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