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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Blogmas Day 6: Holiday Bucket List

Christmas break for me is fast approaching, & honestly I couldn't be happier.
Obviously I will miss uni for the month that I'm off; I'll miss my flat mates, course mates and just the general independence of being able to do what I want when I want. 
Home will feel strange.
In a way uni feels like home now... so adjusting back to normal home life will feel very odd indeed. 
Still I'm excited to catch up with old friends & spend quality time with the family even if I already know they'll drive me insane, but isn't that what Christmas is all about?

This first semester of uni has changed me, I feel so much more sociable now so I want to keep this up over the Christmas period. This Christmas is hopefully going to be the best one yet!

Today I thought it might be quite nice for me to share my holiday bucket list with you all, not all of it may seem crazy exciting but it's exciting to me:

See I told you they won't seem very exciting. I intend to just basically sleep the first week of the holidays, uni life has got me feeling tired 24/7 & hopefully I'll get to sort out my sleeping pattern too.
(The irony when I say I want to be more sociable yet my first thing to do is sleep)

Go out out...
Normally back home I don't really go clubbing, I think that's why it was a bit of a shock in the first couple of weeks of uni. But actually I've come to really love going out, the pres, ring of fire & not forgetting the actual club. I know Nottingham clubs are so much better than my home town ones, but I'll make the best of them.

Nottingham Winter Wonderland...
Okay so I know I've already been there like 4/5 times already but still another time won't hurt, plus it will be with my family so hopefully my Dad will buy the yummy food & drinks.

Winter Wonderland London...
It feels .like I've wanted to go to the Winter Wonderland in London since like forever, it's just somewhere I would love to go. I'm still yet to persuade family/ friends.

Catch up with old friends....
I love my uni friends to pieces but it will be nice to see old friends again. I've actually really missed them at uni so a catch up is definitely needed. Food & cocktails what more could a group of girls want?

Yes the capital letters were necessary there, blogging at uni is hard to keep on top of, because there is always something going on and usually it's my blog that suffers. It's made slightly easier by the fact that I have to keep a blog for my course but it's still hard to keep to a set schedule. 

Of course besides these I will be doing uni work too, and sadly I've got a lot of it to do... 
I hope you've all enjoyed this post.
What are your plans for the holidays?
Comment below.
Sorry if it seemed like a bit of a short post today, I feel extremely tired and I thought about not blogging at all but I want to really try & keep to the Blogmas schedule this year. 

I'll be back tomorrow with two new posts for you all.
Take Care 


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