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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Denim Game Changers

Jeans: black, blue, white- you name it & I love them all.
Recently I've been hunting down some new jeans for uni because my old ones are tatty and faded so I thought why not add to my jean collection.
*cheers & starts dancing around the room*

I am certainly a jeans sort of girl rather than a dresses & skirts one.
This in some way does make me sad because I do love dresses/ skirts but I just never feel that comfortable in them (Although I am trying to change this).

Long story short your more likely to see me in jeans then anything else...

Yet I am quite fussy about where I buy my jeans from because personally I think they are the one item of clothing you need to spend that little bit more money on. So I trekked down to my local River Island to see what they had in store...

Light Blue Lori High Rise Badge Skinny Jeans £45 

These jeans are just gorgeous! 
Normally I'm not really a fan of badges on my clothes but lately I've been going a little badge obsessed. Personally I think these have the right amount of badges on them because sometimes I think too many can look too much. 

I think cute t-shirts paired with these jeans would look great!
They would go with so many tops in my wardrobe & I love the fact that they are high rise- none of that awkward trouser slipping down look here. 

I can't wait to purchase a pair of these and start living in them.
At £45 you may think that's a bit steep but for good quality jeans I don't think it's too bad. 

I've added the link to the online store HERE if you want to check them out but be quick because they are sell out fast!

Let me know if you brought a pair in the comments below.

What are your favourite shops to buy jeans from?

Hope you enjoyed this post & I'll see you all very soon. 

Take Care 



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