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Monday, 29 August 2016

American Fashion Haul & Treasured finds.

Fashion is one of my biggest loves...
Confessions of a Shopaholic book series are some of my favourite to read because I can definitely relate.
This post is the second half of my American beauty haul, but obviously fashion instead of beauty.
Now I'm going to stop rambling and I'll let you see what I brought...

Not my own picture 

This Zara bag is literally the cutest although I do think it needs to say 'Dear Disney Springs, Can I buy the entire Zara store?'
The Zara in Disney Springs was MASSIVE- I think I spent about an hour going round just the first floor!

This top above is one of my purchases from Zara- I thought it would be perfect for around Christmas time (Is it too early to start talking about Christmas?!?) I think not!
Paired with black skinny jeans, silver or red shoes & red lipstick would make a great Christmas combo!

I fell in love with this top the second I saw it!
I don't really know how I would describe my style but I would definitely say I love quirky items.
This top will be great with a pair of blue jeans & sneakers, casual but cool! 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this photo? 
Okay so it may not be that great but I was very proud of it.
This necklace is the type of thing that would take a plain top from zero to hero, I'm planning to wear it with a plain white top and blue jeans to bring out the blue in the necklace.

It's all about the back detail right now & this top certainly ticked that box!
The daisy print of this top is so freaking cute, I loved it so much before I even turned it around... I adore the lace up detail up the back & it's so in fashion right now.
This top is a quirky twist on a popular trend.

All three items featured above are from Forever 21 

Mary Jane's are the sort of shoe you can just throw on with any outfit- simple but not understated.
As I'm starting uni in a couple of weeks I thought these would be perfect to just throw on, stylish yet comfortable- a perfect combo.
And they were only like $15 from Urban Outfitters which is an absolute bargain!

This isn't everything I brought in America but it is some of my more treasured finds.
I hope you all enjoyed this post & I'd love to hear your comments below.

What's your favourite American shop?

Hope you all having a fabulous Monday & I'll see you all very soon.

Take Care 



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