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Sunday, 23 October 2016

University: A month on.

Cannot believe I'm already writing this post... today is a little update on my Uni life after a month of being here. It honestly feels like yesterday I started at NTU but at the same time it strangely already feels like home...

I thought it would be good share what I've learnt from uni in a month, I know there are lots of posts like this out on the internet, but I thought it would be fun for me to reflect on what's been one the greatest months of my life.

'What have I learnt what from Uni in month?'...

1. Homesickness doesn't last forever- everyone is different when it comes to moving away from home, but in my opinion I would say I no longer feel homesick. Yes I do miss "home home" but at the same time I feel really happy & independant about life in general. 

2. It's socially acceptable to stay in bed till 4pm and your flat mates won't even judge you for it. You can do whatever you want, when you want, if you want to eat a mug cake for tea then you can do it (Yes I've actually tried this!)

3. Although you'll stop feeling so homesick you will still crave home cooking or just any cooking that you haven't had to do yourself.

(Flat breakfast- it tasted as good as it looks!)

4. Food shopping will become something you have a love/ hate relationship with, because you will go shopping and not get any of the things you needed but all the things you just 'wanted'.

5. B&M is very good for alcohol, it's cheap & cheerful- what more does a student want?

6. Pre drinks can be more fun than the actual night out, if you've never play a card game before uni you will be a pro about 2/3 weeks in. 

7. Washing your clothes is so expensive & such a lot of effort. When you actually do a wash you feel like you've trekked about 50 times to the laundry room (slight exaggeration).

8. 9am starts are the worst thing ever invented... but Fridays off are the best thing EVER!

9. If your not in uni then you still are expected to do work, I got in a very bad habit of thinking when I had no classes it was basically free time- It isn't!

10. Everyone goes for the obligatory clothes shop once there student loan comes in, then when their first rent instalment goes out they instantly regret it but don't take any of it back.

11. Cheese will become the most expensive food item ever- like I never realised how pricey it was till now?!?

12. It's okay to share your food etc. with flat mates but ask first before taking. Too often food goes missing...

13. Take it in turns to clean the flat, it shouldn't be just one person's job, it's everyone's mess so everyone needs to clear it up.

14. Collecting all your alcohol bottles and calling it 'art' doesn't fool the cleaning staff.

15. Online shopping is so dangerous for your bank account! I've been loving ordering everything & anything to my halls and the best bit my parents can't moan about yet another parcel. even offer free next day delivery!

16. 'Do you do student discount?' is a question you'll ask way too often, I even asked at Primark 
(like they're already cheap)

17. Your body clocked will be so messed up, 1am turns into 9pm but those 9am starts are definitely 9am!

18. Societies are so fun! I joined the drama society which is something I've never done but before. I haven't been to any socials yet due to the dreaded freshers flu (more on that next) hopefully I'm going my first one soon.

19. Freshers flu hits you like a bullet in the head, I'm still recovering from it... it's been like 2 weeks!

20. Basically university is the strangest but best thing ever!

(It looks so much like Hogwarts it's actually unreal!) Picture not my own.

It's weird but every time I walk into my campus I just feel so happy to be part of NTU. I did worry I'd hate the uni when I got there but I honestly couldn't love my FCP course or the Uni anymore if I tried.
My course mates, flat mates & lecturers are all so lovely and friendly!

I'm so excited for the next three years of my life because I feel like it's going to be a very good chapter of my life...

Hope you all enjoyed this post, let me know if you agreed with any of the points in the comments below.

Take care & I hope you all have a great day!



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