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Saturday, 8 October 2016

FCP Pre-arrival activity

Welcome back!

Today's post is something that I really wanted to put up a couple of days ago but I just couldn't seem to get in the mood to write it, so I thought it was better to hold off and write something that you would actually want to read...
As you probably all know by now I recently started my FCP (Fashion Communication & Promotion) course, before we'd even started we were set a 'pre-arrival' task to do about our own fashion interests within the retail, digital & printed markets.

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The Brief:

Identify examples of what you feel are some of the best Fashion Communication & Promotion touch points. Who, in your opinion, is translating, projecting or exploring fashion codes and messages in an innovative and exciting way? What are you watching, reading or following?
Select, print, photograph or collect the following:
- 3 digital examples (blogs, websites, twitter feeds)
-3 printed examples (magazines, brochures, brandzines)
-3 retail examples (shop windows, visual merchandising, shop interiors)

Not going to lie when I saw the brief I was a bit nervous about what to do, I wanted to do it 'right', but I quickly learnt that there was no right or wrong way of doing the task because it was just your personal opinion.

After reading the brief endless amounts of times, doing some rough planning & exploring all different options, I finally chose to create 3 mood boards. I opted for mood boards because I feel that although I would say I'm a digital person, I felt I could express myself the best by creating mood boards because I am a creative person. Having just finished an Art Foundation course where I'd learnt what media format suited me the best, helped me a lot!

The digital board for me was probably my favourite one to do (and the easiest), social media is a click of a finger away - a lot of my past time hobbies revolve around it. I looked at a blog, YouTube channel & Instagram because when it comes to fashion for me personally these are some of the first places I will look!

Printed was the hardest by far!
I don't really know why, I just really struggled to find different options because like I said before I'm definitely a digital person- I don't really look at a lot of printed stuff
(This is something I'm trying to change)
Although I do much prefer to read magazines in a physical form rather than online!

Retail was the most interesting one to do- I could have honestly sat and done it all day!
I'd never really looked at the differences between shop interiors & layouts before, but when I got looking it was really amazing to see how the shops represented the clothing items they sold. Zara for instance have a very clean cut store which is very minimalistic and I would say that describe their fashion as a whole.

Overall I did enjoy doing this task once I'd got past the initial thought of 'summer work', whilst on induction week we were asked to make notes about everyone's responses and say something about what we thought were key trends amongst everyone's work or what stood out to anyone as unique & individual.
I was dreading presenting the work but it was a 'chilled chat' rather than 'stand up at the front & tell us what you did' sort of presentation. Which made me much less nervous!

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I'm hoping to do another post tomorrow about my first 2 weeks at uni because they've FLOWN by!

Take Care & I'll see you all very soon

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