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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Magazines: digital or print?

I am a lover of magazines... always have been, always will be...
I don't know what it is about them- whether it's the glossiness of the pages, the eye-catching images or the stylised articles.
Magazines are my passion!

Whilst researching my trend this week, I went slightly off topic and came across a question- "Magazines: Digital or Print?". It struck a cord with me because I would say I'm 100% a digital person but I can't read magazines online because for me they just don't have the same effect. Some of you may have heard that InStyle magazine announced recently that from 2017 they will no longer print their magazine. This makes me feel so sad. I wasn't ever a great lover of InStyle magazine but the fact that yet another magazine has felt the need to close the doors on it's printed version, just makes me wish that maybe we didn't live in such a technological world.

This amazing world of the internet is at our fingertips 24/7- we would be silly not to take advantage of it, what with YouTube, Google and of course blogs- none of these would be possible without the internet. Let's face it if the internet wasn't what it is then I probably wouldn't be writing this now.
But society knows that there is a difference between print & digital, maybe digital is popular because it requires minimal effort to get your hands on the latest copy. After all it only takes a couple of taps away on a keyboard & your there.

InStyle has said that they are closing their printed edition to "fit with a new audience", I completely understand their reasoning behind this but no matter how many readers they gain they are still going to lose some along the way- that's just how it works. 

InStyle released this statement:
“What we have achieved with InStyle over the last few years has been hugely rewarding … but the fashion world is changing dramatically, the way our audience interacts with it is changing and we have to change to meet that challenge,” said Moore in a statement.
“With a focus on delivering the InStyle experience across all digital platforms, we can really give our audience 24-hour access to all the fashion and beauty looks, trends and brands they clearly have such a huge appetite for,” she added.
The decision comes at a tough time for print magazines, which are battling against a challenging backdrop of falling advertising sales and circulation figures. With the majority of editorial content being consumed digitally, most publishers have acknowledged that the future of the content industry lies online.

Image taken from Google.
"The future of the content industry lies online"
This is not the sort of sentence I want to see at quarter to 10 on a Wednesday morning.  I understand why digital magazines have taken off but now printed ones are suffering because of it.
All I know is that I will continue to read printed magazines as long as magazines continue to print them. I do believe that one day all magazines will say no to print & move to digital. When this happens because it no doubt will, I think I will change my opinion too- maybe digital magazines are the way forward?
Although I'm not sure I'm ready for this "change" just yet...

What do you think?
Magazines: Digital or Print?
I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I think I'm going to try to stick to my schedule now so my next post will be Friday, followed by Sunday before coming back to Wednesday again. 
3 posts a week is going to be a challenge that's for sure!

Take care & enjoy the rest of your day.



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