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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Trend: Serious Slashes

As part of my course this week we were divided into groups & given a trend which we had to  research in order to be able to produce a mood board collectively.
My group trend 'Serious Slashes', I'd heard of the distressed look trend before because like 90% of people aged 25 & under, I too own a pair of ripped/ distressed look jeans.
(Although I can't pull them off as well as other people can, so I never really wear them.)

'Serious Slashes' basically means cuts in clothing that hasn't been placed there to distressed but to show flashes of skin. Normally slashes are placed up the centre seam of skirts/tops from the hem up or as added arm detail, either going up the arm or on the shoulder.
As Vogue said: 'Slashes, slits, and cutouts of a variety of geometric shapes have found themselves carved into just about every piece of clothing imaginable.'
I hadn't really noticed just how popular the 'slashing' trend is... every website, magazine & even on the street I've started to notice it more & more.

"There’s something arrestingly sexy about a few artfully placed windows onto the skin in an otherwise solid gown, and red carpet–goers have certainly caught on. Take a glance at this year’s Met Gala, where cutouts reigned supreme on everyone from Brie Larson in Proenza Schouler to Karlie Kloss, who brought risqué ab-revealing cutouts to the next level in a Brandon Maxwell number. Whether you’re a Hollywood A-lister or just someone hoping to spice up her summer style game, there’s never been a better moment to consider revealing a little skin. Ultimately carrying the look off really comes down to the simplest thing, as Zalopany put it: “You just have to own it.” As said on

Image result for serious slashes fashion trendImage result for serious slashes fashion trend

Slashes have either been incorporated into the garment, during production or they have been added DIY later on by the consumer. The difference between slashes & the 'distressed look' seems to be that slashes are more clean, cut whereas the 'distressed look' seems to have more of a raw edge, that's been allowed to fray. Personally I would say that in order to get the 'slashes' look you need to buy it already on a garment because it would be hard (near enough impossible) to do it yourself.

Later today we are going to put all of our own individual research together onto a mood board, I think it will be interesting to see what resources other people have used. I already feel I need to use more trustworthy sites when looking online... Wikipedia is just too easy to use.
Overall though I have enjoyed researching the trend, it was harder than I expected it to be but I felt I gained a lot more knowledge by doing it.
Image result for lulu guinness vaseline
I'm hoping to blog again at the weekend about the Lulu Guinness collaboration with Vaseline which is very exciting. And I'm also off to London on Monday for my first university field trip- again I can't wait although I'll have to get up at about 4.30am to make sure I get the coach in time.
(And to think I thought getting up for 9am was bad)

Hope you all have a great day & I'll see you all again very soon.
Take Care

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