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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Native Nomads: A Retail Analysis

As you know by now I was given a task to research the trend Native Nomads, before getting the trend I didn't really notice the trend in any of the shops I shopped in. Still I thought it would be worthwhile taking a trip into town to have a look to see what I can find. 

Surprisingly I actually found quite a few shops which had the trend in, particularly stores such as Mango & Zara which personally was where I expected the trend to be. When I went New York I made a point of checking stores out there for the trend too, & Other Stories was a good one for the trend and Forever 21 has things that could be borderline classed as Native nomads.
Forever 21 is one of my favourite US stores so it wasn't hard to spend a long time in there...

It was interesting to see how the trend had been taken from the catwalk to the highstreet, as designers tend to show off trends in amazing ways but more often then not the outfits are too 'out there' to wear on a daily basis for the majority of consumers.

This top below was found in Mango, to be honest I was a little unsure whether I'd class it as Native Nomads, to me it feels a bit too summery for Autumn/Winter. Would I say it was more boho then nomadic? Yes I think I would. Although having said that the prints on the top could easily be categorised under this trend. It's looks like it's from a native origin.

Suede is the easiest way to translate this trend I think.
These boots also from Mango, to me they seem to have been inspired by the traditional cowboys boots but they have been giving a more modern, stylish update. The added tassel detail at the side makes it more relatable to the trend. It appears that the combination of suede and leather are fabrics widely used within this trend.

I added these scarves in here as they have been printed in a variety of patterns, and blankets are a huge part of the Native Nomads trend thanks to the company Pendleton. These blankets are not really like the Pendleton ones but I thought the checked one was relevant, particularly with the the mustard, brown & dark tones which is similar to that of my chosen concept colour palette.

Late one Tuesday night I was speed walking back to the car and saw this in a shop window, I can't for the life of me remember which shop it was but I took a photo anyway. This checked shirt stood out to me as part of the trend, likewise the muted tonal colours are symbolic. The highstreet appears to have taken the trend Native Nomads and translated it into brown/ beige tones possibly because they aren't as bold and are easier to wear than bold, extravagant colours.
Designers tend to use bolder, statement colours. 

The classic black & red shirt- need I say anymore?

Zara took the classic checked shirt one step further and chose to put lettering onto the back, this is more of a designer touch & makes it more of a statement. Which personally I love! Fashion should be about making statements and expressing yourself through clothes although saying that I currently sat in loungewear which says a lot about my life right now.

In the editorials I have looked at the majority of them included a cape which wasn't something I would have initially associated with the trend. I saw this one in the Next and I just knew I had to take a picture of it. Again it uses predominantly brown colours but there is a pattern there, from a distance it would be harder to spot but close up it's instantly recognisable.
My only regret is not taking a close up photo- lesson learnt for next time.

Interiors wasn't something I was going to explore for this trend other than looking into Ralph Lauren, but I was rushing through M&S during the holidays and this immediately caught my eye. Although the print isn't something I would class as nomadic, the fact it's a animal head is hugely symbolic and massively reminds of the Ralph Lauren home collection.
Everywhere I go I'm noticing the trend more & more, probably means it's on my mind 24/7.

This was a gem of a find in NYC, & Other Stories was a store that cropped up whilst I was researching but truth to be told I actually forgot all about it. I walked into the store to do some shopping (which I did a lot of in NYC) and I just couldn't believe my luck!
Just looking at the shirt, you can instantly see the links to Native Nomads; the yoke around the neck, collar and cuff details are all heavily influenced by nomadic origin.
This really is a western shirt!

I wasn't sure if I should be looking into jewellery but I saw this dreamcatcher necklace and personally I would say it links. It's just so pretty! I think it's great that the trend has been adopted into accessories because it means even someone who is scared to venture out into new trends can have a bit of the trend within their wardrobe.
Layering over a plain top would really make this necklace a statement piece.

These last two images aren't ones I took myself as unless I ordered from them, it wasn't physically possible. By chance I got sent a email from telling me what they had got in the new in section, and me being me thought I always need new clothes so I'll check it out. Scrolling through I came across this white shirt with black outlines. It's simple but it really does demonstrate the trend, yet again the collar and arrows across the chest are something that are evident within this nomadic trend.

Hope you all enjoyed this post. 
Would you invest into the Native Nomads trend?
Let me know in the comments below.

Take Care & I'll see you very soon.


Photos are my own & taken from

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