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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Native Nomads Campaign #showyourroots

Welcome Back!

As part of my summative assignment for uni we were expected to carry out our execution idea in the form of a photoshoot if we were able to. Initially I wasn't sure I wanted to do my own photoshoot purely because I didn't think I'd have the time but in hindsight it was great to do something creative for a few hours...

You know when you have an idea in your head of how you want something to look but then when it comes to actually doing it, it doesn't work out how you imagined... well for the first time in as long as I can remember my idea actually worked as well as or if not better than I'd pictured it would. 

Yes it was a simple idea of just using polaroids, wooden pegs and string but it's not always about the budget you have for the shoot. Personally when it comes to photoshoots I think simplicity is always a winner. It was nice to just let my creative juices flow for a while. as I've said before I enjoy the creative parts of my course so much more than the marketing side.

My idea was to create a flatlay inspired photoshoot that is symbolic of the kind of thing you'd see on Instagram but as a twist it would be shared on Facebook. Instagram is my favourite social media app but sometimes when it comes to projects you've got to put your own personal preferences to one side and think about the consumer. My consumer is roughly a 40 year old male, who has an interest in adventures but equally spends time on various social sites. I asked around with friends & family and came to the conclusion that this age group aren't that of the social media age therefore they wouldn't necessarily be influenced by something on Twitter or Snapchat hence why I didn't choose them as my platforms. My Dad is roughly in this age group and he would be a thousand times more likely to use Facebook than anything else.

Instead of just doing one image to represent the campaign, I wanted to do a series of four that way whenever anyone saw one of the images they will hopefully be able to acknowledge the reference to the others. Personally I  become much more aware of a campaign if there are several poster campaigns designed for it, after all it's always interesting to see how they link but equally how they tell different messages. 

I chose to put black & white and brown toned images into polaroids because I felt it give them a vintage vibe, although my campaign isn't vintage, it is heritage so it needs to have that old feeling to it. Originally I'd planned to put the hashtag into a polaroid but I tried it and I didn't like it, it felt as if the focus was all on the polaroids and not what it was trying to promote. Cutting out the hashtag and scattering it across the table helped to balance out the image. It kept the focus on the tagline but equally so on the photographs of Native American tribes & the first kind of head torch. 

For me the main focus of this campaign is to make it personal to the consumer, to make them feel like they could somehow relate to the product. I did that by setting up the photoshoot as if someone had scattered their adventures and history out on the table in front of them. Photographs are the one object we can all relate too as no matter who you are we all have that one photo that holds a special memory in our hearts. As part of the Trespass X head torch collaboration I wanted to keep to head torch simple, like one small aspect of a bigger picture. Appreciating the adventures our ancestors took & showing off our roots enables us to go further in our adventures. Without the places they explored and the adventures they had we wouldn't be where we are today, this collaboration acknowledges and represents that. 

I chose to do a hashtag campaign because I felt it would be the easiest to reach a vast number of people across a variety of platforms in a short space of time. In addition to the campaign images there will be an interactive element, allowing the target market to interact with the campaign therefore having spent time looking at it,  they'd become more likely to invest into it. The interactive element is fairly small and just involves having the chance to add your own image to the campaign by inserting it into the blank polaroid. 

At the beginning of this project I didn't know where on earth I was going to take it, I thought it would be so hard to collaborate a brand and a product that I personally don't have an interest in. Surprisingly I have grown to love it, I don't yet know if I have done it right or covered everything the brief entailed but I do know that going through the process step by step has been a very hard process, but at the same time very enjoyable one. I am happy with my execution idea as I felt it's something I could actually see working, it's hard to believe Trespass and head torch won't be collaborating now whereas at the beginning of this project I didn't know how a collaboration would even be possible.
How things change...

I'd love to hear what you thought to my photoshoot & idea in the comments below. 
Could you see it working?

Take Care & I'll see you all very soon. 


Photos are all my own. 

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