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Friday, 6 January 2017

Exciting News

Welcome back!

It's been a few days since I last posted... life became very busy involving day trips, eating as much food as possible & frantically doing work for my uni assignment. 
I mean I'm not going to lie, I do the last two anyway regardless. 
But can you believe Christmas is officially over for yet another year?  
It's mad how quick it came & went, I really do hope 2017 doesn't go as quick as 2016 did.

Speaking of 2017...
This year is the year I want to say yes to lots more exciting opportunities, as a blogger I get the chance to do lots of exciting things, some I say yes too, others I don't. 
I guess it's a confidence thing really... I never believe in myself in other aspects of my life so why would it be any different on here?
Still those are the things I want to change and I'm already kicking the new year off with a bang by becoming a "Coconut Queen" for Coconut Lane. 

Coconut Lane are a brand that over the past year I have become obsessed with, their products are so sassy it's great! After all there's nothing wrong with adding a little bits of sass to your life. *inserts sassy girl emoji*
"Launching in October 2015, Coconut Lane are an online boutique store that sell chic & sassy fashion and home accessories"
Not to mention they sell gorgeous marble inspired everything- honestly it's a marble lover's dream!
They even do rose gold marble- let's just take a moment to appreciate that...

Becoming a "Coconut Queen" is something I am incredibly excited about, it will be a new chapter in my little blogging career. It's also a fabulous start to the new year!
One of my blogger goals for this year is to put myself out there more as a blogger, I may even become ready to post my blog on Facebook this year- you just never know. 

I've added the link to Coconut Lane's website below:

Also one of the perks of me becoming a "Coconut Queen" means you guys get 20% if you use the code:

After all everyone loves a bargain...
I'd love to hear what your favourite things on the website are in the comments below.
I'm so torn between the "Confidence Wall Art" & the "BFF Rose Gold Bracelet Pearl"
If I can't decide I might just treat myself to both.

I actually already own some of their products as I was gifted some for Christmas from my parents- I'm a very lucky girl! Both things I got were marble printed, my parents think I'm marble obsessed but isn't everyone right now?

If you guys buy anything then I'd love to hear what in the comments below- I'm a nosy person. 
Of course I'll keep you guys all updated on this exciting new adventure
(I actually have to pinch myself to check it's all real)

Take Care & I'll see you all very soon.


Pictures are not my own 

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