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Friday, 3 February 2017

Learning to not give a damn

Okay so it's been a little while since I last posted and if I'm completely honest then I'm not going to make myself feel guilty about it. Blogging for me is a hobby, pure and simple, it's something I enjoy doing in my spare time. Yes fair enough I know it's a requirement for my uni course, but I had my blog long before I started uni so to me it doesn't feel like a requirement at all. 

Recently I've stopped caring.
Now before you all 'jump the gun' so to speak and accuse me of being heartless I just want to clarify I'm not a heartless person. When I say I've stopped caring I don't mean about the important things, I mean about the stupid, minuscule things that I should never have cared about in the first place. All too often I am found questioning, replaying and practically torturing myself over something that I can't change, things that have been & gone and no matter how hard I try I'm never going to be able to go back in time and change them.
So that's what I mean by I've stopped caring...

My life is one rollercoaster journey ride and if I'm 100% honest yes of course there are things that I cringe at the thought of me saying or doing but why?
It's not like it's gonna help change anything. 
If you're constantly living in the past then you will never appreciate tomorrow. 
I am a goofy person, in my flat I feel like I'm the one who is always making mistakes, doing lame things & just generally being a bit of an idiot but that's just me.
Take it or leave it. 

Lately I've come to the conclusion that if people want to hold something against you that maybe happened today, yesterday or even 5 years ago then just let them. It's their time to waste. 
I've just learnt not to give a damn anymore.
Growing up from the age of 11 onwards, I felt extremely judged by people around me, high school was a shitty time in my life to the point that there are some days I want to erase from existence but then I remember I had some crazy, amazing memories too. It was both the best & the worst time of my life. 

I always watch those videos on YouTube about what people would tell their 13 year old self because I frigging wish I knew what I know now back when I was 13. I wasted SO much time worrying, criticising every aspect of my life because I felt other people were already doing that for me. That hands down is my biggest regret! Uni obviously has it's educational purposes but I feel it's truly changed me as a person, it's taught me to simply not care what people think of you anymore. It's just not your problem, if people want to waste their lives raking up someone's else past then just let them be like that. People need to learn that you can't live your life through the eyes of someone else. 

Simply don't assume what people think of you, if you are honestly hand on heart happy then you are doing exactly what you should be, don't ever let anyone else tell you otherwise. 

Have you learnt not to give a damn?

Take Care & I'll see you all very soon.



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