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Monday, 27 February 2017

'What do you mean?' Brand Narratives.

Welcome Back!

Well it's been a while hasn't it?
Yet again life, studies, coursework & social plans all got on top of me and my little blog was neglected because of it. I'd love to know how regular bloggers do it- consistency is something I really need to work on but I'm getting there... slowly.

Little Uni update: I got my grade back for my last project and I got a low 2:1 which I'm super happy with considering it was the first official project! To think I actually thought I'd failed as well- just goes to show if you put the work in, then it pays off...

Loving the Rihanna gifs right now.

Lately I've been feeling quite uninspired, it's taking me a while to get into our latest uni project especially after 2 reading weeks. However in my seminar today I suddenly felt like something had finally clicked back into place and I've finally got my inspiration back *cheers*. We were looking into the stories behind brand advertisements which really seemed to grab my attention and get me out of this 'lazy, non-working coma like state' which I've been in for a while. I have always been a idealist so I love exploring possible reasons behind why something has been advertised the way it has been. 
It's just something that really intrigues me...

This DKNY 'Be Tempted' campaign was the one I looked at.

I feel the idea of Eve from the story of Adam & Eve has a strong presence here, as the apple and the subtle snake bangle both have strong connotations with that story, she is also stood in a garden similar to that of the garden of Eden. All of these factors make the women look pure & innocent, her blonde hair, blue eyes, the nude tones all contribute to this puristic image. Yet this perfume is about trying to tempt you away from purity towards something more seductive & sexy, the consumer is tempted by the perfume in the same way Eve was tempted by the snake. Rebellion has a key underlying tone in this advert, fragrance is all about offering you something you don't already have. Many people want to appear rebellious but are too afraid to actually part take in any rebellious acts, so by using this perfume it's almost saying you don't need to do anything rebellious other than wear this product. 

This advert is typical of DKNY fragrance, as they often focus on fantasy, dreams & the want to have what we desire. I think this could easily be linked back to the 'Big Apple' and New York skyline. Acknowledging these connotations adds to idea of desirabiliy, after all we all aspire to be in NYC where dreams are made. Escapism is the biggest fantasy that all fragrance creates in our minds, as this advert could even be linked to Snow White especially with the innocent looking girl and the apple, very sweet almost sickly like- potentially 'good girl gone bad' stereotype. 

The two brightest colours in the ad are the red of the apple & the blue of her eyes, red is seductive, bold and a sign of rebellion- red makes a statement. Contrasted with blue which is very clear, pure, almost optimistic. Interestingly the bottle has a largely smooth texture besides the embossed/ raised snake around the centre of the bottle. Adding the snake to the bottle take something that is sweet such as an apple, and turning it into something much deeper & darker- almost like it's her poison.

Her makeup, hair, the fact she's wearing no clothes all create this very natural setting, nothing takes away from the main focus of the perfume. The fading light to dark from top left hand corner to bottom right, suggest the transformation from good to rebellion. The apple in the model's hand is very similar, almost exactly the same as the perfume bottle- the bite out of the apple says she's been tempted, yet her eyes are almost rhetorically asking if you're tempted too?

This is another picture part of the campaign, this has even stronger resemblance to Adam & Eve. The perfume is now suggesting that by using this perfume you will tempt him, in the same why the snake did Eve. 

Let me know what you thought about this post in the comments below.
What narratives did you get from this fragrance advert?

Hope you all enjoyed this post- I certainly enjoyed writing it, strangely it felt therapeutic to analysis the stories behind brand advertisements. I will certainly be doing more of these. 
Enjoy the rest of your day & take care. 


Pictures are not my own.

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