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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

If Only... with love from Zara

Zara is basically me in shop form.
It's a store that I've massively grown to love over the last year or so. 
Stupidly of me, I casually wandered into my local Zara last week to have a "quick look", when we all know that you can never have a "quick look" round, over half an hour later I emerged without buying anything *victorious moment* but it doesn't mean I didn't fall in love with what I found.

Walking away empty handed was VERY hard indeed, still there's time yet for me to go back and do some serious damage to my bank account. 

This top is just beaut!
I am actually surprised I even like it but surprisingly I do, I just think it would be the perfect top to wear in the summer. It's so cute! I would wear this on a night out as an alternative to my usual black top of choice, I think paired with black jeans and heels would create a very fashionable look indeed.

I was with a friend when I saw this in store and she immediately said that she could definitely see me in this. This sweatshirt is me down to a tee. Although the masses of white on it does concern me a little considering I am a pretty messy person, I don't know how long it would stay white. But I love this top so much- I think I will have to return to buy it, let's hope they still have it!

I am currently going through a style change in my life, things that I use to love, I would now not be seen dead in. I have fallen in love with the torn, ripped trend, I just love the edgy vibes it gives- I want to be cool enough to wear things like this. I didn't actually see this in store but I saw it on the website and I was like "I have to have that".

In this picture you can just about make out the cross over detail on the front. Again this is a top I fallen in love due to my recent edgy look inspiration. I just think it's so cool and hipster, if I saw someone wearing this then I'd think they must be a seriously cool person!

This sweat is a quirky twist on the usual crossover trend. 
Firstly I love the colour of the jumper, beige isn't usually my go to colour but I feel the need to widen my colour collection. The crossover with eyelets is simple yet stunning, I think this is the kinda sweat you could throw on when you're in a rush and you'd still look bang on trend.

Firstly this sweat is pink- need I say anymore?
Yes I am still going through my "pink phase", but it's not just that. I think it's so sassy and cool, I love how on the Zara website they have paired it with black culottes, I just think the look here is so on point- I wanna look this cool!

Okay so I know this sweatshirt is similar to the beige one but just look at it!
I mean it's black and it has eyelets- don't tell me it isn't perfection in a sweatshirt. 

If I were to buy all of these tops then it would cost a grand total of £185.93 *sighs loudly*, that total actually makes me want to cry both on the inside & outside. The only way I'd be able to buy all of these would be if I were to stop eating for like the next month. 
So it's either food or clothes?... Now that's one tough decision!

Let me know what you thought to this post in the comments below.

Take care & I'll see you all very soon.


Pictures are not my own. 

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