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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Jo Malone Rocks the Ages

Jo Malone is a famously British perfume, so it was no surprise when back in 2015 they released a collection inspired by different era's of British history entitled 'rock the ages'. Personally I think it's rather fitting and adds a touch of glam rock to what is a very simple, sweet & pure fragrance line. 

Inspired by the proud history and eccentricity of Great Britain, the Jo Malone Rock The Ages range captures the atmosphere of some of the UK’s most defining eras. Each of the five colognes is a unique modern interpretation of the character and ambience of English society.

Everything about this collection is understandably British, it's about a celebration of the past which has made the country what it is today. 

Tudor Rose & Amber-
The dark grandeur of the Tudor rose is still used today as a royal symbol of England. This rich, sumptuous scent blends opulent rose absolute with clove and ginger, to reinforce the spiced elements, while golden amber gives it a warm sensuality.

Lily of the Valley & Ivy-
Evoking the softness of Georgian London, sparkling cassis and green ivy opens the ethereal fragrance while dewy lily of the valley and decadent narcissus gives it a lavish heart.

Pomegranate Noir-
Representative of the Victorian era, a golden age of English drama, this intense scent has juicy pomegranate layered with heady Casablanca lily – spiked with cool pink pepper.

Geranium & Verbena-
This captures the cool elegance of Edwardian summers. Think aromatic verbena and basil, blended with refined geranium and enveloped with coumarin and vetiver.

Birch & Black Pepper-
A scent of contrasts, this shows Britain’s rebellious punk roots. Black pepper and cardamom give a cool spiciness, while smoky birch and magnetic ink accord gives it individuality.

I like how even thought has gone into the bottle, I love Jo Malone scents- they are totally worth the money but I'm always slightly disappointed with the packaging. For me it's just too simple and plain, like if you put it on your dresser it wouldn't stand out as a pretty bottle. For this collection though I do think the caps really suit the scent notes, looking at the bottles I would say Tudor Rose is my favourite, it just instantly stands out- maybe it's because of the colour red. 

The poster campaigns for this are so very British, in the army uniform even though it doesn't say the word British anywhere on it you just instantly know that that's what it's going to be about. The model to me also looks quite a bit like Kate Moss who is a massively famous British model around the world, I am glad they didn't choose to use Kate as the model though because then I feel the campaign would have been more about Kate and less about the collection. 

I love the rock chick glam vibes you get from this collection, it makes the brand so much cooler and more edgy, not that Jo Malone is something to be embarrassed about but if your style is very edgy and urban then this wouldn't be the first scent I'd choose for you. The rock chick vibes give the collection a younger target audience, because it has this rebellious feeling about it- many perfume's tend to focus on the rebellion element within campaigns because it sells well- it's perceived as being sexy to be a rebel.

Would you buy into a brand if it was more rebellious then sweet? 

Take care & I'll see you all very soon.


All images are from Google. 

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