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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Collaboration: Estee Edit

Kendall is an icon to so many young girls, so when Estee Lauder teamed up with her to create her own line of the famous makeup brand they knew exactly what they were doing. Estee Lauder is a beautiful makeup range but it's more targeted at the older women than a young teenage audience- let's face it your first piece of makeup probably wouldn't be from Estee Lauder.

With the Estée Edit by Estée Lauder, when the brand revealed social media sensation Kendall Jenner as its newest face. Since then, Lauder has also signed cool-girl beauty blogger Irene Kim and increased its digital presence on its own Web site and multiple platforms. Using social media stars target specifically a younger audience as they are predominantly the main ones following them.

“Estée Lauder approached Sephora with this concept…to partner to launch a brand created with a whole new approach to the younger, modern consumer,” said Artemis Patrick, senior vice president of merchandising at Sephora. “We worked closely with the Lauder team on all aspects. This is a great brand to target today’s Sephora client and great way for Estée Lauder to introduce a brand to the younger consumer.”

Lauder is hardly alone in its desire to win over 18- to 34-year-olds. The numbers tell the story. Pew Research Center reported that the Millennial age group was projected to grow to 75.3 million in 2015, surpassing the projected 74.9 million Baby Boomers (defined as ages 51 to 69).

“It is a necessary move for Lauder,” said Karen Grant, vice president and global industry analyst for The NPD Group.

“With the way the market is going, all brands have to appeal to a younger consumer — it’s not an option,” Grant continued. “Sephora has a winning formula in that market — they know their Millennial customers very well, and they’ll be keeping an extremely close eye on this. And Lauder is very much behind it, and they rarely fail. It’s a smart partnership.”

“We are going after a Millennial audience, and they are all about authenticity,” said Jane Hertzmark Hudis, group president for The Estée Lauder Cos. “We looked within our own DNA and to Estée Lauder herself, and asked ourselves, ‘If Estée were creating a collection for Sephora today, what would that be?’”

The answer is a broad collection of mostly makeup and some skin care, created with the social media generation in mind and inspired by Jenner and Kim. “They are guest editors of the collection and the idea is that the clients are inspired by their attitude, their style, their point of view,” Hudis said. The name The Estée Edit derives from the brand’s blog.

I think it's good that brands are opening their eyes to the fact that they need to adapt to a younger audience after all if they don't grab their attention when they're young then chances are Estee Lauder won't be the products they use when they're older. I do think they've overlooked the possibility of mother- daughter influence because I've used Estee Lauder products in the past but not because of this collaboration, I used them because my Mum uses them. I do think brands need to look more into the impact & relationship between mother & daughter when marketing because you are more likely to trust your Mum then someone you don't know or a celebrity. 

Kendall & the Kardashian clan are hugely influential on social media but is Kendall the right face for a beauty collaboration. I mean I know she's a supermodel is massively well known but surely there are other influential young stars such as Emma Watson or Zoe Sugg (Zoella) both of these stars support charities whom they are ambassadors for.
Surely that's a better promotion of an idol for young girls? 

What do you think of the Estee Edit?

Take care & I'll see you all very soon.


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