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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Celebration Time!

The past couple of weeks have been so crazy in the best possible way...

After a stressful couple of months I have discovered that I have achieved a Distinction in my Art Foundation which means I got into my favourite university!
I was so over the moon it was unreal- anyone reading this who's thinking of doing a Art Foundation then I would 100% recommend it.
I'm not going to lie and say it was the easiest & least stressful year of my life because it wasn't, but after Alevels it was nice to be completely creative 24/7.  
I have always been a majorly indecisive person- so the decision when it came to picking my university course wasn't an easy one for me. My parents love and support me but they weren't keen on me going down the Fashion route as a career path but I feel my Art Foundation has shown them how passionate & determined I am.

As well as that fab news, I also welcomed a new member into our family recently...
Willow our beautiful Cockapoo puppy. She's just the most adorable, little thing and although we've only had her a couple of weeks I really do feel like I already love her to the moon and back. 
(I'm going to talk about her more in another blog post coming soon)

And thirdly...
(Yes this is quite a big celebration post)
This is my 50th blog post!
I cannot believe that I'm already at 50- it's crazy!
8 months ago I started this blog because of several different reasons, I was bored of my life, wanted a new hobby and I wanted to just be able to give my opinions & express my love of fashion without being judged.
I know this is going to sound very cliche but when I blog I just feel so happy. 
(Okay, okay I am slightly embarrassed by that statement) 
In all honesty though isn't that what we all want in life to find something that makes us feel so happy and excited?

So really I just want to say thank you to you- without any of you guys reading this I probably wouldn't have made it past post number 10. 
I know I'm not the most consistent blogger & I don't have the biggest following or number of page views but if I'm completely honest none of that matters to me because every time I write a blog post the utter enjoyment of it just makes me forget all the other pressures.
So I would like to say a massive, heartfelt thank you to everyone!

As well as all of that crazy stuff, I've got quite a hectic but super, exciting couple of months coming up....

For starters I'm going to see the musical Mamma Mia which I'm literally buzzing for- it's one of my all time favourites!

I've got my first ever blogger event coming up- big shoutout to my Blogger Tiki Party girls, I'm so excited to meet you all and just talk about all our loves of blogging. I'm not gonna lie though I am a bit nervous but I still can't wait!

It's also less than a month till my birthday *casually starts hanging out the bunting already

And I'm going to America this summer!!!! 

So there will lots of amazing stuff coming soon on my blog!

On the YouTube front, I haven't completely disappeared-
 I am hoping to film my 'London Shopping Haul' video soon but as any of you with puppies know you have to devote a lot of time and attention to them.
So I don't know when that will be up on my channel but hopeful it will be sometime soon.

I would like to apologise for this extremely long winded post today but nevertheless I hope you all enjoyed it- I'd love to hear what you guys are looking forward to in the upcoming months in the comments below.

Good Luck to anyone taking exams at the minute- 
I know it doesn't feel like it now but they will come to an end and you will get your social life back. Just try your best and no one can expect anything more from you. 

Here's to the next 50 posts 
*instead of raising a glass of alcohol picture me raising a glass of water because I'm on a health kick.

Take Care & I'll see you all again very soon.
Have a great 'what's left of your' weekend.



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