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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Dreamy NYX

I know I'm not alone in saying this...
When I saw the brand new, shiny NYX counter in Boots stores I generally thought Christmas had come early!
 Unfortunately I could only stare longingly at the counter because I'm currently saving.

What I do know is that there's no harm in doing a bit of 'window shopping' so that when I can finally splurge on NYX I know what to get. 

Lets all jump on the NYX bandwagon...

(For each product I've added the link the product on Boots website so you can check them out too)


Okay, okay so I have a little confession to make... 
I actually brought this product in the shade Honeymoon because I'd heard such good reviews about it and I was too impatient to wait! 
This lipstick has jumped right to the top as my current favourite lipstick pile- the shade I brought, Honeymoon, is a gorgeous brown shade so perfect if your like me and want to totally rock the 90's vibe. I love the matte consistency of it and I know people keep saying this but it honestly really doesn't feel drying to wear. I also felt it lasted a long time too. 
I can't wait to go back and buy more (hopefully all) shades when I can afford to!


I don't know why but when it comes to lipsticks I love bright bold colours particularly plum tones because I feel they really suit my skin tone. Although they do always make me feel a little autumnal but hey it's July tomorrow and I'm currently writing this sat near a radiator to keep warm whilst sheltering from the rain. 
I love butter lipsticks as I just feel they're really hydrating and moisturising, my lips are often dry so I try to look for product that will keep them hydrated whilst still being pigmented. 
Again I love them all but I think Moonlight Night is my favourite. 


I have been looking for a highlighter and contour palette that I almost gave up hope of ever finding one, but whilst on a very long visit to the NYX counter I spotted this one. 
I love all the different highlight and contour shades, as I think you could really go into true makeup artist mode and apply different shades to different areas of you face.
I've been using highlighter for a while now but contouring does scare me a little so I think I'll have to check out tutorials online for how to apply it.


Another product I've been on the hunt for has been a good setting spray and this one from NYX sounds great!
 Having read the reviews for both the dewy and matte one, I feel that the matte setting spray would be better for me because my face can be quite oily & I don't want to look super shiny- not a good look.
I tend to go on product reviews for most of my makeup and the reviews for this were quite good- I can't wait to buy one and try it.


There was a time not so long ago where I never wore eyeshadow- I don't really know why, I think I was just going through quite an insecure phase and applying makeup to make features stand out scared me a little. However after watching endless YouTube tutorials and making endless mistakes I finally feel confident enough to wear eyeshadow. 
I love the shades almond, bronze and chocolate because I feel these would make a really nice brown smokey eye effect, as you could apply the stick straight onto your lid then use a brush to blend.
Having blue eyes means that I love bronzed looks on my eyes because I feel it makes my eyes stand out. 

As you can see I love a LOT of NYX products, I'm hoping to purchase these products in the upcoming months and then I'll hopefully do a review post about them. 
I'd love to hear what NYX products you've been loving in the comments below?

This is a post that I've been wanting to do for a while now as I really enjoy writing & reading beauty posts, 
Would you like to see more beauty posts on here?

I should have lots more exciting content coming soon as I've got my first blogger event very soon, shoutout to my Blogger Tiki Party gals!
So I'm super excited to meet other bloggers- it should be lots of fun.

I hope your all having a fab Wednesday and I'll see you all very soon.
Take Care 


(The pictures used in this post are not my own)


  1. Great picks - I love the NYX butter lipsticks but I'm still yet to try anything from the lip lingerie range. The formula sounds gorgeous so I definitely need to pick up a couple of shades! I'd definitely recommend the matte setting spray, makes my makeup last all day without drying my face out too much either - I love it! :)

    Toni x

    1. Hey Toni, Thank you so much for your comment. You should definitely try the lip lingerie range - they are so good! I'm going shopping later this week so I'll make sure I pick up one of the butter lipsticks and the matte setting spray- anything that helps my makeup last is great in my book. Hope you have a great day :-)

      Gemma x


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