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Monday, 27 June 2016

101 things in 1001 days

Life right now is very busy & crazy but in the best possible way!
I'm trying lots of the new things for the first time & going to lots of new places so I thought why not try the '101 Things  to do in 1001 Days' challenge? 

I personally love reading these sort of blog posts because 1001 days is a long time but at the same time it's not that long to get 101 things done by.

Image is not my own

Today is 27th June 2016 so that means 1001 days from now will be 25th March 2019
*Yes google did have to help me there.

Places I want to go:

1. New York
2. Amsterdam 
3. Paris 
4. Berlin 
5. Tokyo
7. Miami 
8. Skopelos, Greece 
9. Dublin 
10. Newcastle 
11. London again
12. Brighton again
13. Dorset 
14. Cotswold
15. Liverpool again

Things I want to do:

16. Run the London marathon
17. Attend a launch party
18. Reach 1000 Instagram followers
19. Reach 2000 Twitter followers 
20. Reach 250000 blog views 
21. Join a theatre group  
22. Reach 1000 YouTube subscribers 
23. Spend all day eating an all day breakfast
24. Visit London Fashion Week
25. Work backstage at Clothes Show Live
26. Visit a funfair 
27. Work in a bakery 
28. Meet a YouTuber 
29.  Go to Glastonbury festival 
30. Go to V festival 
31. Go to Creamfields festival 
32. Film a makeup tutorial 
33. Film an outfits post
34. Work backstage on a photoshoot
35. Have written 300 posts 
36. Make my blog design more personal to me
37. Go camping 
38. Attend Freshers week
39. Join a sports society 
40. Host a blogger meet up
41. Attend bloggersball 
42. Dye my hair blonde 
43. Get a tattoo
44. Get a bellybutton piercing 
45. Fall in love *sorry about the cheese factor
46. Host a party
47. Start vlogging 
48. Take part in 'Blogmas' 
49. Have a surfing lesson 
50. Explore somewhere new with my best friends
51. Be planning a move to Brighton
52. Get a full time job

Things I want to buy:

53. A new camera
54. A mustard colour Fiat 500 car
55. Camera tripod
56. Blogging props i.e strobe lights and marble paneling
57. A copper lamp
58. Gym membership
59. A Starbucks coffee 
60. A new phone 
61. A Michael Kors Handbag 
62. A pair of Manolo Blahnik heels 
63. Plane tickets to somewhere completely new 
64. Tickets to see Wicked in the West End 

Makeup brands I'd like to try:

65. Nars 
66. Becca 
67. YSL
68. Tarte Cosmetics 
67. Benefit 
68. Urban decay 

Places I'd like to visit in America:

69. Visit Universal Studios in Orlando 
70. Sephora 
71. Wendy's 
72. Macy's 
73. Target 
74. Empire State Building 
75. Tiffany & Co
76. Harry Potter tour 

Cool but probably impossible things I'd love to do:

77. Intern at Vogue 
78. Intern at Glamour magazine 
79. Intern at Look magazine
80. Skydive
81. Go on a hot air balloon ride 
82. Visit Sketch in London 
83. Visit the set of HollyOak's *can you even do this?
84. Spend an entire summer break abroad 
85. Visit a head office of a retailer

 *Stuff that doesn't really fit into any category but are still things I'd love to do...

86. Offer a give away on my blog 
87. Start a Depop account 
88. Go to a photo booth with friends 
89. Be in London when there's a movie premiere 
90. Learn how to play the guitar 
91. Relearn how to play the keyboard 
92. Make some gooey chocolate brownies 
93. Cook a healthy meal 
94. Make my own pizza from scratch
95. Try being a veggie for a month
96. Sleep all night in a treehouse 
97. Go in a jacuzzi 
98. Try carrot cake flavoured ice cream 
99. Try a mojito 
100. Have food at Bills restaurant 
101. Read 200 new books 

I don't know if I'll be able to do all of these things but wouldn't it be amazing if I did?!?
Even though some of them are going to be pretty hard to achieve. 

Keep up with how I get on via the following:

Instagram- @gemma_roseharp 
Twitter- @LippieTalk

Let me know what you'd love to do & what you think to my 101 things to do in 1001 days list in the comments below. 

Take care & I hope your all having a fab Monday!



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