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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Puppy Love

As most of you already know- I love dogs!!!!
Big, small - they are all just so adorable...
So when we sadly lost our beautiful, black, labrador Poppy last November home felt very strange and empty.
Even before Poppy became ill I knew that if anything ever happened to her I would have to have another dog because life without a dog for me is unbearable. 

So after allowing time for for our hearts to heal after Poppy, we began our search for a new, little bundle of enjoy to enter our lives.

That search was not an easy one!

For starters there are so many breeds of dogs out there, so many that I find cute and adorable. 
So it was no surprise when we all fell in love with the breed Cockapoo.
After we narrowed down the breed we had to look for a breeder...
We had several set backs that at the time made us feel like we were never going to get another dog, but with hindsight I like to think that we were meant to find the puppy we had. 

The first time we went to meet our new, little puppy we instantly feel in love to the point where I had that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

I eagerly wished the next 4 weeks away till the day we brought her home. 

Meet our gorgeous, baby Willow everyone!

She is just the most adorable, little girl- we've only had her a couple of weeks but I already feel I love her to the moon and back.

Gradually she seems to be settling rather nicely into her new home, full of lots of new toys and treats, she's a very lucky, loving puppy.

I did worry having another dog would make me feel like I was forgetting Poppy, but moving on doesn't mean your forgetting it just means you've learnt how to cope. 
We like to tell Willow about her Auntie Poppy and she's already doing the same naughty tricks Poppy used to do- my slippers are no longer safe lying around on the floor.

If you guys want then I'll keep you updated with Willow's progress on here. 
I'm sure she's got lots more monkey behaviour planned but if I'm completely honest it makes me laugh really. 

I hope your all having a great day & I've got another another post planned for tomorrow.

Also before I finish this post I'm sure you've probably noticed that something looks a little different on my blog well it's had a revamp.
I fancied a bit of a change because I felt my old blog design didn't really show you guys who I am.
I'd love to hear what you think about my new blog design and my gorgeous Willow in the comments below. 

Take Care 


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