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Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Yesterday was definitely a first for me!
I finally filmed a 'Lookbook' video which is something I've so desperately wanted to do for so long now it's unreal!

So after around 3-4 hours of editing, I finally feel ready to share my 'Summer style' with you all.
I really hope you enjoy it & I'd love to her what you think in the comments below or on my YouTube channel.

Also quick fact I just wanted to share with you guys:

I recently checked on the notes section of my phone because I never have any storage *sad face* and I saw I'd done a note about starting my own YouTube channel 537 days ago!!!!
It took me 537 days to pluck up the courage to do this- that's crazy!
So the moral of this story is don't wait 537 days like me, if you want to try something new then just try it because life's too short to wait around. 

If you want to watch my Lookbook video then click below:

I don't know yet when I'll be blogging again but I'm hoping it will be at the weekend. 
(probably Saturday)

*Exciting news alert*
I'm going to London at some point next week so I'm hoping to blog about that too.

Blue Sky Nights & Summer Stripes:
If any of you are like me and you love doing your nails too then why not check out another of my channels videos:

I hope you enjoyed this rather quick blog post and I'll be sure to keep you up to date with when I'm next blogging on Twitter or Instagram in the upcoming days.

Happy almost midweek guys!

Take care & I'll see you all very soon!




  1. Lovely lookbook! I really need to invest in a bomber jacket.


    1. Aww thank you Emma! I really recommend looking in New Look or Boohoo - they do some great ones!


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