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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Exciting Times To Come....

Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all having a fabulous Tuesday so far, I've just been cutting round some pictures and it has literally taken FOREVER.
Like I honestly thought I'd never finish!
But the reason I cut round them was because as most of you know I sadly lost my dog in November so we're putting together a cute memory book to remember her by.

This is one of my favourite pictures of her:
Poppy by the sea, which was one of her most favourite places to be...

As you may have already gathered from the title of this post I have some (well 3 to be precise) very exciting pieces of news to tell you all!

I cannot express how excited and nervous I am for all you guys to see it.
It took me so long to put it together but I am really happy with how it looks.
It is going to be something different to anything I've ever seen on YouTube because I didn't want it to be yet another video of the same sort of thing.
It's not really a 'proper' video it's more of an edit about me and about what I love & enjoy, and things I want to do on my YouTube.
So it's basically a taster of what my channel is going to look like...
I don't want to give too much anyway but I do really hope you all like it, be sure to keep an eye on my twitter (@gemimalove12) as I'll announce it on there when it's up.

Exciting stuff...

As I said at the beginning of this post, we tragically lost are little, gorgeous Poppy in November, so after allowing some time to grieve we feel ready to open up our hearts to yet another little bundle of joy.
I'm super excited to be looking at puppies again because they're all so adorable.
I don't know yet if the puppy on Friday will be right for us but it's good to be looking again.
Poppy will always remain in our hearts but our house just feels so empty without a dog so I don't think I could ever not have another dog. 

Firstly am I the only one who cannot believe it is May already?!? 
Like where on earth is this year even going?!?
I swear I blinked and yet another month has gone by- it's crazy!
I love doing a favourites post but I'm so late when it comes to putting one together that it not even worthwhile putting it up.
So April is gonna be the month that this changes!
April was really the month where I finally reached out into my Spring/ Summer clothes after what feels like a jumper hibernation. 
I don't mind Winter but I adorable Spring & Summer way more.

So that's all my latest news for you guys,

I hope you liked this post, sorry if you thought my news was going to be bigger than what it actually was but to me these 3 things are very exciting.

I feel like I've finally got my blogging mojo back so 'hurrah!'.
Therefore I kind of feel like at the minute I'm going be blogging on random days as I actually have a lot more time to spend blogging now.

Let me know if you've had any amazing news in the comments below.

Check back here tomorrow for my 'April Favourites', I will also include a link on that to my YouTube video too.

Take Care & I'll see you all very soon.



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