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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Topshop Matte Lip Bullets Review:

Topshop for me is always a winner but I'm not going to pretend I buy everything from there because I don't, partly because I couldn't afford to buy all of my clothes from Topshop.
(even as much as I'd like too)

Topshop's clothes are one story but their makeup range is another!

I might be wrong in thinking this but I don't think Topshop's makeup isn't very often talked about,(well I haven't heard a lot about it) 
So I thought I'd review something which I'm OBSESSED with from their collection....

Matte Lip Bullets.

Firstly can I just begin by saying these are INCREDIBLE for only £8!!!!
I've paid double the price of these in the past and they're nowhere as good.

I've only tried two colours, "Get Me Bodied" and "Boy Racer", but after using these constantly since I've brought them, I could happily buy the entire collection.

As you can see the packaging is a lot like the 'Chubby Sticks' by Clinque which are about double the price.
I personally love the pencil style applicator because it's almost like colouring in your lips which is way more fun then just applying a normal lipstick!
But do you want to know the thing I love the most about these?!?

It's the length of time they last!
I could have something to eat & drink and it would still be on my lips- how amazing is that?!?
I do have to reapply it if i'm wearing it all day but for a night I find they only need one application.

They have a lovely, thick and creamy consistency -
However as they're matte I do find them a little drying if I just put them straight on my lips so I tend to put some plain lip balm first (Balmi in case you're wondering what).

Here's what they look like on:

This is the "Boy Racer" shade- 
I think it's a really bright, vibrant, red lipstick.
I love the ever so slightly orange undertone in it as it really makes me think of summer.
I did use a W7 lip liner here in the shade red as I wanted to ensure it didn't bleed (it didn't).

This is the "Get Me Bodied' shade-
This was actually the first colour I brought in these as I'd been on the lookout for a vampy, purple toned lipstick for a while as I love the whole gold eyeshadow and berry lips trend.
I didn't use a lip liner here as I don't find it bleeds so I don't feel it would be necessary to do so- maybe if I wanted a super precise lip for a photoshoot or something it might be worthwhile adding a lip liner then.

Little Tip-
When applying these I usually put one layer on then I blot my lips ever so lightly with a tissue before adding another layer and blotting it again. I just find this really helps it's staying power.
You can apply this tip to any brand of lipstick-
I'd love to hear if you tried it!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you've tried Topshop's Matte Lip Bullets or if you're planning on trying them after reading this in the comments below.

I would love to try some more of Topshop's makeup products so if you have any recommendations then I'd love to hear them too in the comments.

Take Care and I'll be back tomorrow with another post.



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