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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mumma Appreciation Day

Today's post is just a quick one to talk about one amazing person in my life, my Mum.

Without her I wouldn't be me (literally)
She makes me laugh till I cry, she taught me how to love, laugh and live.

Even though we have are moments where we fall out, don't get on, have a massive bust up. 
I know she is always there for me, whether that's at the end of a phone or in person.

I do truly love my Mumma.
She means the world to me, and today here in the UK it's Mother's Day, a day which delicate to saying 'Thank You' to our Mum's. 

So if you reading this I want you to switch off (obviously once you've finished reading this first) and tell your Mum that you love her and your very grateful for everything she does.
Today is the day to say Thank You!

To me my Mum is more like a best friend as well as my Mum, she's someone who I can talk to about anything, big or small- she'll always help even if she does tell me off for somethings first.

So I just want to say I love you Mum!

I hope you've enjoy this very quick post today,
I'm now off to take my Mum shopping (who doesn't love a bit of retail therapy?!?), my Dad however is not so happy (he hates shops!).
I hope you all have a lovely day celebrating Mother's Day here in the UK.
If it's not Mother's Day where ever you're reading this in the world then why not just randomly say 'Thank You, I love you Mum' and give her a big hug anyway (I'm sure she'll really appreciate it!)

Have a great week and I'll be back next Saturday with another post,
Is there any posts you'd like to see in particular?
If so feel free to comment below or tweet me @gemimalove12 

Take Care 


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