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Saturday, 9 January 2016

'Would You Rather Tag?' Fashion & Beauty Edition.

You're probably wondering what the hell this blog post is going to be about so let me explain...

I decided to take a break from my uni work and I felt in the mood to do another blog post,
(I'm sure fellow bloggers can relate to this feeling).
So I was thinking why don't I do another 'Would you rather' blog post!
I did one of these before on my other blog and it was definitely one of my most popular posts.

The Rules:
This is basically like the game you would play with your friends, where you ask a question beginning with 'Would you rather...' and give two options which your friend would have to choose between and say which one they'd rather do...
The only difference here is that I'm going to do an online version so you guys can tweet me your answers @gemimalove12 or leave them in the comments below.
I don't know if anyone has ever done this for a blog post before but I just thought it would be a really fun blog post to do.
Sound fun?

Yes?!? Well lets begin...
Here are my 10 'Would you rather?' questions below:
(they're mostly all related to fashion and beauty but there are others in there too)
Would you rather go out for the whole day without foundation or mascara? 

Would you rather spend more time on your hair or your makeup? 

Would you rather have your parents or your friends give you a full makeover?
(This means style you and do your makeup)

Would you rather never go on YouTube or Twitter again? 

Would you rather eat Italian or Chinese?
(I know tough one) 

Would you rather read a blog or watch a vlog? 

Would you rather binge watch Pretty Little Liars or American Horror Story? 

Would you rather have your makeup done by Tanya Burr or Zoe Sugg?

Would you rather have a major fashion or makeup disaster?
(What I mean the walking around with a hole in you disco pants or shaving off your eyebrow kind of disaster)

Would you rather not have your Laptop or your Camera for an entire year?
(TBH I would struggle to live without both here!)
 I can't wait to read which ones you'd choose!

I'd love it if you guys asked me some 'Would you rather?' questions too, feel free to tweet me these or leave them below.
If you can try and relate them to fashion and beauty then that would be great but if you can't then I don't mind either- I just want to read/ answer what you would ask! 
This way we can all have a laugh together-
Think of it as one giant sleepover game over the internet...Wouldn't that be so cool?!?
Get involved below, and I'll try to answer your questions ASAP
 I'll be back tomorrow (Sunday) with another blog post for your guys to enjoy,

Take Care

If your wondering why I'm posting on Saturday and Sunday this week then it's because I just wanted to see if you'd like a weekend of 'Lippie' every week- Would you?
Or I can post on Sunday and Wednesday.
Which would you guys prefer?
Let me know.


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