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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Learning To Be That Bright Light & Advice For All New and Old Bloggers.

More often then not, I find myself to afraid to stand out in a crowd...
Quite frankly I would rather just disappear into the background because the fear of being noticed and put in the spotlight makes me feel sick.
But why do I do this?
Is it because I'm afraid what other people will think of me, scared of the unknown spotlight or am I  not confident enough?
It's all of the above.
 Been judged by people who don't know me and even by people who do know me is one of the worst things.
(Own Photo)
Sometimes I think myself and others need to learn how to 'shine brighter',
to not be afraid of being in the limelight.
Becoming a blogger was one of the scariest things I ever done, but it was also one of the best!
It helped me to accept myself more as who I am.
If I'm honest the thought of having something of mine on the 'internet' was and still is exciting, but one of my greatest fears is negativity online.
People can be extremely cruel when they're hiding behind their 'online mask'...
They gain this 'online confidence' that they wouldn't usually have in the 'real world' and they use this to put more negatively in the world.
Saying that the blogging community is a  collection of lovely, friendly people.
People that without blogging I would never of met or spoken too lots of new, exciting people.
I am very grateful to be giving the chance to talk to other bloggers.
The photograph above is put there to signify 'light in the darkness', I named it 'Shine Bright' as I felt the name was quite fitting to the picture.
For me I feel this picture sums up blogging-
It shows that although the 'online world' can be a negative, hurtful place, it can also be a bright place too.
To any people reading this who want to start blogging but maybe don't have the confidence too- I want you to be that bright light in the picture because nobody should ever make you feel like you can't do something!
The blogging community is a very big, lively one but there's room for everyone.
This blog post came from the heart today- I hope you enjoyed it.
It you are someone who wants to start blogging and want more advice then tweet me @gemimalove12
Or even if you don't want to become a blogger but still want advice then you too can still tweet me or leave a comment below.
I am no expert but if what I've learnt about blogging and the online world can help someone else then that would make me feel very happy indeed.
I love you all!
I'll be back on Sunday with one of two blog posts:
Either you can have a post about 'Sale Buys' or 'My 2015 Fashion & Beauty Favourites'.
Let me know what you want in the comments below.
Take Care

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